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Kim Yoo Jung (Kim Yoojung)

Actress Kim Yoo Jung (Kim Yoojung) Profile, Drama, Facts, and TMI


Kim Yoo Jung Profile

  • Birth Name: 김유정 (Kim Yoojung)
  • Stage Name: Kim Yoo Jung
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1999.09.22
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit
  • Height: 163 cm (5’34”)
  • Weight: N/A
  • Blood Type: O
  • Agency: Awesome Entertainment
  • Personal Social Media: Instagram, Weibo, Fancafe

Kim Yoo Jung Facts & TMI

  • Kim Yoo Jung was born in Seoul.
  • Her family consist of mother, father, an older brother (born 1993), and an older sister (Kim Yeon Jeong, born 1996).
  • She debuted as an advertisement model when she was 3 years old (2004).
  • She made an acting debut as a child actor in the movie ‘DMZ’.
  • Her family moved a lot when she was young.
  • She transfers school frequently.
  • She has portrayed the child version of famous actresses such as Han Ga In (in ‘Moon Embraces the Sun’), Song Hye Kyo (in ‘Hwang Jin Yi’), Moon Geun Young (in ‘The Painter of the Wind’), and Han Hyo Joo (in ‘Iljimae’).
  • Kim Yoo Jung’s drama that particularly achieved successful results are ‘Moon Embraces the Sun’ and ‘Love in the Moonlight’.
  • She belongs to Cheongdo Kim clan.
  • She describes her personality as “cheerful and friendly”.
  • There are many opinions that she resembles actress Uhm Hyun Kyung, Han Hyo Joo, Jun Ji Hyun, or even Joy of Red Velvet.
  • She is a soccer enthusiast.
  • She became a host for SBS ‘Inkigayo’ from 2014 to 2016.
  • Her ideal type is someone who is good at sports.
  • She has a lot of celeb friends, one of her best friends is Akdong Musician’s Lee Suhyun.
  • Besides Lee Suhyun, she is also friends with Kim Hyang Gi, Jung Da Bin, Jin Ji Hee, Seo Shin Ae, Lee Yeo Yoo, Ji Woo, Moon Ga Young, Joo Ah Reum, Nam Ji Hyun, Kim Sae Ron, Kim Bo Ra, Nancy, Yeri, Yoo Seung Ho, and Yeo Jin Goo.
  • Good genes seem to run in her family as his older brother and older sister once creating buzz for their good-looking appearance.
  • She was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2018 that made her temporarily halt activities for 6 months.
  • Her hobby is fishing.


‘DMZ’ as young Lee Soo Hyun (2004)
‘Sympathy for Lady Vengeance’ as Yoo Jae Kyung (2005)
‘All for Love’ as Kim Jin Ah (2005)
‘Forbidden Floor’ as Yeo Joo Hee (2006)
‘Lump Sugar’ as young Kim Shi Eun (2006)
‘Hwang Jin Yi’ as young Hwang Jin Yi (2007)
‘Bank Attack’ as Yeon Hee (2007)
‘Rainbow Eyes’ as young Lee Yoon Seo/ Lee Hae Seo’s daughter (2007)
‘The Chaser’ as Yoo Eun Ji (2008)
‘Unforgettable’ as Jang Young Mi (2008)
‘Tidal Wave’ as Kim Ji Min (2009)
‘Living Death’ as Ji Eun (2009)
‘Paradise’ as Im Hwa Ran (2009)
‘One Life’ as Narrator (2010/ Documentary Movie, Korean Version)
‘The Nutcracker in 3D’ as Mary (2012/ Voice only, Korean dubbing)
‘Commitment’ as Ri Hye In (2013)
‘Thread of Lies’ as Hwa Yeon (2014)
‘Room 731’ as Wei (2014/ Short film)
‘Circle of Atonement’ as Lee Jung Hyun (2015)
‘Because I Love You’ as Scully (2017)
‘Golden Slumber’ as Soo Ah (2018/ Special appearance)
‘The 8th Night’ as Ae Ran (2021/ Netflix Film)
‘The Twentieth Century Girl’ (TBA/ Netflix Film)

TV Series

‘Freezing Point’ as Choi Eun Yi (MBC/ 2004)
‘Thank You Life’ as Yoo Hyun Ji (KBS2/ 2006)
‘MBC Best Theater: A Teddy Bear’s Smile’ as Moon Ah Young (MBC/ 2006)
‘Princess Hours’ as young Shin Chae Kyeong (MBC/ 2006)
‘My Beloved Sister’ as Pink / Choi Ga Eul (MBC/ 2006)
‘Belle’ as Jung Da Jung (KBS1/ 2007)
‘Evasive Inquiry Agency’ as young Yoo Eun Jae (KBS2/ 2007)
‘New Heart’ as Yoon Ah (MBC/ 2007/ guest appearance)
‘Iljimae’ as young Byun Eun Chae (SBS/ 2008)
‘Formidable Rivals’ as Yoo Kkot Nim (KBS2/ 2008)
‘Painter of the Wind’ as young Shin Yun Bok (SBS/ 2008)
‘Cain and Abel’ as young Kim Seo Yeon (SBS/ 2009)
‘Queen Seondeok’ as 10-year-old Princess Cheonmyeong (MBC/ 2009)
‘Tamra, the Island’ as Jang Beo Seol (MBC/ 2009)
‘Temptation of an Angel young Joo Ah Ran (SBS/ 2009)
‘Dong Yi’ as young Dong Yi (MBC/ 2010)
‘Road No. 1’ as young Kim Soo Yeon (MBC/ 2010)
‘Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho’ as Yeon Yi (KBS2/ 2010)
‘Flames of Desire’ as young Yoon Na Young/ young Baek Soo Bin (MBC/ 2010)
‘Pure Pumpkin Flower’ young Park Soon Jung (SBS/ 2010)
‘Mom, I’m Sorry’ as Ga Young (EBS/ 2011)
‘Gyebaek’ as Ga Hee (MBC/ 2011)
‘Moon Embracing the Sun’ as young Heo Yeon Woo (MBC/ 2012)
‘May Queen’ as young Chun Hae Joo (MBC/ 2012)
‘Golden Rainbow’ as young Kim Baek Won (MBC/ 2013)
‘Drama Special: The Dirge Singer’ as Yeon Shim (KBS2/ 2014)
‘Secret Door’ as young Seo Jin Dam (SBS/ 2014/ episodes 1-13)
‘Angry Mom’ as Oh Ah Ran (MBC/ 2015)
‘Love in the Moonlight’ as Hong Ra On/ Hong Sam Nom (KBS2/ 2016)
‘Clean with Passion for Now’ as Gil Oh Sol (JTBC/ 2018)
‘Backstreet Rookie’ as Jung Saet Byul (SBS/ 2020)
‘Lovers of the Red Sky’ as Hong Chun Gi (SBS/ 2021)

Web Series

‘Love Cells’ as Ne Bi (Naver TV Cast/ 2014)
‘Love Cells 2’ as Ne Bi (Naver TV Cast/ 2015)

Theater Stage

‘Chorus of Angels’ as Lee Ha Neul (2008)
‘The Crucible’ as A Girl/ Ann Putnam (2017)

Documentary & Variety Show

‘Our Greatest Gift’ (MBC/ 2011/ TV documentary, as narrator)
‘A Happy Day’ (MBC/ 2011/ Episode ‘Best prospect of 2011, child actor Kim Yoo Jung)
’26th Children’s Green Song Contest’ (KBS1/ 2011/ as narrator)
‘I Would Really Like to Be on Television’ (Channel 1/ 2011/ Children’s audition show, as judge)
‘Just Like That Show’ (Tooniverse/ 2011/ Children’s variety show, as host)
‘Just Like That Show 2: Random Expedition’ (Tooniverse/ 2011-2012/ Children’s variety show, as host)
‘New Life for Children’ (MBC/ 2012/ as narrator)
‘Environment Special’ (KBS1/ 2012/ as narrator, episode 503)
‘New Life for Children’ (MBC/ 2013/ as narrator)
‘From Daejanggeum to Nagasu (special Daejanggeum 10 years)’ (MBC/ 2013/ Co-host with Choi Jin Hyuk, Kim Sung Joo, and Lee Young Ae)
‘I’m Real Kim Yoo Jung in L.A.’ (QTV/ 2013)
‘Seven Tasters’ (MBC/ 2014/ Travel-reality show, as cast member)
‘Hometown Theater’ (KBS1/ 2014/ as narrator)
‘Inkigayo’ (SBS/ 2014.11.16 ~ 2016.04.03/ as host)
‘Jin Sil’s Mother II: Hwanhee and Joonhee’ (MBC/ 2015/ TV documentary as narrator)
‘A Young Girl Wearing a Veil’ (MBC/ 2016)
‘100 Years of Spring on The Eve of 100th Anniversary of 3.1 Movement’ (KBS2/ 2019/ Co-host with Jin Young)
‘When That Day Comes’ (KBS1/ 2019/ documentary drama)
‘Kim Yoo Jung’s Half Holiday in Italy’ (Lifetime/ 2019)


‘White Christmas’ (2004)
‘VVIP’ by Seungri (2011)
‘Return’ by Lee Seung Gi (2012)
‘Going to You” Take Hyun (2012)
‘Gone’ by JIN (2013)
‘Srrr’ by SunBee (2013)
‘7E77 ME B43Y’ by Lim Seulong (2015)
‘Begin Again’ by Kim Jae Hwan (2019)

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