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Jung Kyung Ho (Jung Kyungho)

Actor Jung Kyung Ho (Jung Kyungho) Profile, Drama, Facts, and TMI


Jung Kyung Ho Profile

  • Birth Name: 정경호 (Jung Kyung Ho)
  • Stage Name: Jung Kyung Ho
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1983.08.31
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Chinese Zodiac: Pig
  • Height: 184 cm (6’00)
  • Weight: 70 kg (154.3 lbs)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Agency: Management Allum
  • Debut: 2003
  • Personal Social Media: Instagram, Fancafe

Jung Kyung Ho Facts & TMI

  • Jung Kyung Ho was born in and grew up in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do.
  • He is the son of KBS director Jung Eul Yeong.
  • He has a sister named Jung Ha Young.
  • He became an actor after passing KBS Actor Open Audition in 2003.
  • He debuted in 2004 through a mobile drama titled ‘Five Star’, he has constantly appeared in more dramas since then.
  • His popularity began to soar in 2015 after he starred in romantic-comedy ‘Beating Again’ followed by popular and acclaimed dramas ‘Wise Prison Life’ in 2017, ‘Life on Mars’ in 2018, and ‘Hospital Playlist’ in 2020.
  • When he was younger, he likes following his father to shooting locations to get a glimpse of actress Kim Hee Sun, but he was scolded by his father so he didn’t follow him afterward.
  • Senior actress Kim Hae Sook thinks that Jung Kyung Ho slowly resembles his father more as he gets older.
  • He worked with Shin Won Ho PD twice (‘Wise Prison Life’ and ‘Hospital Playlist’).
  • His father was against his decision to pursue an acting career. He even lied to his father that he enrolled in the Department of Journalism and Broadcasting at Seogang University, when in fact he enrolled in the Department of Theater and Film, Chung Ang University.
  • He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Theater and Film from Chung Ang University.
  • He joined Korean-style wrestling club in middle school.
  • He was chubby when he was younger.
  • He lost a lot of weight once he entered a boarding high school.
  • He was a smart student as he graduated from a prestigious 1st-grade high school.
  • According to his teachers in high school, Jung Kyung Ho was a righteous and kind student.
  • He is best friends with actor Ko Kyu Pil who was also his senior in college. The two have appeared in 4 dramas together.
  • He has been in a relationship with Sooyoung of SNSD since 2013. The two became closer because they both attended the same church and were senior-junior in college.
  • He became close to rapper Outsider and BUZZ’s vocalist Min Kyung Hoon during his military service in the army.
  • He often gets the roles of a physically weak person in his dramas.
  • He also often gets the role of a celebrity in dramas and movies he starred in.
  • He said that he has a trauma of appearing in variety shows.
  • There are a lot of “controversies” regarding his height. Because of his skinny frame, Jung Kyung Ho looks somewhat shorter than he really is in photos.
  • He enjoys drinking.
  • He enlisted in the army from 2010.11.30 to 2012.09.04.
  • He suffered from Hepatitis B after he ate pork in the army, although the doctor recommended him to be discharged for further treatment, he chose to continue his military service.
  • He couldn’t eat pork and beef for 3 years after the incident.
  • He can’t stand cold weather.
  • He has two dogs called Aebong and Hoyoung.
  • His dog’s name Hoyoung came from the combination of his name and girlfriend Sooyoung’s name (Kyung HO and Soo YOUNG = HOYOUNG).
  • In 2020, he debuted as a member of the musical group Mido and Falasol as a guitarist.
  • His father cohabitating with senior actress Park Jeong Soo without marriage for more than 10 years, so Jung Kyung Ho naturally treats her as his mother.
  • When he was a freshman at college, he became a roommate with a senior from the same department and famous actor Ha Jung Woo. The two became friends until now.
  • Jung Kyung Ho starred in Ha Jung Woo’s directorial debut, a movie titled ‘Fasten Your Seatbelt’ in 2013.
  • He founded an internet shopping mall called Double Bill with actor Yoo Ha Joon in 2009.
  • He became close to EXO’s Chanyeol after the two starred in MBC drama ‘Missing 9’ in 2017.
  • His friends sometimes called him by the nickname “Jung Star”.


‘All for Love’ as Yoo Jung Hoon (2005)
‘When Romance Meets Destiny’ as Kim Il Woong (2005)
‘Gangster High’ as Lee Sang Ho (2006)
‘Herb’ as Lee Jong Beom (2007)
‘For Eternal Hearts’ as Soo Young (2007)
‘Beastie Boys’ as Cameo (2008)
‘Sunny’ as Yong Deuk (2008)
‘Running Turtle’ as Song Gi Tae (2009)
‘Fasten Your Seatbelt’ as Ma Joon Gyu (2013)
‘Manhole’ as Soo Chul (2014)
‘Amor’ as Tae Woo (2015)
‘Deja Vu’ as Choi Hyun Suk (2018)
‘Apgujeong Report’ as Ji Woo (TBA)

Television Series

‘Sweet 18’ as Jung Sook’s blind date (KBS2/ 2004)
‘You Will Know’ as Ha Ki Ho (KBS2/ 2004)
‘5 Stars’ (SK Telecom/ 2004)
‘I’m Sorry, I Love You’ as Choi Yoon (KBS2/ 2004)
‘My Sweetheart My Darling’ as Yoo In Chul (KBS1/ 2005)
‘Time Between Dog and Wolf’ as Kang Min Ki (MBC/ 2007)
‘Ja Myung Go’ as Prince Ho Dong (SBS/ 2009)
‘Smile, You’ as Kang Hyun Soo (SBS/ 2009)
‘Road No. 1’ as Man who picks up garbage to sell (MBC/ 2010/ Cameo, episode 5)
‘Drama Special: The Great Gye Choon-bin’ as Wang Gi Nam (KBS2/ 2010)
‘Heartless City’ as Jung Shi Hyun (JTBC/ 2013)
‘After School: Lucky or Not’ as Doctor (Nate Hoppin, BTV, T-store/ 2013/ Cameo)
‘Drama Festival: Crow’s-Eye View’ as Bon Woong (MBC/ 2013)
‘Endless Love’ as Han Gwang Cheol (SBS/ 2014)
‘Drama Festival: House, Mate’ as Seok Jin (MBC/ 2014/ Cameo)
‘Beating Again’ as Kang Min Ho (JTBC/ 2015)
‘My First Time’ as Police officer (OnStyle/ 2015/ Cameo, episode 2)
‘High-End Crush’ as Entertainment news anchor (Naver TV Cast/ 2015/ Cameo episode 7, 13, 20)
‘One More Happy Ending’ as Song Soo Hyuk (MBC/ 2016)
‘Missing 9’ as Seo Joon Oh (MBC/ 2017)
‘Prison Playbook’ as Lee Joon Ho (tvN/ 2017)
‘Life on Mars’ as Han Tae Joo (OCN/ 2018)
‘Tale of Fairy’ as Jeum Dol the Egg/ Blue Dragon (tvN/ 2018/ voice cameo)
‘When the Devil Calls Your Name’ as Ha Rip/ Seo Dong Cheon (tvN/ 2019)
‘Crash Landing on You’ as Cha Sang Woo (tvN/ 2019/ Cameo, episode 1, 5, 7)
‘Hospital Playlist’ as Kim Joon Wan (tvN/ 2020–present)

Variety Show

‘Come to Play’ (MBC/ 2005)
‘Ya Shim Man Man’ (SBS/ 2009)
‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate’ (SBS/ 2009)
‘KOICA’s Dream – Palestine’ (MBC/ 2013/ as volunteer)
‘Witch Hunt’ (JTBC/ 2013)
‘Radio Star’ (MBC/ 2013)
‘SNL Korea Season 4’ (tvN/ 2013/ Host)
‘Law of the City in New York’ (SBS/ 2014/ cast member)
‘We Got Married’ (MBC/ 2015/ VCR special appearance)
‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’ (JTBC/ 2015)
‘Life Bar’ (tvN/ 2017)
‘Doremi Market’ (tvN/ 2019)
‘Huh Young Man’s Food Travel’ (TV Chosun/ 2020)
‘Wise Camping Life’ (Channel 15-ya Youtube & tvN/ 2021/ Cast member)
‘Chuljang 15-ya’ (Channel 15-ya Youtube/ 2021/ as guest)


‘Confession’ by 4Men (2006)
‘Doll + A Man’s Love’ by Zia (2008)
‘Violin + Miss You’ by Zia (2008)
‘Wind Breeze’ by Outsider feat. Lee Eun Mi (2015)

Theater Stage

‘Angels in America’ as Prior (2021)


‘5 Stars’ by Jung Kyung Ho (2004/ 5 Stars OST)
‘Precious Person’ by Jung Kyung Ho (2004/ I’m Sorry, I Love You OST)
‘Gangster High’ by Jung Kyung Ho & Lee Tae Sung (2006/ Gangster High OST)
‘Red Carpet (J.Star ver)’ by Outsider ft. Jung Kyung Ho (2015)
‘The Street You Left’ by Liver & Gallbladder (Jung Kyung Ho & Kim Hyung Mook) (2019/ When the Devil Calls Your Name OST)
‘When I am In Busan’ by Jung Kyung Ho (2019/ When the Devil Calls Your Name OST)
‘Where Is the Dream’ by Jung Kyung Ho (2019/ When the Devil Calls Your Name OST)
‘Everyday’ by Jung Kyung Ho (2019)

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