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ATEEZ Jongho Profile, Facts, and TMI

Jongho Profile

  • Birth Name: 최종호 (Choi Jongho)
  • Stage Name: Jongho
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 2000.10.12
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
  • Height: 176 cm (5’7”)
  • Weight: N/A
  • Blood Type: O
  • Personal Social Media: N/A

Jongho Facts & TMI

  • Jongho was born and grew up in Seoul.
  • His family consists of mother, father, and a younger brother.
  • He is the main vocalist of ATEEZ.
  • He graduated from Hanlim Arts School.
  • His signature number is 60.
  • He also participated in the survival program ‘MixNine’.
  • He showcased six octave high notes in the singing program ‘Immortal Songs’ (episode Turbo X Kim Jongkook).
  • His MBTI is ESFJ.
  • Although he is the maknae of the group.
  • He isn’t good at expressing affection.
  • Despite being a maknae, he tends to take good care of his older members.
  • A lot of fans think that he looks similar to Yunho.
  • His favorite vocalist is Bruno Mars.
  • He mentioned JYJ’s Kim Junsu as the artist he wants to collaborate with.
  • His favorite foods are seafood, especially fish dishes.
  • His favorite flower is the baby’s-breath flower.
  • His favorite beverage is iced americano.
  • He dislikes sweet food.
  • His favorite seasons are spring and fall.
  • He was the only member who made his debut as a minor.
  • He was a trainee at TOP Media.
  • He has been a trainee for six years since his first year of middle school.
  • Jongho is the seventh member to join KQ Entertainment.
  • He has a lot of idol friends such as Stray Kids’ Hwang Hyunjin, AB6IX’s Lee Daehwi, CIX’s Lee Byunggon, Golden Child’s Choi Bomin, 1THE9’s Shin Yechan, VICTON’s Choi Byungchan, UP10TION’s Kim Wooseok, MCND, ONF, TEEN TOP, and ASTRO members.
  • He is also friend with singer Kim Jong Kook.
  • Jongho is left-handed, the only left-handed member in ATEEZ.
  • He is a karaoke maniac.
  • He joined the school band club when he was in middle school, he also joined the vocal and rap club in high school.
  • He doesn’t like skinship.
  • He isn’t afraid of anything, except bugs.
  • He is very good at taking selfies.
  • He always carries lip balm everywhere.
  • His personal microphone color is purple.
  • Jongho has a habit of singing regardless of place.
  • He said that he learned many kinds of sports: baseball, basketball, soccer, swimming, golf, snowboard, wakeboard, badminton, etc.
  • His stage name before his debut was Shinwoo.
  • He can split an apple with one hand.
  • He passed the test for the Practical Music Department of  Seoul Institute of the Arts, but he did not go to that university because of ATEEZ’s group activities, so he is attending a Cyber University instead.
  • His hobbies are working out, playing soccer, watching dramas, and photography.
  • His nicknames are Main Vocalist with Explosive Vocal, Jjong, Tiny Teddy Bear, etc.

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