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Billlie Member Haruna Profile, Facts, and TMI

billlie haruna profile facts tmi mbti

Haruna Profile

  • Birth Name: 大里春菜 (Haruna Osato)
  • Stage Name: Haruna
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Date of Birth: 2006.01.30
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Chinese Zodiac: Dog
  • Height: 165 cm (5’41”)
  • Weight: N/A
  • Blood Type: A
  • Personal Social Media: N/A

Haruna Facts & TMI

  • Haruna is the maknae, sub-vocalist, and sub-dancer of Billlie.
  • She was born and grew up in Osaka.
  • She made her debut as a member of Billie in November 2021.
  • Prior to her debut, she appeared in Japanese variety show alongside member Tsuki in 2020.
  • Her MBTI personality type is ESFP.
  • She has a relaxed and laid-back personality.
  • She’s the type who does not get angry and always stays calm even when angry.
  • She has been maintaining bang 
  • She has maintained a full-bang hairstyle since her debut.
  • Many fans think that Haruna resembles IVE member Rei.
  • Her hobbies are swimming and artistic swimming.
  • Her favorite Korean food is Rose Jjimdak.
  • She cited Red Velvet’s Seulgi as her role model. It is said that she got inspired to be an idol after watching Red Velvet’s ‘Red Flavor’.
  • She is allergic to apples.
  • She is the only member of the group that was an undisclosed trainee at Mystic Story.
  • Haruna is best friend with Hong Eun Chae of LESERAFIM.
  • Originally, her childhood dream was to become an artistic swimmer or prime minister.
  • She always had a hard time waking up in the morning.
  • She writes a diary in Korean to learn more Korean vocabulary.
  • Haruna is left-handed, she is the only left-handed member in the group.
  • Among her nicknames are Ha-Darling, Ice Princess, Turtle, Runa, and Maknaengi.

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billlie member profile facts tmi mbti