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Yook Sungjae

BTOB Yook Sungjae Profile, Facts, and TMI

Yook Sungjae Profile

  • Birth Name: 육성재 (Yook Sungjae)
  • Stage Name: Yook Sungjae
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1995.05.02
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Chinese Zodiac: Pig
  • Height: 180 cm (5’9”)
  • Weight: 68 kg (149.9 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Personal Social Media: Twitter, Instagram

Yook Sungjae Facts & TMI

  • Sungjae was born in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do.
  • His family consists of mother (Kim Hyejung), father (Yook Yeongseong, born 1962), and an older sister Yook Seonhyo (born 1992).
  • He belongs to Okcheon Yook’s clan.
  • His father Yook Yeongseong is the representative director of GST Korea.
  • Sungjae has a Bengal cat called Sam-i.
  • He is a Christian.
  • He is the sub vocalist and maknae of BTOB and BTOB-BLUE.
  • Aside from being a singer, Sungjae also became an actor in 2013.
  • He starred in many dramas such as ‘Monstar’, ‘Reply 1994’ (as supporting role SsukSsuk-i), 
  • ‘Who Are You – School 2015’ (as lead role Gong Taekwang), ‘Goblin’ (as lead role Yoo Deokhwa, and ‘Mystic Pop-up Bar’ (as lead role Han Kangbae).
  • He also participated in composing and writing music for BTOB and his solo releases.
  • His role model is singer Kim Dongryul.
  • In 2017, he became the fixed cast for the variety show ‘Master in the House’ and left the show in 2020 to complete his military duty.
  • On 11 May 2020, he joined the army as military band personnel and scheduled for discharge on November 14, 2021.
  • Sungjae alongside Eunkwang both are BTOB members with the most variety show appearance, he guest-starred at many shows such as ‘Weekly Idol’ (he’s practically a regular in the show), ‘Happy Together Season 3’ (episode 384, 445, 564), ‘King of Masked Singer’ (as a contestant, reached round 3 of episode 5 and 6), ‘Radio Star’ (episode 429, 494), ‘We Got Married’ (coupled with Joy of Red Velvet), ‘Battle Trip’ (episode 16, with Eunkwang & Hyunsik), ‘Law of the Jungle in Sumatra’ (episode 256~264), ‘Fantastic Duo Season 2’ (episode 19~20, with BLACKPINK’s Rose, Gummy and Son Jonho), ‘Oppa’s Thinking’ (episode 12), ‘Idol Room’ (episode 64), ‘My Little Old Boy’ (as a special MC, episode 180).
  • He joined the ‘Weekly Idol’ idol group project ‘Big Byung’ alongside VIXX’s N & Hyuk and GOT7’s Jackson and released two digital singles ‘Stress Come On!’ and ‘Ojingeo Doenjang’.
  • He sang OST for dramas such as ‘Love Song’ (for ‘School 2015’), ‘Love You Again’ (for ‘The Scholar Who Walks The Night’), ‘Ambiguous’ (for ‘Fight My Way’), and ‘Love Resembles Memories’ (for ‘Mystic Pop-up Bar’).
  • He won several awards including Variety Category Rookie Award and Best Couple Award (with Joy) from MBC Entertainment Awards 2015; Best Couple Award (with Kim Sohyun) from KBS Drama Awards 2015; New Star Award from SBS Drama Awards 2015; Rookie Actor Award from The 10th Korea Drama Awards 2017; Top Excellence Award from SBS Entertainment Awards 2018.
  • He once said himself that he has strong self-love.
  • It is said that he resembles actor Lee Minki and Seo Inguk.
  • His ears turn red when he’s shy. 
  • He gets hiccups when eating spicy food.
  • He likes yogurt.
  • He is friends with BTS’ V.
  • He was classmates with Wanna One’s Ong Seongwoo and VICTON’s Heochan in Hanlim Arts School (Practical Dance Department), he was also a schoolmate with Wyatt of ONF.
  • Sungjae is also close to Apink’s members especially Kim Namjoo and Oh Hayoung.
  • His hobby is fishing.
  • Fans think that Sungjae resembles a desert fox.
  • He played the game Overwatch and PUBG.
  • He mentioned Lee Seunggi as his role model.
  • His childhood dream was to be a painter.
  • Sungjae is famous for being one of the silver-spoon idols as his father Yook Yeongseong is the representative director of the GST Industry which has yearly sales of 15 billion won.
  • He became a model for 15 brands throughout his career including AKIICLASSIC Fashionwear, beverage Sprite, game Overwatch, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and cosmetic SOME BY MI.
  • He is an ENTP.
  • Among his nicknames are YookJalDdo (‘Yook Sungjae Jalsaenggin Ddorai’ means ‘Handsome but Crazy Yook Sungjae’), BTOB’s Maknae on Top, Sungdye, Dyeging-i, Maknaeng-i, Six Cash, Yongin Desert Fox, Sentimental Sungjae, Prince, Yook Taekwang, YookGolas (Yook Sungjae + Legolas), Yookdeok, etc.
  • His shoe size is 280 mm.

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