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Jung Ilhoon

Former BTOB Jung Ilhoon Profile, Facts, and TMI

Jung Ilhoon Profile

  • Birth Name: 정일훈 (Jung Ilhoon)
  • Stage Name: Jung Ilhoon
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1994.10.04
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Chinese Zodiac: Dog
  • Height: 176 cm (5’7”)
  • Weight: 60 kg (132.2 lbs)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Personal Social Media: Twitter, Instagram

Jung Ilhoon Facts & TMI

  • Ilhoon was born and grew up in Seoul.
  • His family consists of mother, father, and an older sister singer JOO (born 1990).
  • His religion is Catholic, while his baptismal name is Michael.
  • He was the main rapper of BTOB before leaving the group in 2020.
  • Ilhoon was in charge of writing and composing songs for BTOB alongside Hyunsik and Minhyuk.
  • Aside from writing songs for BTOB, Ilhoon also wrote songs for other artists such as HyunA, G.Na, DalShabet, Hwanhee, Samuel, Lee Hongki, and PENTAGON.
  • He graduated from Hanlim Arts School (Practical Dance Department).
  • He was the visual member of BTOB.
  • He was the DJ for ‘Idol Radio’ from 2018 to 2019 replacing Eunkwang who went to the army.
  • He got really famous for popularizing the ‘Gwiyomi Song’ in an appearance on cable variety show ‘Weekly Idol’.
  • He appeared in many episodes of ‘Weekly Idol’ and ‘Idol Room’ due to the connection with the two MCs Jung Hyungdon and Defconn.
  • In  2020, he was caught in a drug scandal that made him leave BTOB.
  • Prior to his debut, when he was in the first year of high school, Ilhoon was featured in G.Na’s stage performance for ‘I’ll Go, Live Well’.
  • He is the weakest member in BTOB.
  • He likes the mint-chocolate flavor.
  • He has a lot of interest in fashion.
  • His hobby is reading.
  • He always wears a gold Gucci ring on his left middle finger.
  • He shared that he always keeps his house clean and neat.
  • His favorite food is hamburgers.
  • He got a lot of inspiration from British styling and fashion.
  • According to BTOB members, Ilhoon is the funniest member in the group.
  • He said that he often watches movies to get inspiration for lyrics writing. 
  • He doesn’t watch horror movies.
  • He has several tattoos all over his body.
  • He was a fan of Bigbang.
  • He likes Sungjae a lot because Sungjae is the only younger member he has in the team.
  • He has more than 100 songs credited under his name.
  • His childhood dream was to be an astronomer.
  • At the beginning of his debut, his MBTI was ENFP, but recently changed to ESTP.
  • He is completing his military duty as a social worker since May 28, 2020, and will be discharged on February 27, 2022.
  • Ilhoon has a unique way of speaking.
  • Among his celeb friends are Apink members, BTS’ RM, Lee Hongki, Nam Taehyun, Park Kyung, HyunA, ASTRO’s Moonbin, SF9’s Hwiyoung, and THE BOYZ’ Younghoon.
  • His life motto is “Life is art, and youth passes by quickly”.
  • He is often called by nicknames Ilhooni, FairyHoonie, Irooni, Promoting Fairy, Gangnam Raccoon, RungGuri, The Mother of Music, Genius Composer, Angel, BTOB’s Key Member, Ace, RungD, RungRung-i, Lemon, Cherry, Fake Maknae, etc.
  • His shoe size is 260 mm.

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