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Kingmaker: Sol Kyung Gu, Lee Sun Kyun

kingmaker korean movie cast and synopsis
Credit: Megabox Plus M

General Information

  • International Title: Kingmaker
  • Original Title: 킹메이커 (romanization: Kingmeikeo)
  • Genre: Politics, Drama
  • Runtime: 123 minutes
  • Released Date: 2022.01.26
  • Production: Seed Film
  • Distributor: Megabox Plus M
  • Starring: Sol Kyung Gu, Lee Sun Kyun
  • Producer: Lee Jin Hee & Park Jun Ho
  • Director: Byun Sung Hyun
  • Writer: Byun Sung Hyun & Kim Min Soo
  • Rating: N/A
  • Awards: N/A


Kingmaker is political Korean movie following a politician who runs for presidential election and an excellent campaign strategist. Kim Woon Beom is a politician of opposition party. In order to arrange the successful campaign, he works with Seo Chang Dae, a brilliant strategist. However, the conflict rises when an unexpected accident occurs at Kim Woon Beom’s house and Seo Chang Dae becomes the culprit.

Main Cast

sol kyung gu movie 2022
Credit: Megabox Plus M

Character name: Kim Woon Beom
Actor name: Sol Kyung Gu
Sol Kyung Gu’s notable works: Kill Bok-Soon, Phantom, The Moon, Kingmaker, The Book of Fish, The Merciless, Hope, etc

kingmaker korean movie cast lee sun kyun

Credit: Megabox Plus M

Character name: Seo Chang Dae
Actor name: Lee Sun Kyun
Lee Sun Kyun’s notable works: Land of Happiness, Parasite, Dr. Brain, My Mister, Pasta, Coffee Prince, etc

Extended Cast

Yoo Jae Myung as Kim Young Ho
Jo Woo Jin as Director Lee
Park In Hwan as Kang In San
Kim Sung Oh as Secretary Park
Lee Hae Young as Lee Han Sang
Kim Sae Byuk as Myung Suk
Seo Eun Soo as Soo Yeon
Jeon Bae Soo as Lee’s assistant
Park Hyoung Soo as Jeong Hyeon
Yoon Kyung Ho as Mr. Kim
Jung Woo Hyuk as Head of Joint Chiefs
Yoon Se Woong as Kim Woon Beom’s secretary
Lee Hwa Ryong as opposition lawmaker
Son Kyung Won as campaigner of New Democratic Party

Cameo & Special Appearance

Bae Jong Ok as Lee Hee Ran

Character Relationship Chart


Music & Original Soundtrack

Music by Kim Hong Jip & Lee Jin Hee

Teaser & Trailer Videos

Awards & Nominations



  • Kingmaker is political Korean movie influenced by the story of Eom Chang Rok, a campaign strategist
  • The filming began from March 25, 2019 to July 30, 2019
  • Kingmaker reunites director Byun Sung Hyun and actor Sol Kyung Gu since Korean thriller movie, The Merciless, in 2017
  • The movie was initially released on December 29, 2021 but it was postponed to January 26, 2022 due to COVID-19 pandemic

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