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Yoo Hweseung

N.Flying Yoo Hweseung Profile, Facts, and TMI

Yoo Hweseung Profile

  • Birth Name: 유회승 (Yoo Hweseung)
  • Stage Name: Yoo Hweseung
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1995.02.28
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Chinese Zodiac: Pig
  • Height: 176 cm (5’7”)
  • Weight: 66 kg (145.5 lbs)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Personal Social Media: Instagram, Youtube

Yoo Hweseung Facts & TMI

  • Hweseung was born in Seoul.
  • Family members consist of mother, father, and three older sisters.
  • He was a contestant in Produce 101 season 2, finished at ranking 39.
  • After participating in the show, he was announced to join the band on June 19th, 2017.
  • His position in the group is main vocalist.
  • His vocal ability has been acknowledged by many.
  • He took part in King of Masked Singer episode 148 as a contestant and also became one of the panel members for some episodes.
  • He has a puppy named Yoobongchun.
  • Hweseung’s hobbies are billiard and ski.
  • His favorite ramyun brand is ‘Snack Ramen’.
  • He sang several OST for drama like Criminal Mind and A Korean Odyssey. 
  • In 2018 he released a collaboration song titled Still Love You with labelmate Lee Hongki.
  • He has completed his mandatory military duty prior to joining Produce 101 season 2.
  • His parents were originally against him being a singer.
  • He was the maknae of the group before Seo Dongsung joined N.Flying.
  • Some of his nicknames are Yookwaeseung, Seunggu, Softvocal, Mallangie (means softie), Baby Hippo, etc,.
  • Hweseung’s MBTI is ENFJ-A.
  • There is a funny yet sad story behind Hweseung’s enlistment, one day his best friend of 13 years suddenly asked for his citizen registration number when they were playing a game at an internet cafe to complete his enlistment application without Hweseung’s consent.

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