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PENTAGON (펜타곤) Wooseok Profile, Facts, and TMI

Wooseok Profile

  • Birth Name: 정우석 (Jung Wooseok)
  • Stage Name: Wooseok
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1998.01.31
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
  • Height: 189 cm (6’2”)
  • Weight: 72 kg (158.7 lbs)
  • Blood Type: O
  • Personal Social Media: N/A

Wooseok Facts & TMI

  • Wooseok was born in Gwangju.
  • His family consists of mother, father, and an older sister.
  • He is the main rapper and sub-vocalist of PENTAGON.
  • He has a distinctive low toned voice.
  • He made an appearance in the rap audition program ‘Show Me the Money 9’ as a contestant.
  • He is also involved in producing songs for PENTAGON along with Hui and Kino.
  • He writes his own rap lyrics.
  • He passed Cube’s audition for a vocal position.
  • Because he has a lot of interest in singing, he likes creating melodic raps.
  • He was also active in a duo called Wooseok X Kuanlin with labelmate and former WannaOne member Lai Kuanlin.
  • Wooseok mostly does the vocal parts for Wooseok X Kuanlin’s songs.
  • He graduated from the Department of Stage Arts of the School of Performing Arts Seoul.
  • He appeared as a member of the fictional group Dexter with Hui and Yuto in the web drama ‘Spark’ before his debut.
  • Wooseok also made a cameo appearance in jtbc’s drama ‘Hello, My Twenties! 2’, and a lead role in web drama ‘Fling at Convenience Store’.
  • Wooseok was also featured in HyunA’s song ‘PARTY’ and Kim Donghan’s ‘Ain’t No Time’.
  • He participated as the songwriter for Produce 101 Season 2’s evaluation song ‘NEVER’.
  • He is very calm and kind. He always apologizes first if there’s any misunderstanding between the members even if it’s not his fault.
  • According to Kino, thanks to Wooseok’s bright and positive personality, he plays the role of a neutralizer in the team.
  • He never gets angry and receives the hyung’s jokes well.
  • He speaks slowly.
  • He is the type who gets upset easily by trivial things and gets upset by himself after saying it’s okay.
  • He has a strong mentality.
  • He chose ‘happiness’ as his favorite word.
  • He is a homebody alongside Shinwon and Yanan.
  • He has a big build, Wooseok is the tallest member in PENTAGON.
  • He also has very big eyes (his eyes are 4 cm in length).
  • He explained that he inherited his big body from his family, he said that his grandfather is almost as tall as him.
  • Wooseok has really long legs at 116 cm.
  • Sometimes he unconsciously speaks in a Daegu accent.
  • His favorite color is red. 
  • His favorite number is 3.
  • He doesn’t spray perfumes because he would get dizzy if he uses one.
  • He loves wearing beanies that he matches with his outfits each day.
  • He really loves milk, he even said that he drinks milk more than he drinks water.
  • He dislikes cucumbers.
  • He can’t eat oysters.
  • He rarely drinks coffee.
  • He really likes spicy foods, especially buldak fried noodles.
  • His MBTI personality type is ENFP-T.
  • He joined Cube in January 2014 through an audition, he joined the agency alongside (G)-Idle’s Jeon Soyeon and Cube’s trainee Lee Juhyun. 
  • He sang Ha Dong Kyun ‘In My Embrace’.
  • He almost uses Typhoon or Max for his stage name.
  • He is not good at sports, but he liked basketball and volleyball. Due to his tall height, it is said that he was scouted by volleyball teams several times.
  • His arms and legs are so long that it troubles him when he dances.
  • His hands are really big and pretty, the size of his palm is 21.4 cm.
  • He is a master of acrostic poems.
  • He likes playing games and is good at it.
  • If he has any concerns that bothers him, he would write it down and use it for song lyrics.
  • Wooseok’s dad used to oppose his decision to be a singer.
  • He said that he has the same humor code as Shinwon.
  • Wooseok, Yuto, and Yanan are the only three members who don’t have a driving license.
  • Yanan said that he got the strongest first impression from Wooseok when they first met because of Wooseok’s flashy outfit and tall heights.
  • He has a loud voice.
  • If he didn’t become an idol, he would have been a zookeeper because he likes animals.
  • He can’t stand hot weather, that’s why he prefers winter over summer.
  • He sleeps a lot.
  • He has won a special prize at a violin competition that he has been learning for a long time.
  • He has a small fracture on his teeth.
  • He really hates mosquitoes.
  • He is good at imitating monkey sound.
  • He wrote the lyrics for WANNA ONE’s ‘Energetic’.
  • He sings the chorus in (G)-IDLE’s ‘DUMDi DUMDi’.
  • His shoe size is 280 mm.
  • His nicknames are Baby Wooseok, Softie Cattle, Puppy Cattle (Korean think that people who have big eyes resemble cattles).

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