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TEMPEST LEW Profile, Facts, and TMI

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LEW Profile

  • Birth Name: 이의웅 (Lee Eui Woong)
  • Stage Name: 루 (Lew)
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 2001.04.05
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Chinese Zodiac: Snake
  • Height: 170 cm (5’57”)
  • Weight: N/A
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Keyword: PRESENT
  • Personal Social Media: N/A

LEW Facts & TMI

  • LEW is the leader, lead rapper, and sub-vocalist of TEMPEST.
  • He was born and grew up in Incheon.
  • His family consists of mother, father, an older brother (born 1995), and an older sister (born 1998).
  • He has a Miniature Pinscher pet called Charles.
  • He is Christian.
  • He graduated from Broadcasting Department, Hanlim Arts School.
  • LEW introduces himself as “TEMPEST’s leader and members’ morning fairy, LEW!”
  • The stage name LEW is made from the initials of his birth name Lee Eui Woong.
  • Before becoming a singer, he wanted to be a news anchor.
  • He began putting interest in pop songs as he listened to BlockB’s Zico.
  • After guesting in the talk show ‘Hello Counselor‘, he received casting offers from 11 agencies and he chose to join Yuehua Entertainment.
  • Just like Hyeongseop, he also participated in ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ as a representative trainee from Yuehua.
  • In November 2017, LEW debuted with fellow Yuehua trainee and ‘Produce 101’ contestant Hyeongseop in a pre-debut unit called HyeongSeop & EuiWoong.
  • LEW was the vice president of the school when he was in 6th grade and the vice president of the school when he was in 3rd grade of middle school.
  • While preparing for his official debut as TEMPEST, it was implicitly decided that LEW would be the leader of the group.
  • He was also the leader of duo HyeongSeop & EuiWoong.
  • LEW was in charge of rap during ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ but now he is one of the vocalists line.
  • He took part in lyrics writing for every songs in TEMPEST debut album ‘It’s Me, It’s We’.
  • As revealed in an episode of ‘Hello Counselor’, Woong always helped his parents in running their businesses. His parents ran a jewelry store, stationary store, and underwear store.
  • According to his school friends or staff at Yuehua, LEW is very kind and sincere. He also took care of the younger trainees at Yuehua.
  • LEW is unexpectedly one of the funniest member in the group.
  • He can play the violin.
  • There are many opinions that LEW looks much younger for his age.
  • LEW thinks that his smile and dimples are his charming point.
  • Many fans think that he has a face of Studio Ghibli’ protagonist.
  • Some fans think that he resembles Jinyoung of GOT7.
  • His hobbies are soccer, cycling, baseball, basketball, badminton, and playing violin.
  • He likes spicy food.
  • LEW is a Pokemon otaku.
  • His favorite food is pizza, especially bulgogi pizza and shrimp pizza.
    Before his official debut with TEMPEST, he has appeared in a lot of variety shows including ‘Hello Counselor’, ‘Problematic Men’, ‘Leaving the Nest’, and ‘Live Broadcast Talk! Talk! Boni Hani’.
  • He also appeared as the lead actor in a short movie titled ‘My Uncle, Jordan’.
  • His official emoticon is a bear (🐻).
  • His role models as actor are Cho Jung Seok and Kang Ha Neul.
  • LEW had an English interview with a foreign blogger who came to Hanlim Art High School.
  • He is a supporter of SK Wyverns.
  • He shot a promotional video for Hanlim Art School with fellow ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ contestant and a member of THE BOYZ, Ju Haknyeon.
  • He is scared of ghosts as seen in the ghost hidden camera in the fifth episode of ‘Produce 101 Season 2’.
  • He became the MC of Hanlim Art School graduation ceremony in 2018.
  • In 2020, he took the college SAT test.
  • His MBTI personality is ENFJ.
  • Among his nicknames are Woong-i, Woong-ging, Lovely Woong-i, Student Body President, Smartie, Ditto, Leader Woong, Woong-i Boni, Anna-Woong-cer, Doctor Woong, Stationary Store Prince, MC Woong, etc.

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