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Hyun Soo

TNX Member Hyun Soo Profile, Facts, and TMI

tnx hyun soo profile facts tmi mbti

Hyun Soo Profile

  • Birth Name: 장현수 (Jang Hyunsoo)
  • Stage Name: Hyun Soo
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 2003.09.16
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Chinese Zodiac: Goat
  • Height: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
  • Blood Type: O
  • Personal Social Media: N/A

Hyun Soo Facts & TMI

  • Jang Hyun Soo is a member of TNX, his position in the group is dancer.
  • Hyun Soo was born in Sangju City.
  • He is an only son.
  • He has big, monolid eyes.
  • Hyun Soo has wide shoulders and good body proportions.
  • Sometimes he does random things.
  • He is shy and awkward around strangers.
  • Hyun Soo is an ISTP.
  • His favorite foods are red beans butter, potato stew (gamjatang), hamburger, and rice cake.
  • His least favorite food is fish.
  • He likes wearing perfumes.
  • His favorite season is winter.
  • His favorite color is green.
  • Hyun Soo doesn’t like mint-choco flavor.
  • His favorite Baskin Robbins ice cream flavor is apple mint and tangerine.
  • His favorite pizza toppings are potatoes and bacon.
  • Hyun Soo hates bugs so much that he prefers ghosts over bugs.
  • He prefers banana milk over chocolate milk.
  • He prefers colorful things over black and white.
  • If he ever has superpowers, he wants to have the ability to fly and teleport.
  • Hyun Soo chose the maknae Sung Jun as the cutest member in the group.
  • He wishes to debut and win first place on the music charts.
  • Hyun Soo chose Five-year-old Eunhwi over five Eunhwi(s).
  • One of his favorite songs is Baekhyun’s ‘All I Got’.
  • She wanted to dye his hair blonde.
  • He has experience in farming when he was young because his parents works as a farmer, he mainly farmed dried persimmons.
  • Before his debut, he was seen wearing a neck posture corrector.
  • He would listen to the rain sound ASMR when he can’t sleep.
  • His hobbies are photography, farming, and drawing illustrations.
  • His nicknames are Jjang Soo, Song Sam Dong, Deer, Sika Deer, etc.

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