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Huening Kai

TXT (Tomorrow X Together) Huening Kai Profile, Facts, and TMI

Huening Kai Profile

  • Birth Name: Kai Kamal Huening
  • Stage Name: Huening Kai
  • Nationality: American
  • Date of Birth: 2002.08.14
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Chinese Zodiac: Horse
  • Height: 183 cm (6’0”)
  • Weight: 66 kg (145.5 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Personal Social Media: N/A

Huening Kai Facts & TMI

  • Kai was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • His family consists of mother (Jung Yeonju), father (Nabil David Huening), an older sister (Lea, born 2000), and a younger sister Bahiyyih (born 2004).
  • His mother is Korean while his father is American of German descent.
  • His father is a musician that was active in China.
  • He is a Catholic, his baptismal name is Michael.
  • He chose the baptismal name Michael himself because he wants to be an angel-like person.
  • Huening Kai graduated from Hanlim Arts School (Practical Dance Department).
  • His older sister Lea debuted in a group called VIVA and is currently active as an internet personality.
  • His hobby and special skill is playing musical instruments.
  • Although there is no official position in TXT aside from leader, Huening Kai (alongside Taehyun) is mostly in charge of being the main vocalist of the group.
  • Huening Kai is the maknae of the group alongside Taehyun.
  • As a maknae, Huening received a lot of love from his older members because he has a cute and sweet personality.
  • During the trainee days he was called Kai, but after debut, there are many celebrities that have the same name, so he is mostly called Huening.
  • He is sometimes called by his first name Kai by people that are very close to him.
  • Each of his family members use Arabic name as a middle name, his middle name Kamal means perfect in Arabic.
  • He has a lot of moles that he called “chocochips”.
  • Fans think that he resembles Peter Pan, deer, unicorn, penguin, or ‘Stranger Things’ actor Finn Wolfhard.
  • He said that he grew 20 cm taller since he first became a trainee.
  • His father was born in Brazil, then moved to the US when he was 4 years old. He then studied Chinese in Beijing University of Foreign Language and was active as a TV personality, actor, and musician in China. His father lived in China for 20 years where he met Huening’s mother. He is currently running an English Language academy in China. According to Huening Kai, his father can also speak Korean and Portuguese.
  • He was eliminated when he auditioned in another agency as a duet with his sister, but then a staff from that agency joined Big Hit and contacted Huening Kai for a casting.
  • “Kai” is an uncommon name even in the US because it is a Hawaiian name. Early in his debut, American fans asked him which country he was from because they were unfamiliar with the name “Kai”, turned out it is a Hawaiian name that means ‘sea’ in Hawaiian language.
  • The artist naturally blood runs in him because his father introduced him to music from an early age.
  • He has learned how to play drums since he was in the 3rd grade of elementary school.
  • He particularly has a great chemistry with leader Soobin.
  • He is good at playing classical guitar and piano that he learned before his debut.
  • Accroding to leader Soobin, Huening had his adolescence during their early debut days.
  • He said that he once ranked first on Big Hit trainee monthly evaluation.
  • His MBTI personality type is ENFP, but sometimes he would get INFJ-A.
  • He has a lot of pre-debut photos.
  • His favorite nickname given by fans is Lovely Ning (NingDungie in romanized Korean).
  • He has a habit of tearing off the edges of paper. He’s been like that for nine years.
  • He was voted as a member with the best voice.
  • He loves using flashy emoticons.
  • He said that he did basketball for a long time.
  • He is a laid back person.
  • He said that if he ever has a chance to appear on Kings of Masked Singer, he’d love to sing ‘Give Love’ by AKMU.
  • He sang AKMU’s ‘Give Love’ and Maroon 5’s ‘Sunday Morning’ for his audition.
  • He shared that his hobby is reading.
  • He chose his hometown Hawaii, as his favorite travel destination.
  • He loves watching the Disney Channel.
  • Another profession that he wanted to try if I didn’t become a singer is a reporter.
  • At the 2019 fan signing event, he said he had failed both his recent Korean and English tests.
  • He was the vce president of the student council’s safety department when he was in Yongmun Middle School.
  • On V LIVE, Subin and Huening Kai are hosting a content called ‘Click Clang Workshop Time’.
  • He transferred to Hanlim Arts High School in the summer of 2019 and was placed in the same class as teammate Beomgyu.
  • He has a very unique-sounding and loud laugh.
  • He prefers Sprite over Cola.
  • He claimed to be good at studying during middle school.
  • He has experience as the class vice president when he was in the third grade of middle school.
  • He is using a Galaxy Note 20 Mystic Green and an iPhone XR for selfies.
  • He is a fan of Bruno Mars.
  • His favorite scent is the scent of flowers.
  • He prefers cats over dogs, he also said that he wants to raise a Siamese cat.
  • His favorite color is mint color.
  • He also likes penguins and dolphins.
  • He likes listening to band music.
  • Recently, he is said to be into painting and piano these days.
  • The song he wants to cover the most is Christopher’s ‘Bad’ and Naul’s.
  • He likes pineapple, so he likes Hawaiian pizza.
  • His favorite foods are mara soup, hot pot, bulgogi, egg tart, white chocolate, ramyun, cucumbers, paprika, fried seaweed, beondegi, shrimp porridge, etc.
  • His favorite beverages are soda and grape juice.
  • His favorite movie is ‘August Rush’.
  • His shoe size is 280 mm.
  • His nicknames are HueKa, NingNing, Jung Huening, Cutie, Huening Corgi, Little Yeonjun, Penguin, Unicorn, KIB (Kai Is the Best), Jung Kai, Baby Hue, etc.

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