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VERIVERY Gyehyeon Profile, Facts, and TMI

Gyehyeon Profile

  • Birth Name: 조계현 (Cho Gyehyeon)
  • Stage Name: Gyehyeon
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1999.05.14
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit
  • Height: 177 cm (5’8”)
  • Weight: 57 kg (125.6 lbs)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Personal Social Media: N/A

Gyehyeon Facts & TMI

  • Gyehyeon was born and grew up in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do.
  • His family consists of mother, father, and an older brother (born 1996).
  • Gyehyeon introduces himself as VERIVERY’s “Too Much Power”.
  • Gyehyeon is the lead vocalist of VERIVERY.
  • He can compose and write songs, he participated in writing and composing the sub-title track from VERIVERY’s 2nd mini-album ‘Light Up’, as well as the b-side track ‘Love Line’.
  • He has a confident personality.
  • He used to be an INFP, but recently his MBTI personality type has changed to ENFP.
  • He thinks that his strength is that he’s good at analyzing situations around him.
  • While he thinks that his weakness is his stubbornness.
  • He’s quick-witted.
  • He doesn’t get scared easily.
  • He’s unexpectedly in charge of being the ‘variety member’ in the group.
  • According to Minchan, Gyehyeon is actually a soft-hearted person.
  • He’s neat and good at organizing things around him.
  • He has a mole under his right eye.
  • Gyehyeon alongside the vocal line members Minchan and Yeonho sang the OST for the drama ‘Extraordinary You’ titled ‘My Beauty’.
  • He is the middle member in terms of age.
  • Originally, he went to a vocal academy to prepare for the practical music entrance examination, but he auditioned for Jellyfish instead.
  • Gyehyeon sang Yoon Jongshin’s ‘Memory’ and danced to BTS’ ‘Fire’ at the audition.
  • Among VERIVERY members, Gyehyeon and Kangmin were the last members to join Jellyfish Entertainment.
  • Gyehyeon and Kangmin underwent the shortest trainee period among other group members (1 year and 5 months). 
  • When Gyehyeon and Kangmin first joined the agency, Minchan thought that they were brothers.
  • Gyehyeon is the best at sport among VERIVERY members, he’s especially good at playing billiards.
  • He is said to be the strongest on the team.
  • Along with Dongheon and Kangmin, he is a powerful member of the team.
  • His favorite color is black.
  • He has the tiniest feet (255 mm) and hands (17.7 cm) in the team.
  • His eyesight is said to be 1.2~1.5.
  • He doesn’t like green peppers and onions.
  • His favorite foods are tteokbokki and Neoguri Ramyun.
  • He has a small appetite, he also doesn’t gain weight easily.
  • He graduated from Gyenam High School in Bucheon.
  • His favorite musicians are Charlie Puth and Lim Hanbyul.
  • His hobbies are singing, dancing, watching variety shows, and listening to music.

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