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Park Hae Jin

Actor Park Hae Jin Profile, Drama, Facts, and TMI

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Park Hae Jin Profile

  • Birth Name: 박해진 (Park Hae Jin)
  • Stage Name: 박해진 (Park Hae Jin)
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1983.05.01
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Chinese Zodiac: Pig
  • Height: 186 cm (6’10″)
  • Weight: 73 kg (160 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Agency: Mountain Movement Entertainment
  • Personal Social Media: Instagram, Weibo, Fancafe

Park Hae Jin Facts & TMI

  • Park Hae Jin was born in Busan.
  • His family consists of mother and an older sister (born 1982).
  • He doesn’t have a religion.
  • He belongs to Miryang Park clan.
  • Park Hae Jin spent his childhood in Busan.
  • He graduated from Seoul Arts College, majoring in Acting.
  • He debuted in 2006 through the KBS2 drama ‘Three Brothers’.
  • Although he received criticism at the beginning of his debut, he began gaining recognition and popularity after starring in MBC drama ‘East of Eden’ in 2008.
  • He grew up in a poor family background and had to change his legal guardian 3 times.
  • Park Hae Jin currently lives with his sister’s family, so he often baby sit his nephews.
  • He has bronchial problems that made him naturally sensitive to allergies. That’s why he doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke.
  • He was exempted from military duty due to depression and social phobia.
  • There was a rumor claiming that Park Hae Jin worked as a host bar before becoming an actor.
  • He confessed to being a big eater, he said that he can eat 50 to 60 plates of sushi.
  • He is known to have donated a lot since his debut.
  • Park Hae Jin also does various volunteer work such as delivering briquettes.
  • He became an honorary firefighter in November 2018 and was promoted to the first rank on December 11, 2019.
  • His fans are famous for following him and doing a lot of volunteer work.
  • He is left-handed.
  • He likes to be alone and think deeply about all situations.
  • Although he seems to be quiet, his actor colleagues shared that Park Hae Jin is actually funny and likes throwing dad jokes.
  • He once shared that he wanted to get married before 40 years old.
  • His hobbies are collecting Gundam plastic models, making furniture, and collecting shoes.
  • Park Hae Jin is said to own more than 1,800 pairs of shoes.


‘The Rhythm of Chopsticks’ (2010/ Cameo)
‘Snow is on the Sea’ as Lee Sang Woo (2015)
‘Cheese in the Trap’ as Yoo Jung (2018)

TV Series

‘Three Brothers’ as Yeon Ha Nam (KBS2/ 2006)
‘Heaven & Earth’ as Jung Moo Young (KBS1/ 2007)
‘East of Eden’ as Shin Myung Hoon (MBC/ 2008~2009)
‘Hot Blood’ as Ha Ryu (KBS2/ 2009)
‘Qian Duo Duo Marry Remember’ as Xu Fei (HunanTV/ 2011/ Chinese drama)
‘Another Kind of Splendid Life’ as Liu Da Ming (HunanTV/ 2012/ Chinese drama)
‘Seoyoung, My Daughter’ as Lee Sang Woo (KBS2/ 2012~2013)
‘Love’s Relativity’ as Li Ang (Zhejiang Satellite TV/ 2013/ Chinese drama)
‘My Love from the Star’ as Lee Hwi Kyung (SBS/ 2013–2014)
‘Doctor Stranger’ as Han Jae Joon/ Lee Sung Hoon (SBS/ 2014)
‘Bad Guys’ as Lee Jung Moon (OCN/ 2014)
‘Cheese in the Trap’ as Yoo Jung (tvN/ 2016)
‘Far Away Love’ as Shen An (Sougou/ 2015/ Chinese drama)
‘Man to Man’ as Kim Seol Woo (jtbc/ 2017)
‘Forest’ as Kang San Hyuk (KBS2/ 2020)
‘Kkondae Intern’ as Ka Yeol Chan (MBC/ 2020)
‘Clone’ as Kang Il Hoon (OllehTV/ 2021)
From Now on, Showtime!‘ as Cha Cha Woong (MBC/ 2022)

Variety Show

‘Ya Sim Man Man’ (SBS/ 2007)
‘I’m Ready’ (KBS2/ 2007)
‘Happy Camp’ (HBS/ 2007 & 2014/ Chinese variety show)
‘Family Outing’ (SBS/ 2008~2009/ Fixed cast)
‘Live Talkshow Taxi’ (tvN/ 2009)
‘Day Day Up’ (HBS/ 2009/ Chinese variety show)
‘Happy Together Season 3’ (KBS2/ 2009 & 2012)
‘Shin Dong Yeop, Shin Bong Sun’s Champagne’ (KBS2/ 2009)
‘Gag Concert – Beggar’s Dignity’ (KBS2/ 2012)
‘Abnormal Summit’ (jtbc/ 2016)
‘Let’s Eat Together’ (jtbc/ 2016)
‘Busted!’ (Netflix/ 2018)
‘Hi My Star’ (Zhejiang Satellite TV/ 2019/ Chinese variety show)
‘Where is My Home’ (MBC/ 2020)
‘Kkondae Intern Special’ (MBC/ 2020)


Love Hurts‘  by The Way (2007)
운명의 수레바퀴‘ by Park Hae Jin (2011)

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