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Ryu Jun Yeol (Ryu Junyeol)

Actor Ryu Jun Yeol (Ryu Junyeol) Profile, Facts, and TMI

ryu junyeol profile

Ryu Junyeol Profile

  • Birth Name: 류준열 (Ryu Jun Yeol)
  • Stage Name: Ryu Jun Yeol
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1986.09.25
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Height: 183 cm (6’0″)
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Blood Type: A
  • Agency: C-Jes Entertainment
  • Debut: 2013
  • Social Media: Instagram @ryusdb

Ryu Junyeol Facts & TMI

  • Ryu Junyeol was born in Suwon, South Korea
  • He is an environmental activist and gives donation to a non-governmental environmental organisation
  • He tries to avoid disposable plastics and straw
  • He loves travelling
  • He prefers sea to mountain
  • He attended to University of Suwon (2006-2013)
  • He is fluent in English
  • “Sarang” is his favorite word which means “love” in English
  • He plays football and skateboard
  • He is a fan of Diego Maradona and has a chance to meet on 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup
  • He makes friend with popular footballer Son Heung Min
  • He also admires Park Jisung and got signed jersey and shoes
  • He went to Europe to watch football match at stadium like Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United
  • He is passionate at photography
  • He held his first photo exhibition entitled “Once Upon a Time…. in Hollywood” from Nov 3 to 22, 2020
  • His exhibition is much inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s movie entitled Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
  • Celebrity friends came to support like EXO’s Suho, Park Shin Hye, Eric Nam, Kim Wan Sun, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Dong Hwi, and Lee Je Hoon
  • He is currently in a relationship with Hyeri (Girl’s Day) after having the same drama project Reply 1988
  • Ryu Junyeol makes friend with prominent actress Gong Hyojin
  • He participated in 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics torch relay
  • He used to take part time jobs like waiter, merch seller at SHINEE concert, and became Santa Clause
  • He appeared in Clazziquai Projects MV entitled 클래지콰이 – 내게 돌아와 or Still I’m by Your Side
  • He is used to taking shower and sleeping when he is stressed out
  • He’d like to be man behind the scene like directing, screenwriting, or producing beside acting
  • He has low alcohol tolerance
  • His newest drama entitled “Disqualified as a Human” in 2021 starring prominent actress Jeon Do Yeon


‘Alien’ (2021)
‘The Battle: Roar to Victory’ as Lee Jang-Ha (2019)
‘Money’ as Il-Hyun (2019)
‘Hit-and-Run Squad’ as Seo Min-Jae (2019)
‘Believer’ as Rak (2018)
‘Little Forest’ as Jae-Ha (2018)
‘Heart Blackened’ as Kim Dong-Myung (2017)
‘A Taxi Driver’ as Koo Jae-Sik (2017)
‘The King’ as Choi Doo-Il (2017)
‘The Boys Who Cried Wolf’ as Dong-Chul (2016)
‘Canola’ as Chul-Hun (2016)
‘No Tomorrow’ as Ji-Hoon (2016)
‘One Way Trip’ as Ji-Gong (2016)
‘Sori: Voice From The Heart’ as Underground Singer (2016)
‘Socialphobia’ as Yang-Ge (2015)
‘Midnight Sun’ as Yong Hoon (2014) (short movie)
‘Economic Love’ as Ji Hoon (2013) (short film)
‘Finding My Gundam’ as Hyun Dong (2013) (short film)

TV Series

‘Lost’ as Kang-Jae (JTBC/ 2021)
‘Lucky Romance’ as Je Soo-Ho (MBC/ 2016)
‘Reply 1988’ Kim Jung-Hwan (tvN/ 2015-2016)
‘The Producers’ as new PD (KBS2/ 2015)


2017 (1st) The Seoul Awards: Best New Actor (“The King”) – October 27, 2017
2017 (53rd) BaekSang Arts Awards; Best New Actor (“The King”) – May 3, 2017
2016 MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actor (“Lucky Romance”) – December 30, 2016
tvN10 Awards: Popular Actor Award (“Reply 1988”) – October 9, 2016
2016 (52nd) BaekSang Arts Awards: Best New Actor (“Reply 1988”) – June 3, 2016

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