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BAE173 (former IM and X1) Hangyul Profile, Facts, and TMI

Hangyul Profile

  • Birth Name: 이한결 (Lee Hangyul)
  • Stage Name: Hangyul
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1999.12.07
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit
  • Height: 176 cm (5’7”)
  • Weight: 69 kg (152.1 lbs)
  • Blood Type: O
  • Personal Social Media: Instagram, Tiktok

Hangyul Facts & TMI

  • Hangyul was born and grew up in Incheon.
  • His family consists of mother, father, and two older brothers (born 1983 and 1984).
  • His family is raising a toy poodle named Hanbyul.
  • He joined MBK Entertainment in 2015 and was planned to debut as a member of the boy band IM66 in 2016.
  • Because of unknown reasons, the debut of IM66 was canceled and he debuted as a member of a 4-member boy group called IM in 2017.
  • He was the backup dancer for T-Ara, DIA and Shannon, and other MBK artists.
  • He joined an idol survival program The Unit right after his debut with IM.
  • He reached the final stage of The Unit but failed to debut after finishing on the 13th rank.
  • In 2019, he joined another idol survival program Produce X 101 alongside fellow trainee Nam Dohyon and finished on the 7th rank, earning him a place in the debut group X1.
  • He debuted as a member of X1 in a sold-out dome concert on August 27, 2019.
  • After the early disbandment of X1, he was active in a duo called H&D with former X1 member and labelmate Nam Dohyon.
  • He debuted for the fourth time (through IM, X1, H&D, and BAE173).
  • He is in charge of being the main dancer and vocal in all groups he’s part of.
  • He is known to have a pretty body line when he’s dancing.
  • He used to show his acrobatic skills when he’s dancing (as seen in The Unit and Produce X 101’s position evaluation ‘Finesse’ performance), but due to an ankle injury, recently he refrains himself from doing acrobatic moves.
  • Thanks to his sleek and flexible dance moves, he can perform girl group dances very well.
  • He has a unique, slightly husky low voice tone. According to himself, he had that voice since he was in the sixth grade of elementary school.
  • He said he was worried because he has a voice that doesn’t sound like typical idols.
  • He describes himself as a cool and outgoing person, has a positive mindset as well as strong mentality.
  • His MBTI personality is ESFP-A.
  • He is an atheist.
  • Hangyul is a big jokester (according to both X1 members and BAE173 members).
  • He isn’t afraid of anything and is not easily surprised.
  • His original dream was to be a taekwondo athlete.
  • He is a black belt in taekwondo, practicing it for 8 years before experiencing a slump when he was in middle school.
  • He is good at sports, especially basketball. He was a basketball captain in high school.
  • Hangyul is also good at skiing and bowling.
  • He didn’t finish his high school education.
  • The reality show he wants to appear at is ‘Running Man’, ‘Knowing Bros’, ‘The Law of The Jungle’.
  • His hobby is exercising, he is gym buddies with Seventeen’s Hoshi and Wonwoo.
  • He can’t still and doesn’t like to be at home, when he was on hiatus, there were people witnessing him going out with X1 members almost every day.
  • He can’t stand hearing people compliment him.
  • He doesn’t like doing aegyo but kind of used to it nowadays (back then, his ears would turn red when he was asked to do aegyo).
  • He thinks that sexy concept matches him best.
  • He is good at using facial expressions in both stage performance and magazine pictorials.
  • He has distinctive facial features with beautiful double-eyelid eyes, pretty pointed noses, cute lips, and a short chin.
  • Due to his exotic and clear facial features, netizens often mistook him as mixed.
  • He has thick hair and thick eyebrows, he said that his facial hair grows really fast.
  • Hangyul has Indian dimples.
  • He always denies compliments that say he is good looking.
  • According to netizens who saw him in person, he is a lot more handsome in person than on screen.
  • He likes revealing his abs.
  • He has thick and sturdy thighs (a result of practicing taekwondo for 8 years).
  • He has a mole in his right ear, one near his collarbone, and one in his left arm.
  • He is said to resemble 2PM’s Chansung, Shinhwa’s Eric, and Japanese actor Yoshizawa Ryo.
  • His favorite color is fluorescent yellow, he said he feels good whenever he sees that color.
  • He likes all-black fashion.
  • His favorite snack was Banana Kick, but he doesn’t really eat snacks nowadays.
  • His favorite beverages are ‘Sol-eui Nun’ and ice americano.
  • He doesn’t like avocado, pineapple pizza, and mint-choco flavor ice cream.
  • His maximum tolerance of alcohol is 3 bottles of soju.
  • He always drinks in his own room because there are underage members in his group.
  • Hangyul has three tattoos, two on his back and one above his left elbow (he said it has the meaning of ‘my people’).
  • He likes kids.
  • He likes animals.
  • He always uses Samsung Galaxy phones.
  • He was roommates with Cho Seungyoun (WOODZ) when he was still in X1.
  • His favorite season is winter because he tends to sweat a lot in hot weather.
  • Hangyul loves wearing accessories and jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.
  • Among his nicknames are A-cheon-kang (아기 천사 강아지 romanized as agi cheonsa kangaji, means baby angel puppy), Sinna Appa, Human Move, MoveGyul, Finesse Lee,  Gyulderella, Gyulvatar, Michael, Second Center, Taekwondo Hunnam (훈남 romanized hunnam, means handsome), Hangyul The Cake Holder, Hangyul The Explorer, Pro Congratulator, Lee Dugyul, The Coworker (with fellow X1 member Cho Seungyoun), Taekwondo Quitters (with fellow X1 member Kim Yohan), etc.
  • As of 2020, he appeared in 7 pictorials throughout his career.
  • He modeled for a local cosmetic brand Blancpool in 2020.
  • When he was just a newborn, his biological parents left him in an orphanage (Haeseong Orphanage in Incheon), he lived in the orphanage until he was adopted by his current family at the age of 7.
  • Due to special regulations for children who lived in orphanages for more than 5 years, Hangyul is eligible for a military exemption.
  • He is treated as a “young master” at home due to significant age differences with his brothers.
  • He has 3 nephews and niece.
  • He lived in the same neighborhood as former Wanna One’s member Ong Seongwoo, they even graduated from the same junior high school (Guwol Junior High).
  • He got a casting offer from MBK Entertainment when he was joining a high school dance competition.
  • There was a rumor that he got a casting offer from SM Entertainment when he was still in junior high school.
  • After quitting taekwondo he joined his junior high school’s dance club.
  • His fans are called Gyullangdan (Hangyul + Sarangdan, sarangdan means ‘love troops’ in English).
  • He always draws a signature character called ‘Sinna’ under his autograph (hence the nickname Sinna’s father).
  • He always tries to look carefree but he loves and takes care of people around him really well (run to buy a birthday cake for fellow member Dohyon during a live broadcast, gave surprise party to former X1 member Dongpyo, take the underage X1 members for a dine out on Christmas eve, watching the same movie for several times because his fellow members asked him to company him to a cinema, etc).
  • He is often seen doing the ‘hit the woah’ move.
  • His life’s motto is ‘gaining strength as we go forward’.
  • He jokingly said that he hates people who are taller than him.
  • His eyesight is 2.0, he often wears glasses off-screen.
  • He injured his left ankle during a dance practice.
  • His favorite song is ‘Control Me’ by Colde.
  • He has a level-1 driving license that allows him to even drive a truck.
  • He can play guitar and piano, despite being unable to read music sheets.
  • Fans think that he resembles a puppy and a tiger.
  • Hangyul thinks that he resembles a tiger.
  • He hates cicadas.
  • Among his bucket list are bungee jumping and skydiving.
  • His habit is wiggling his toes.
  • His clothing measurement is 105 for tops, 32 for bottoms, and 270mm for shoes.
  • His first debut song as an IM member is called ‘Sad Story’.
  • He mentioned on several occasions that he is best friend e̶v̶e̶n̶ ̶a̶f̶t̶e̶r̶ ̶p̶r̶o̶m̶o̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ ̶e̶n̶d̶ with WEi’s Kim Yohan.
  • Hangyul is known to have many idol friends, among them are AB6IX Park Woojin, THE BOYZ’s Sangyeon, Seventeen’s Hoshi and Wonwoo, WEi’s Kim Donghan, Feeldog, singer Lee Woo, actor Lee Suwoong, TOO Woonggi, B.o.Y’s Song Yuvin and Kim Kookheon, Hotshot’s Timoteo, and other The Unit and Produce X 101 contestants.

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