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Lee Kyu Hyung (Lee Kyuhyung)

Actor Lee Kyu Hyung (Lee Kyuhyung) Profile, Facts, and TMI

lee kyu hyung drama and profile
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Lee Kyu Hyung (Lee Kyuhyung) Profile

  • Birth Name: 이규형 (Lee Kyu Hyung)
  • Stage Name: Lee Kyu Hyung
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1983.11.29
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Blood Type: A
  • Agency: Ace Factory
  • Debut: 2001
  • Instagram: @290_83

Lee Kyu Hyung (Lee Kyuhyung) Facts & TMI

  • Lee Kyu Hyung was born in Seoul, South Korea
  • His family consists of parents, elder sister, and himself
  • He studied at Kyung Hee University, Film and Theater Department, then dropped out
  • Later he attended to Dongguk University majoring in Theater Studies
  • He got into acting after watched Korean movie “Shiri” in 1999. It inspired him to pursue his career as an actor
  • His film debut started in 2001 for the minor role in movie “Kick the Moon”
  • He has been active in theater, musical, or stage performance since 2008
  • As a musical actor, he is good at singing
  • When he was young, he dreamed to be a football player
  • He likes football, jogging, and riding
  • He is close to actress Yoon Se Ah
  • Family and friend are the most important things in his life
  • He likes kids
  • He is a foodie
  • Home run ball is his favorite snack
  • His favorite drink is Dragon’s Milk
  • Lee Kyu Hyung has personal YouTube account “이규형_막 올리는 유튜브” with 4.32K subscribers per September 2021
  • His YouTube contents are mostly about his daily activities at work, hanging out time with friends, quality time with family, and other random things
  • He can make latte art with the shape of heart
  • According to “I Live Alone” TV program, he is typically neat and well-organized person
  • His ideal type is a woman who can share interest or hobby
  • Bike riding and outdoor sports are his current hobbies
  • He enjoys free diving and has learned it for three months
  • Lee Kyu Hyung is close to actor Cho Seung Woo
  • He is currently under management of Ace Factory


‘Seoul Vibe’ as Bok Nam (2021)
‘Happy New Year’ (2021)
‘Diva’ as Kim Hyun Min (2020)
‘Juror 8’ as revival committee member (2019)
‘Romang’ as traffic police officer (2019)
‘Innocent Witness’ as Hee Jung (2019)
‘Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River’ as chief security guard (2016)
‘You Call It Passion’ as Young Hwa (2015)
‘My Dictator’ as Chul Joo (2014)
‘The Wicked’ as Jae Wook (2014)
‘No Tears for the Dead’ as Ventura Holdings team member 5 (2014)
‘Cat Girl’ as Min Hyuk (2013)
‘The Face Reader’ as new Eunuch (2013)
‘Castaway on the Moon’ as 119 rescue worker (2009)

TV Series

‘Happiness’ as cameo (tvN/ 2021)
‘The Witch’s Diner’ as lottery father – Ep. 1 (tving/ 2021)
Racket Boys‘ as Park Jeong Hwan – Ep. 16 (SBS/ 2021)
‘Voice 4’ as Dong Bang Min (tvN/ 2021)
‘Hospital Playlist 2’ as Yoo Gyeong Jin’s brother – Ep. 3 (tvN/ 2021)
‘Tale of the Nine Tailed’ as Governor – Ep. 6,15 (tvN/ 2020)
‘Stranger 2’ as Yoon Se Won – Ep. 5,16 (tvN/ 2020)
Hi Bye Mama‘ as Cho Gang Hwa (tvN/ 2020)
‘Doctor John’ as Son Seok Ki (SBS/ 2019)
‘Life’ as Ye Sun Woo (JTBC/ 2018)
‘Prison Playbook’ as Yoo Han Yang (tvN/ 2017-2018)
‘Stranger’ as Yoon Se Won (tvN/ 2017)
‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God’ as Lee Jung Hwa’s husband (tvN/ 2016-2017)
‘Hwarang’ as Do Ko (KBS2/ 2016-2017)
‘Unkind Ladies’ as Ma Ri’s senior (KBS2/ 2015)


12th Korea Drama Awards: Excellence Award for Actor (“Doctor John) – October 2, 2019

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