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NCT, NCT 127, NCT DREAM, SuperM Mark Profile, Facts, and TMI

Mark Profile

  • Birth Name: Mark Lee
  • Korean Name: 이민형 (Lee Minhyung)
  • Stage Name: Mark
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Date of Birth: 1999.08.02
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit
  • Height: 175 cm (5’7”)
  • Weight: 61 kg (134.4 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Personal Social Media: N/A

Mark Facts & TMI

  • Mark was born in Toronto, Canada.
  • His family consists of mother, father, and an older brother (born 1996).
  • He is currently promoting in five different groups/ subunits: NCT, NCT U, NCT 127, NCT DREAM, and SuperM.
  • His ‘regular’ position is main rapper (in SuperM, NCT 127, NCT DREAM), but he also becomes the main dancer and subvocal (in NCT 127 & NCT DREAM).
  • He is also the leader of NCT DREAM.
  • He is the 2nd generation of Korean-Canadian.
  • He is Christian.
  • Mark is one of the members who is actively participating in lyrics writing and composing in NCT.
  • Mark lived in Toronto since he was born until he reached the age of 7, then he moved to New York until he was 12. He moved back to Canada and lived in Vancouver until he was 15 years old.
  • In 2012, Mark passed SM Global Audition held in Vancouver, he was in the 2nd grade of middle school.
  • Mark moved to Korea in 2012 and started his trainee period in SM Entertainment.
  • He said that he wants to be a singer after receiving influences from his father who majored in Music and mother who plays the piano.
  • Mark said that since he was little he would easily laugh and cry.
  • His family eventually moved to Korea in 2013, they currently reside in Gangnam.
  • He graduated from  School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA), where he was schoolmate with Laun (ex-member of ONF) and Gugudan’s Mina.
  • He was introduced as SM Rookies on December 17, 2013.
  • During his days as a member of SM Rookies, he appeared in various broadcasts such as EXO 90:2014 (2014), Mickey Mouse Club (2015), ABC News ‘Korean Pop Idols Rule Asia’ (2015) as well as appearing in stage performances such as SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR IV and SM ROOKIES SHOW.
  • Mark is known for being a polite, diligent, hard-working, well-mannered, cheerful, positive, and innocent person.
  • SM Rookies members used to hold a year-end award among themselves, Mark always voted as ‘Trainee King’ because of his diligence.
  • Despite his slim figure, Mark has wide shoulders (53 cm).
  • Mark always uses items he bought for a very long time: padding, hats, t-shirts, jackets, scarves, cell phones, glasses, etc.
  • He has always been famous as a person who laughs easily, he also has a unique laughing sound.
  • He is cute without even trying.
  • His favorite singers and musicians are Coldplay, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and John Mayer.
  • He can play the guitar.
  • Mark chose BoA and TVXQ as sunbaes that he respects the most.
  • He also mentioned EXO’s Xiumin as a sunbae that he likes and is close to.
  • His favorite day is Christmas.
  • He likes wearing black, but his favorite color is actually blue.
  • He likes watermelon.
  • He dislikes seafood and ketchup, he usually eats foods without sauce or ketchup.
  • His hobby is cycling, badminton, and basketball.
  • Among his favorite foods are fried chicken, bagel, samgyetang, kimchi, jjajangmyeon, sweet and sour pork dish (tangsuyuk).
  • Mark said that he is more comfortable with Canadian culture as well as speaking in English, in fact, he uses English as the first language for his cellphone.
  • Sometimes, Mark speaks in English with Ten, Johnny, and Jaehyun.
  • Fans noticed that he often uses the word ‘약간’ (reads ‘yakkan’, it means ‘slightly’).
  • Mark, Haechan, Jeno, and Jaemin were students at SOPA, they were even called the F4 of SOPA before Haechan, Jeno and Jaemin quit school.
  • He was classmates with Golden Child’s Kim Donghyun, Oh My Girl’s Arin, Gugudan’s Mina, Romeo’s Kangmin, Favorite’s Ga Eul, and former ONF member Laun.
  • According to Jeno, Mark cried on their way back to Seoul after NCT DREAM received an award from THE SHOW.
  • He said that his favorite Bible verse is Exodus 9:16.
  • Mark is bilingual, speaking both Korean and English.
  • His childhood dream was to be a novel author.
  • He said that his role model is Justin Bieber.
  • Mark thinks that his charming point is his eyebrows.
  • Mark only used Galaxy phones since 2012 but he changed his phone to iPhone 12 Pro in November 2020.
  • His MBTI personality type is INFJ.
  • His shoe size is 270 mm.

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