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P1Harmony Jiung Profile, Facts, and TMI

Jiung Profile

  • Birth Name: 최지웅 (Choi Jiung)
  • Stage Name: Jiung
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 2001.10.07
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Chinese Zodiac: Snake
  • Height: 178 cm (5’8”)
  • Weight: N/A
  • Blood Type: O
  • Personal Social Media: N/A

Jiung Facts & TMI

  • Jiung was born in Seoul but grew up in Anyang.
  • His family consists of mother, father, and a younger brother.
  • Jiung is in charge of vocals, dance, and rap.
  • He is considered as the all-rounder of the group.
  • Jiung and Theo are often in charge of the high note parts in P1Harmony’s songs.
  • He learned rapping after joining the agency.
  • He is able to memorize choreography in a short time.
  • Jiung is also good at freestyle dance, especially popping.
  • He only learned dancing for 4 months prior to auditioning at FNC Entertainment.
  • He can do tumbling.
  • Many fans think his face resembles a hamster.
  • He has an extremely tiny head, he even said he can still wear a cap he’s been using since elementary school days.
  • He loves wearing hats, especially beret hats.
  • He is an INTJ.
  • He is neat and loves to organize things.
  • Jiung will scold anyone who doesn’t do the cleaning in their dorm.
  • He is basically not a picky eater, but he can’t eat cucumbers.
  • His favorite foods are potato pancake, steamed cod dish (kodari-jjim), rose pasta, garlic bread, Delimanjoo, potato, apples, pork cutlets, and garlic.
  • He also loves any kind of sauce (from strawberry jam, syrup, mayonnaise), to the extent of dipping every food in them.
  • His favorite beverages are milk tea, iced tea, and Americano.
  • He has a lot of interest in fashion, especially accessories.
  • His favorite musicians are OOHYO, Bruno major, 92914, Bon Iver, 6lack, Bloo, Post Malone, Minsu, and Homeboy.
  • He likes emotional movies, such as ‘Little Forest’, ‘Before Sunrise’, ‘Before Sunset’, and ‘About Time’.
  • He also likes animation.
  • He said that he doesn’t use perfumes, he prefers fruit scent over flower scent.
  • He also loves Yankee Candle Black Cherry scent.
  • Jiung has been friends with Theo for a long time.
  • His childhood dream was to be a veterinarian.
  • He is afraid of cockroaches.
  • He has the exact same birthday as his younger brother.
  • He has a habit of writing memos.
  • He loves learning new things.
  • He is an iPhone user, he currently uses iPhone 12 blue.
  • He loves listening to ASMR before sleeping.
  • He grinds your teeth when he’s sleeping.
  • His shoe size is 270 mm.
  • He didn’t graduate from high school, he took a GED test for his high school diploma.
  • His nicknames are All-rounder Squirrel, Squirrel, Jyung, Ung, Ung Dad, Hamster, etc.

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