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P1Harmony Theo Profile, Facts, and TMI

Theo Profile

  • Birth Name: 최태양 (Choi Taeyang)
  • Stage Name: Theo
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 2001.07.01
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Chinese Zodiac: Snake
  • Height: 179 cm (5’87”)
  • Weight: N/A
  • Blood Type: A
  • Personal Social Media: N/A

Theo Facts & TMI

  • Theo was born and grew up in Daejeon.
  • He is an only child.
  • His position in the group is main vocalist.
  • Theo is the eldest member of P1Harmony.
  • Before joining FNC Entertainment, he was a trainee at SM Entertainment.
  • He joined FNC in May 2019 and debuted after one year and 5 months of training.
  • Theo is the member with the shortest training period within the group.
  • He is often mentioned as one of the visual members of the group.
  • Theo is the second tallest member in P1Harmony.
  • The other members chose him as the member with the youngest-like personality because he has a lot of aegyo.
  • He basically has a shy personality, but his personality will change depending on whom he talks to.
  • Theo’s MBTI personality type is ENFP (the same type as Keeho and Intak).
  • He’s the hidden ”gag character” in the group.
  • He said he never cried in front of others until he was 20 when Keeho, Jiung, and Soul saw him crying over a video on Youtube.
  • His favorite foods are chicken hamburger, fried chicken, and pizza.
  • He enjoys drinking all types of coffee except Americano.
  • He dislikes port cutlets.
  • He loves carbonated beverages.
  • He can’t eat spicy foods.
  • His hobbies are fishing, volleyball, and watching baseball matches.
  • His special skills are singing, high jump, winking, and volleyball.
  • He loves wearing slippers even in winter.
  • He prefers puppies over cats.
  • He doesn’t like using perfumes, instead he uses body lotion.
  • Because it’s bothersome for him, he doesn’t like wearing accessories.
  • His favorite school subject is PE.
  • He used to have a “phobia” on camera.
  • He shares a room with the maknae line.
  • He has been friends with Jiung for a long time.
  • In contrast with his tall body, he has rather tiny hands and feet.
  • He mentioned N.Flying’s Yoo Hweseung as sunbae he wants to have a duet with.
  • When he was still a trainee, he commuted from Daejeon to Seoul every day.
  • He’s the early riser in the group.
  • Sometimes he sings in sleep.
  • He’s the best at sports among the team members.
  • He doesn’t like exposing skin.
  • According to Intak, Theo has a lot of friends.
  • He loves talking to his friends on the phone, he can spend hours talking to his friends.
  • He grabbed a microphone at his first birthday ceremony (doljabi).
  • He plays League of Legends.
  • He had never raised a pet before.
  • He did piercings for the first time during the first album promotion.
  • He can’t cook.
  • He has a weak digestive system.
  • He doesn’t have an appendix as he went through appendix surgery when he was in the fifth grade of elementary school.
  • His shoe size is 255 mm.
  • His nicknames are Choi Theo, Bald Eagle, etc.
  • He graduated from Hanbat High School in Daejeon.

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