Kpop Quiz: Find Out Which TREASURE Members Will Take You for a Night Drive Together

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YG Entertainment’s twelve-member group TREASURE successfully made a comeback last month with the lead single ‘JIKJIN’. To match the lyrics of ‘JIKJIN’ which means “go straight”, the group goes with a cool racing concept this time. Let’s find out which TREASURE members will take you for a night drive together through this kpop quiz!

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  • Question of

    Tell me your personality preference

    • Masculine friends
    • Cute and funny friends
    • Considerate gentlemen
    • Spontaneous and adventurous friends
  • Question of

    What MBTI type that most likely get along well with you?

    • ENFP
    • ENTJ
    • INFP
    • ISFP
  • Question of

    Pick a place for a night drive!

    • Coastal road
    • Empty highway
    • Mountain
    • Countryside
  • Question of

    Chose your favorite activity after a night drive!

    • Stargazing on top of a mountain
    • Listens to favorite songs
    • Light a campfire and roast marshmallows on a camping ground
    • Eats famous cuisine in the night market
  • Question of

    Chose your vehicle

    treasure quiz jihoon
    • Classic car
    • 4WD SUV
    • Sports car
    • Open roof/ convertible car


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