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Hwang Chansung (2PM’s Chansung)

2PM’s Member and Actor Hwang Chansung Profile, Drama, Facts, and TMI

Chansung Profile and Drama

Hwang Chansung Profile

  • Birth Name: 황찬성 (Hwang Chansung)
  • Stage Name: Chansung
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1990.02.11
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Chinese Zodiac: Horse
  • Height: 184 cm (6’03)
  • Weight: 75 kg (165.3 lbs)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Agency: JYP Entertainment
  • Personal Social Media: InstagramTwitter, Weibo

Hwang Chansung Facts & TMI

  • Chansung was born and grew up in Seoul.
  • His family consists of mother, father, and an older brother.
  • He holds a master’s degree in Movie Arts, Sejong University.
  • He doesn’t have religion.
  • Despite being widely known as a member of 2PM, Chansung made his debut as an actor in MBC sitcom ‘Unstoppable High Kick’ in 2006 when he was 15.
  • He also starred in KBS award-winning teen drama ‘Jungle Fish’ alongside Kim Soo Hyun and Park Bo Young prior to his debut.
  • He then debuted as a member of 2PM in 2008.
  • Chansung’s official position in the group is sub vocalist and sub rapper.
  • He is also the maknae (youngest member) of 2PM. Both Junho and Chansung were born in 1990, making them the maknae line of the group.
  • Because of his big build, sensual eyes, and mature-looking appearance, Chansung doesn’t get treated as maknae in the group by his hyungs.
  • Chansung is the second tallest member in the group after Taecyeon.
  • It is said that JYP got attracted to Chansung’s dashingly handsome appearance that they put enormous effort to scout him to the company.
  • At first, JYP didn’t prepare him to be a singer. Chansung himself didn’t think that he’ll be debuting as an idol group member because he never learned dancing or singing.
  • At some point, his dancing skills improved a lot which surprised JYP staff. Thus, the agency made him a member of 2PM.
  • During his early singing career, he received some criticism for his singing. However, Chansung’s singing skills significantly improving after the long and consistent effort he put into his vocal training.
  • Lately, Chansung has proven his songwriting and composing skills by making songs for 2PM.
  • Chansung alongside Taecyeon, and Nichkhun are considered the visual members of the group.
  • He has very big eyes with thick eyelids and a pointed nose, which makes his side profile looks magnificent.
  • Chansung was infamous for his signature “apple hair” during his early debut days.
  • According to fans who saw him in person, Chansung looks thousandfold more handsome in person. It seems like cameras can’t properly contain his handsomeness.
  • He is good at cooking.
  • He is a big eater. He once ate 49 bananas on 2PM variety show ‘Wild Bunny’.
  • During his appearance in SBS ‘Strong Heart’ he said that he ate 40 portions of shabu-shabu.
  • 2PM members are known to have beastly and athletic bodies. Chansung (and this guy) is the strongest member in the group.
  • Unexpectedly, he loves acting cute (aegyo) around the members.
  • He said that during his school days, he loves playing soccer and knitting.
  • Chansung is raising a cat called Jeonggam-i. It’s also the sibling of Junho’s cat Kkomaeng-i.
  • He enlisted in the army from June 11, 2019, to January 5, 2021. He served as a drill instructor during his military service.
  • He prefers meats over seafood.
  • He prefers 5 y.o Lee Junho over 5 Lee Junho(s).
  • He likes mint-choco.
  • Chansung searches for his name on the web frequently. He also replies to fans of Twitter a lot.
  • He can speak basic Japanese and English.
  • Chansung is a black belt in taekwondo. He also learned kendo (geomdo) in the past.
  • He owns a fitness center that he co-founded with his personal trainer.
  • On December 15, 2021, Chansung announced his marriage plan with a non-celebrity girlfriend that he has met for a long time through a handwritten letter he uploaded on Instagram. The two are also waiting for their first child together.
  • Along with the announcement, Chansung shared that he will not renew his contract with JYP Entertainment.


‘Beyond the ONEDAY ~Story of 2PM & 2AM~’ as Himself (2012)
‘Red Carpet’ as Kim Dae Yoon (2014)
‘A Dynamite Family’ as Soo Geun (2014)
‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ as Ji Oh (2015/ Cameo)
‘Wasure Yuki’ as Yoon Tae Oh (2015)
‘Midnight Runners’ as Himself (2017/ Cameo)

TV Series

‘Unstoppable High Kick’ as Hwang Chansung (MBC/ 2006)
‘Jungle Fish’ as Park Young Sam (KBS2/ 2008)
‘Dream High’ as Oh Sun’s imaginary boy (KBS2/ 2011/ Cameo, episode 12)
‘Kaito Royale’ as Jack (TBS/ 2011)
‘7th Grade Civil Servant’ as Gong Do Ha (MBC/ 2013)
‘Votre Noir’ as Kim Hyung Joo (KBS2/ 2013)
‘My Horrible Boss’ as Nam Bong Gi (JTBC/ 2016)
‘Dr. Romantic’ as Young Gyun (SBS/ 2016/ Special appearance, episode 8, 11-12)
‘Suspicious Partner’ as Jang Hee Joon (SBS/ 2017/ Special appearance)
‘Queen for Seven Days’ as Seo No (KBS2/ 2017)
‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’ as Go Gwi Nam (tvN/ 2018)
‘Touch Your Heart’ as Chansung (tvN/ 2019/ Cameo, episode 3 & 5)
‘My Holo Love’ as Baek Chansung (Netflix/ 2020)
‘Vincenzo’ as Leads of UCN drama “The Age of Stray Dogs and Wild Dogs” (tvN/ 2021/ Cameo, episode 12)
‘Show Window: Queen’s House’ as Han Jung Won (Channel A/ 2021)

Web Series

‘Dream Knight’ as Himself (Naver TVCast/ 2015/ Cameo, episode 3)
‘Secret Queen Makers’ as Chansung (Naver TV Cast and YouTube/ 2018)
‘So I Married the Anti-fan’ as JJ (Naver TV/ 2021)


‘My Love My Bride’ as Youngmin (2017)
‘Altar Boyz (Korean version)’ as Matthew (2017)
‘Interview’ as Sinclair (2017)
‘Smoke’ as Hae (2018)

Variety Shows

‘If You Love’ (SMG/ 2014/ Episodes 1—13/ Chinese TV Show)
‘Law of the Jungle’ (SBS/ 2016/ Episodes 203—211)

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