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Actor Jisung Profile, Drama, Facts, and TMI

actor jisung profile drama facts tmi mbti

Jisung Profile

  • Birth Name: 곽태근 (Kwak Tae Keun)
  • Stage Name: 지성 (Jisung)
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1977.02.27
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Chinese Zodiac: Snake
  • Height: 177 cm (5’80″)
  • Weight: N/A
  • Blood Type: A
  • Agency: Surpass Entertainment
  • Personal Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Fancafe

Jisung Facts & TMI

  • Jisung was born as Kwak Tae Geun in Seoul.
  • He lived in Seoul until graduating elementary school before his family moved to Yeosu.
  • He belongs to Hyeonpoong Kwak clan.
  • Jisung married actress Lee Bo Young in 2013, the two gave birth to a daughter Kwak Ji Woo in 2015 and a son Kwak Woo Sung in 2015.
  • He came from a well-off family. It is said that his parents were one of the richest people in Yeosu. His family owns Yeosu Hanyoung University, Hanyoung Middle School, and Hidden Bay Hotel in Yeosu.
  • When he was in high school, he saw Dustin Hoffman in the movie ‘Rain Man’ and started to dream of becoming an actor.
  • His father opposed his aspiration of becoming an actor.
  • He applied to the theater and film department in his third year of high school, but his applications were rejected.
  • Jisung ran away to Seoul, slept homeless in subway stations and parks, and even sneaked into the broadcasting station to watch the filming.
  • He debuted with a minor role in the SBS sitcom ‘Marching’ in 1998.
  • He gained his first major role in the drama ‘KAIST’ by personally calling the production company and expressing his willingness in joining the cast.
  • He used his birth name Kwak Tae Geun up until his appearance in ‘KAIST’, his manager then suggested using the stage name Jisung to which he agreed.
  • He rose to popularity after starring in the drama ‘All In’ which recorded the highest viewer rating of 47.7% in 2003.
  • Jisung enlisted in the army on June 7th, 2005, and got discharged on June 6th, 2007.
  • After six years of dating actress Lee Bo Young, whom he met on the set of the SBS drama ‘Save the Last Dance for Me’, he married the actress on September 27, 2013.
  • Jisung’s performance in 2015’s drama ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ brought him massive online popularity and positive review from critics.
  • He has won two Grand Prize Awards from MBC Drama Awards in 2015 and SBS Drama Awards in 2017.
  • He wanted to be a baseball player, but he faced opposition from his father, who was a math teacher.
  • His mother was a tutor.
  • He helped catch hit-and-run suspects in 2002.
  • He became a drill trainer when he was in the army.
  • Besides acting, he also has a lot of interest in directing.
  • He rarely acts in sageuk (historical drama).
  • He often sings in various dramas he appears in.
  • He is an atheist.
  • Jisung is a supporter of the KBO team KIA Tigers.
  • He participated in the Florence International Marathon through tvN’s variety show ‘RUN’ in November 2019, and completed 42.195 km with a record of 4 hours, 9 minutes, and 16 seconds.
  • He also competed in Honolulu Marathon Weekend held in 2021.


‘Whistling Princess’ as Lee Jun Ho (2002)
‘Phantom Master: Dark Hero from the Ruined Empire’ (2004/ Animation, ending narration)
‘Blood Rain’ as Du Ho (2005)
‘Fate’ as Park Yeong Hwan (2008)
‘My PS Partner’ as Lee Hyun Seung (2012)
‘Confession’ as Im Hyun Tae (2014)
‘The Vampire Lives Next Door’ (2015/ Short film)
‘Feng Shui’ as Heungseon Daewongun (2018)

TV Series

‘Marching’ (SBS/ 1998/ Extra role)
‘KAIST’ as Kang Dae Wook (SBS/ 1999)
‘Popcorn’ (SBS/ 2000/ Extra role)
‘I Want to Keep Seeing You’ as Lee Ji Soo (SBS/ 2000)
‘Delicious Proposal’ as Oh Joon Soo (MBC/ 2001)
‘The Rules of Marriage’ as Hwang Won Soo (MBC/ 2001)
‘Open Drama Man & Woman’ as Lee Soo Hyun (SBS/ 2001/ Special appearance)
‘Wonderful Days’ as Jang Seok Jin (SBS/ 2001~2002)
‘Let’s Go’ (SBS/ 2002/ Special appearance)
‘Sunshine Hunting’ as Lee Seung Joon (KBS2/ 2002)
‘All In’ as Choi Jung Won (SBS/ 2002)
‘The King’s Woman’ as Prince Gwanghae (SBS/ 2003~2004)
‘Terms of Endearment’ as Noh Yoon Taek (KBS2/ 2004)
‘Save the Last Dance for Me’ as Kang Hyun Woo (SBS/ 2004)
‘Beating Heart’ as Kim Woo Jin/ Kim Seok Jin (MBC/ 2005/ Guest, episodes 9-10:”Outing”)
‘New Heart’ as Lee Eun Sung (MBC/ 2007)
‘Swallow the Sun’ as Kim Jung Woo (SBS/ 2009)
‘Kim Su Ro, The Iron King’ as Kim Su Ro (MBC/ 2010)
‘Royal Family’ as Han Ji Hoon (MBC/ 2011)
‘Protect the Boss’ as Cha Ji Hun (SBS/ 2011)
‘The Great Seer’ as Mok Ji Sang (SBS/ 2012~2013)
‘Secret Love’ as Jo Min Hyuk (KBS2/ 2013)
‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ as Cha Do Hyun (MBC/ 2015)
‘Entertainer’ as Shin Suk Ho (SBS/ 2016)
‘Innocent Defendant’ as Park Jung Woo (SBS/ 2017)
‘Familiar Wife’ as Cha Joo Hyuk (tvN/ 2018)
‘Doctor John’ as Cha Yo Han/ John Cha (SBS/ 2019)
‘The Devil Judge’ as Kang Yo Han (tvN/ 2021)
‘Adamas’ as Ha Woo Shin/ Song Soo Hyun (tvN/ 2022)

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