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General Information

  • International Title: LINK: Eat, Love, Kill
  • Original Title: 링크 (romanization: Ringkeu)
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Human, Mystery
  • No. of Episode: 16
  • Airing Date: 2022.06.06 ~ 2022.07.26
  • Airing Slot: Monday – Tuesday
  • Broadcasting Channel: tvN
  • International Distributor: Disney+
  • Starring: Yeo Jin Goo, Moon Ga Young
  • Director: Hong Jong Chan
  • Screenwriter: Kwon Gi Young, Kwon Do Hwan
  • Highest Rating: TBA
  • Awards: N/A


A sous chef Eun Gye Hoon (Yeo Jin Goo) had a twin sister that went missing when he was a child. He used to have this special ability called “link”, which was an ability to feel his twin sister’s emotions. Twenty years after his sister went missing, he began experiencing the same phenomenon. He can now feel No Da Hyun’s (Moon Ga Young) feelings.


link eat love kill cast yeo jin goo

Character: Eun Gye Hoon
Portrayed by: Yeo Jin Goo
Yeo Jin Goo’s notable works: Moon that Embraces the Sun (MBC/ 2012), The Crowned Clown (tvN/ 2019), Hotel Del Luna (tvN/ 2019), Beyond Evil (tvN/ 2021)

link eat love kill cast moon ga young

Character: Noh Da Hyun
Portrayed by: Moon Ga Young
Moon Ga Young’s notable works: EXO Next Door (NaverTV/ 2014),

Extended Cast

Park Bo Kyung as Jang Mi Sook (Gye Hoon’s mother)
Kwon Hyuk as Eun Cheol Ho (Gye Hoon’s father)
Ahn Se Bin as Eun Gye Young (Gye Hoon’s fraternal twin sister who went missing when she was 10)
Woo Mi Hwa as Jang Mi Seon (Gye Hoon’s aunt)
Kim Ji Young as Hong Bok Hee (Da Hyun’s mother, Chun Ok Hot Pot Restaurant owner)
Ye Su Heong as Na Chun Ok (Da Hyun’s maternal grandmother)
Song Deok ho as Ji Won Tak (Police officer and Hwang Min jo’s ex-boyfriend)
Lee Bom Sori as Hwang Min Jo (Sergeant and Ji Won Tak’s ex-girlfirend)
Kim Chan Hyung as Ahn Jung Ho (Inspector at Jihwa Police Substation)
Yoo Sung Joo as Seo Young Hwan (Chief at Jihwa Police Substation)
Yoo Dong Hoon as Bong Soon Kyung (Police officer at Jihwa Police Substation)
Lee Suk Hyeong as Cha Jin Ho (Gye Hoon’s junior chef)
Lee Bom as Lee Eun Jeong (New employee at Jihwayang)
Yoo Jung Ho as Kim Min Cheol (Taxi driver and Park Seon Hwa’s husband)
Park Ji Ah as Park Seon Hwa (Kim Min Cheol’s wife)
Kim Hyun as Jo Jae Sook (Aerobics instructor and Go Chang soo’s Wife)
Choi Jae Seop as Go Chang Soo (Jo Jae Sook’s husband who runs an adult game room in Jihwa-dong)
Lee Gyu Hoe as Han Eui Chan (Eun Gye Young’s piano tutor who became a suspect in her disappearance years ago)
Shin Jae Hwi as Lee Jin Geun (Da Hyun’s stalker)

Cameo & Special Appearance

Kim Won Hae (episode 1)

Character Relationship Chart

link eat love kill character relationship chart

Original Soundtrack

‘Your River in Me’ by O3ohn
‘Saying Hello’ by Minnie of (G)I-DLE
‘Swing’ by Kimmuseum
‘Pit a Pat’ by Seungkwan of SEVENTEEN
‘Unknown World’ by Janet Suhh
‘You I’ve Missed’ by Janet Suhh

Trailer Videos

Awards & Nominations



  • The two leads are both former child actors.
  • The two first acted together in ‘Princess Ja Myung’ and ‘The Reputable Family’ in 2009 and 2010.
  • Both Moon Ga Young and Yeo Jin Goo are ENTJ.

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