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Ong Seong Wu (Ong Seong Woo)

Wanna One’s Member and Actor Ong Seong Wu Profile, Drama, Facts, and TMI

Ong Seong Wu from Wanna One to Rising Actor

Ong Seong Woo Profile

  • Birth Name: 옹성우 (Ong Seong Wu)
  • Stage Name: Ong Seong Woo/ Ong Seong Wu
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1995.08.25
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Chinese Zodiac: Pig
  • Height: 179 cm (5’8)
  • Weight: 63 kg (138.8 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Agency: Fantagio
  • Personal Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Fancafe, VLive, Weibo

Ong Seong Woo Facts & TMI

  • Ong Seong Wu is from Incheon. He lived in Incheon until graduating from middle school.
  • His family consists of mother, father, and an older sister Ong Seong Eun (born 1992).
  • He is a Christian.
  • Ong Seong Wu made his official debut as a member of Wanna One.
  • His official position in the group was lead vocalist and lead dancer.
  • After completing group activities with Wanna One in January 2019, he continues his career as a soloist and actor.
  • He has a very rare surname. There are less than 1000 South Korean citizens with “Ong” surname.
  • Ever since the first broadcast of ‘Produce 101 Season 2’, he became one of the most popular contestants in the show, and ranked 5th on the final night.
  • He possesses a sculptured-like face that earned him a “visual member” title in the group.
  • During his middle school days, he joined the school band as the drummer and won a band competition. He was scouted by an entertainment agency called Lion Media at the competition.
  • He continued his study in Contemporary Dance Department Hanlim Arts High School.
  • He was classmate with VICTON’s Heochan for 3 years straight.
  • He was school senior to ONF’s Wyatt, ASTRO’s JinJin, PENTAGON’s Kino, GOT7’s Yugyeom, and UNIQ & X1’s Cho Seungyoun (WOODZ).
  • In 2014, he enrolled in Dong Seoul University’s Acting and Arts Department majoring in Acting and Dance.
  • While attending college, Ong Seong Wu built his acting experience by appearing in theater stages, musicals, and short films.
  • Prior to his official debut, he has been active as a member of Winners Dance School and 20th Century B-Boys dance team.
  • He also worked various part-time jobs such as online shopping mall model, hair model, glasses model, ads extras, and cafe waiter.
  • He auditioned as an actor trainee at Fantagio in August 2016, where he eventually passed the audition.
  • Ong Seong Wu is quick-witted and funny on variety shows.
  • He has different images on and off-stage. On stage, he is full of charisma, but off-stage he is very goofy.
  • He was the mood maker in Wanna One.
  • He is quite a perfectionist.
  • His solo fandom is called WELO (We Eternally Love Ong Seong Wu).
  • He lived in the same neighborhood as former X1 member Lee Hangyul. The two lived in Guwol-dong, Incheon, and graduated from the same middle school (Guwol Middle School).
  • Ong Seong Wu belongs to Okcheon Ong Clan.
  • His clothing measurement is 100~105 for tops, 30 for bottoms, and 265 mm for shoes.
  • His hobbies are dancing, traveling, photography, and go for a drive.
  • His special talents are playing drums and popping.
  • His motto is “Let’s live attractively”.
  • Ong Seong Wu’s MBTI personality type is ENFP.
  • His eyesight: 2.0 for the right eye and 1.5 for the left eye.
  • Ong Seong Wu is the only celebrity with “Ong” surname.
  • His jersey number during Wanna One World Tour [ONE: THE WORLD] IN SEOUL was 78.
  • When he was a child, he raised a Schnauzer puppy called ChouChou.
  • Ong Seong Wu can also play the guitar.
  • He changed his signature twice.
  • He’s good at voice impersonation, from movie characters to animals.
  • He owns a driving license and is good at driving.
  • He’s good at hairstyling.
  • Ong Seong Wu was one of Wanna One members who was especially good at taking selfies.
  • He has a habit of using an item that he likes for a long time.
  • Ong Seong Wu is particularly popular among male fans/ general public.
  • He loves eating, he claimed to have kids’ taste buds.
  • Among his favorite foods are sundaeguk and Neoguri ramyun.
  • When asked about which Hogwarts house he possibly placed, he answered Gryffindor.
  • The superhero character that he wants to become is Doctor Strange.
  • He confessed that he’s not good at sports, especially ball sports.
  • He’s not good at playing mobile/ video games.
  • According to Wanna One members, he has weak stamina. He was also nicknamed “the king of destruction” because he easily broke things in their dorm.
  • Wanna One’s dorms was divided into 2 different apartments located in 9th and 11th floor. He lived in the 11th floor with the younger members, thus he became the eldest in the house. His roommate was Kang Daniel.
  • He learned hapkido when he was young.
  • Kim Nam Joo of Apink nominated Ong Seong Wu for her Ice Bucket Challenge.
  • He released his first solo mini-album ‘Layers’ on March 25th, 2020.
  • He has tons of nicknames: ONG, BabyOng, Prince Ong, Youthful Ong, OngVid (Ong Seong Wu + David), OngSweet, OngBrain, SuperNiceGentle, etc.
  • Many domestic fans that he kinda resembles actor Kim Moo Yeol.
  • He prefers “Ong Seong Wu” spelling over “Ong Seong Woo” with double “O”.


‘Seong Wu Is Alright’ as Seong Wu (2017/ Short film)
‘Life Is Beautiful’ as Jung Woo (2021)
‘Jung’s Ranch’ as Kang Jung Hoon (TBA)
‘Seoul Vibe’ as Jun Gi (TBA/ Netflix Film)

TV Series

‘At Eighteen’ as Choi Jun Woo (JTBC/ 2019)
‘More Than Friends as Lee Soo (JTBC/ 2020)

Web Series

‘Idol Fever’ as Himself (Naver TV Cast/ 2017/ Cameo, episode 1–2)
‘Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?’ as Kang Go Bi (KakaoTV/ 2021)

Hosting & Variety Show

Produce 101 Season 2′ (Mnet/ 2017/ Contestant)
‘Master Key’ (SBS/ 2017/Cast member with Kang Daniel)
‘Living Together in Empty Room’ (MBC TV/ 2018/ with Kang Daniel and Kim Jae Hwan)
‘Show! Music Core’ (MBC/ 2018/ Co-host with Kang Mina and Mark Lee)
‘Law of the Jungle Sabah’ (SBS/ 2018/ Cast member with Ha Sung Woon)
‘Traveler (season 2)’ (JTBC/ 2020/ Cast member with Ahn Jae Hong and Kang Ha Neul)


‘Layers’ (2020)


We Belong‘ (2020)
Gravity‘ (2020)


‘Heart Sign’ (2019)
‘Our Story’ (2019/ At Eighteen OST)
‘Late Regret’ (2020/ More Than Friends OST)
‘Didn’t Say Anything ft. Baek Ji Young’ (2020)

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