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Aespa Winter Profile, Facts, and TMI

Winter Profile

  • Birth Name: 김민정 (Kim Minjung)
  • Stage Name: Winter
  • Nationality: South korean
  • Date of Birth: 2001.01.01
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
  • Height: 165 cm (5’4”)
  • Weight: N/A
  • Blood Type: A
  • Personal Social Media: N/A

Winter Facts & TMI

  • Winter was born in Busan and grew up in Yangsan.
  • Her family consists of mother, father, and an older brother (born 1999).
  • Winter is the lead vocalist, dancer, and visual of the group.
  • She dropped out of Yangsan Girls High School and took High School GED.
  • In 2021 Winter became a member of SM’s project girl group GOT the Beat.
  • In aespa, her symbol is ⭐ while her “power” is armamenter.
  • Winter is also considered as the main dancer of aespa alongside Karina.
  • Winter is said to be the fastest member to memorize choreography according to the members.
  • She has dimples on her left cheek.
  • Winter is the second tallest member in the group after Karina.
  • She is dubbed as the mood maker of the team.
  • Before aespa’s debut, many misunderstood Winter as a quiet and chic member, turned out she is the biggest jokester in the group.
  • Winter’s nicknames are Mindoongie, Kim Winter, Maltese, Win-Ging, Jjung-ie, Win My Mel (Winter + My Melody), WinDdoPpi, Kim Ottoke, Yeppi, Baby rabbit, etc.
  • A lot of fans think she resembles rabbit ot My Melody (a Sanrio character).
  • She was trained for 4 years.
  • Her symbol color is white.
  • SM decided to use “Winter” as her stage name because she had a clear and clean image. Other names that were nominated for her stage names were Millie, Youngwon, and Moa.
  • She has been aspiring to be an idol since middle school, so she started joining the school dance club.
  • Winter had a lot of family members and relatives who were former soldiers, so she grew up being interested to be a soldier since she was young.
  • Originally, she revealed that her dream before becoming a singer was to become a soldier.
  • She learned fencing for a long time.
  • Her “special skill” is tongue twister.
  • Giselle expected Winter’s first impression to be very calm and quiet, but mentioned in ‘TMI Daejeon’ that it was not.
  • Her favorite animals are desert foxes, Arctic foxes, dogs, cats, Siberian husky, and polar bears.
  • Her favorite colors are ivory, light green, yellow.
  • Winter’s favorite foods are chocolate, snacks, jelly, taro smoothie, bean-soup noodles, lasagna, cake, bread, cookies, milk, LA galbi, sweet and sour pork.
  • Her favorite season is autumn.
  • Her favorite movies are American Sniper and Tenet.
  • She hates snakes.
  • She’s the type that drinks iced Americano even during winter.
  • She likes mint-choco and Hawaiian pizza.
  • Karina praised Winter for her good cooking skills.
  • She can play the guitar.
  • She is using an iPhone 13 Pro Sierra Blue.
  • Because she grew up and resided in Yangsan since she was a child, she can speak in Gyeongsangnam-do dialect.
  • She really loves eating snacks.
  • My favorite Christmas carol song is EXO’s ‘First Snow’.
  • Winter believed in Santa’s existence until he was in kindergarten.
  • She’s quite quick to catch on.
  • Winter mentioned Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation, as a singer that she respects.
  • Winter is an EXO-L. She also mentioned Baekhyun as the singer she wanted to collaborate with.
  • Her role models are Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Harry Styles, and Tori Kelly.
  • She doesn’t really drink often because her face turns red easily when she’s drunk.
  • She shared that the first celebrity she saw in her life was Lee Hong Ki at a concert.
  • Karina saved Winter as Kim Mindong; Giselle saved her as Kim Tofu; while Ning Ning saved her as Jin Dung Tien on their phones.
  • She likes to play bowling.
  • She tends to use body lotion rather than perfume. The body lotion she uses is Victoria Secret’s Amber Romance.
  • She loves seafood.
  • Winter is a baseball fan.
  • She likes taking mirror selfies.
  • Winter confessed that she’s a homebody.
  • Her MBTI personality is ISTP.

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