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LE SSERAFIM (former IZ*ONE) Member Miyawaki Sakura Profile, Facts, and TMI

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Sakura Profile

  • Birth Name: 宮脇咲良 (Miyawaki Sakura)
  • Stage Name: Sakura
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Date of Birth: 1998.03.19
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
  • Height: 163 cm (5’34”)
  • Weight: 42 kg (90.5 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Personal Social Media: Instagram

Sakura Facts & TMI

  • Sakura was a member of HKT48 and IZ*ONE.
  • After the disbandment of IZ*ONE in 2021, Sakura signed an exclusive contract with Source Music and debuted as a member of LE SSERAFIM.
  • Sakura was born in Kagoshima, Japan.
  • Sakura is the eldest member in the group.
  • Her family consists of mother, father, grandmother, and a younger brother (born 2010).
  • Sakura raises a Scottish fold cat called Maru-chan.
  • Sakura ranked first among Japanese contestants in ‘Produce 48’, earning her a place in IZ*ONE’s debut line-up.
  • She confessed that she doesn’t have a lot of Japanese friends because she debuted at an early age.
  • She is very introverted, her MBTI is INTP.
  • Sakura has 4D personality.
  • She is a big K-Pop fan, especially girlgroup Red Velvet.
  • She got into K-Pop after listening to SHINee’s ‘Sherlock’.
  • She is also a fan of many girl groups such as BLACKPINK and TWICE.
  • Her favorite actor is Kim Soo Hyun, while her favorite dramas are ‘Goblin’, ‘Record of Youth’, and ‘Hospital Playlist’.
  • Her childhood dream was to be a doctor.
  • Among Korean dishes, she like Kyochon Chicken Honey Combo and Yukhoe (beef tartare) very much.
  • She doesn’t like mint-choco.
  • She can drink up to two and a half bottles of soju.
  • Her hobby is playing video games, she even won silver medal in PUBG category at ISAC eSport 2020.
  • She also likes reading shonen manga and mystery novels.
  • Her favorite manga is ‘Kingdom’ and ‘My Hero Academia’.
  • She really likes umeboshi.
  • She is bad at sports.
  • Sakura is one of the visual members in LE SSERAFIM.
  • In the first episode of ‘Produce 48’ the other trainees ware stunned by Sakura’s visual.
  • He has very big eyes and very pale skin.
  • She pick ear as her attractive point.
  • She looks good in berets.
  • She named 1965’s movie ‘The Sound of Music’ as her favorite movie.
  • Her favorite color is pink.
  • Her favorite season is spring.
  • She shared that she would be a gamer if she didn’t become an idol.
  • She thinks that she would be placed in Slytherin if she ever went to Hogwarts.
  • She hates pineapple on pizza.
  • Sakura said she resembles her mom more than her father.
  • She was 148cm when she first joining HKT48.
  • She mentioned Girls’ Generation’s Yoona as her role model.
  • Her parents divorced when she was 1 years old and she never met her biological father since then. She finally met someone whom she guessed to be her dad at a fansigning event.
  • Sakura was raised by her grandmother during her childhood.
  • She used both iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones.
  • After ending her activities with HKT48’s, Sakura entered Korea on August 27, 2021, and lived as a trainee at Source Music for about 8 months.
  • She said that she became close to Billie’s Japanese member Tsuki after appearing together at ‘Knowing Bros’.
  • Despite being mostly active in South Korea, Sakura topped various popularity surveys in Japan.
  • She ranked 12th in the 2020 Nikkei Entertainment Female Idol Power Ranking (Individual Category).
  • Among her nicknames are Kkura, Cat, Sak, Kim Kura, Miyawaki-san, Saku-chan, Kim Cat, Cherryblossom, Sakuromi, etc.

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