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ITZY Ryujin Profile, Facts, and TMI

ITZY Shin Ryujin Profile Facts TMI

Ryujin Profile

  • Birth Name: 신류진 (Shin Ryujin)
  • Stage Name: Ryujin
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 2001.04.17
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Chinese Zodiac: Snake
  • Height: 164 cm (5’38”)
  • Weight: N/A
  • Blood Type: B
  • Personal Social Media: N/A

Ryujin Facts & TMI

  • Ryujin is the main rapper, lead dancer, and sub vocalist of ITZY.
  • She was born in Chuncheon but grew up in Seoul.
  • Her family consists of mother, father (both born in 1970), and an elder brother (born 1998).
  • She has two cats called Byul-i and Dal-i.
  • Ryujin graduated from the contemporary dance department at Hanlim Arts School.
  • Shin Ryujin is a Christian.
  • Before making her debut as an ITZY member, she appeared in idol survival shows ‘Stray Kids’ and ‘MixNine’.
  • She also appeared in BTS LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel as J-Hope and Jimin’s partners.
  • Ryujin also made a cameo appearance in the movie ‘The King’ as student victim Jimin.
  • She competed in YG Entertainment-produced survival show ‘MixNine’ where she showed her amazing dancing skills.
  • Throughout the airing of ‘MixNine’, she remained the undisputed No. 1 in the female trainee division.
  • She is often in charge of being the center of the group.
  • As a lead dancer, she is a member of the dancer line in ITZY.
  • Dance crew Lachica mentioned Ryujin as the best idol dancer.
  • Ryujin’s MBTI personality is INTJ.
  • According to people around her, she is kind, considerate, and friendly.
  • She unexpectedly has a lot of aegyo.
  • Despite looking tough, Ryujin is a soft-hearted person.
  • Ryujin and Yuna are considered the visual members of the group.
  • Many fans think that she resembles actress Han So Hee, Kim Ji Eun, Son Naeun, and labelmate TWICE’s Jeongyeon.
  • Her dimples can be seen when she is smiling.
  • With her girl crush persona, she has attracted a lot of female fans for the group.
  • She loves jokingly boasting about herself.
  • Ryujin went to the GOT7 fan meeting when she was in middle school and was casted because she caught the eye of JYP Entertainment staff at the event. After that, she went through the second official audition and became a JYP trainee.
  • Because of this, Ryujin is nicknamed ‘IGOT7 Younger Sister’ and is receiving a lot of support from the fandom.
  • She appeared in the first episode of Mnet survival program ‘Stray Kids’ as a member of the female team.
  • She transferred from Gyeonggi Girls’ High School to the practical dance department of Hanlim Arts School.
  • Before she transferred school, she was a very calm student and her friends at school didn’t recognize that she was a trainee.
  • She has indian dimples.
  • Ryujin’s favorite things: Christmas, snow, star, moon, and night.
  • Her favorite foods are cereals, spicy foods, mocha bread, red bean, walnut cookies, beef, sashimi, sweet potato, and pizza.
  • She can’t eat sweet food.
  • Her hobbies are watching TV, reading webtoon, and watching variety shows as well as dramas.
  • She mentioned ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower‘ as one of her favorite movies.
  • Her favorite colors are blue and green.
  • She gets afraid easily.
  • Ryujin once won first place in the long jump at school.
  • She loves playing the Solitaire game.
  • Since her debut, she has maintained short hair until now.
  • She said that if she were to be reborn as an animal, she wants to be reborn as a tiger.
  • Among ITZY members, she is an ace in terms of playing games.
  • She is using an iPhone 12 Pro Graphite.
  • Shin Ryujin is an avid viewer of the drama ‘Hospital Playlist‘.
  • Her mom had a conception dream of a pretty pearl when she was pregnant with Ryujin.
  • Both of her parents are oriental medicine doctors. His father is said to be the director of a famous Korean medicine clinic in Gangnam.
  • She obtained a driver’s license in order to shoot the car chase scene in the ‘Not Shy‘ music video.
  • She drives a Mini Cooper F56.
  • Ryujin is very good at impersonating the character Ha Eun Byul in the drama ‘Penthouse’.
  • She is the best English speaker in the group after Lia.
  • According to teammate Yuna, she was a smart student.
  • She was classmates with cignature member Chloe during the 3rd grade of elementary school.
  • She has relatively big hands (18.5 cm).
  • Among her nicknames are Ryuttaeng, RyuSoong-ie, RyuSe (Ryujin + Heose or written as ‘허세’ that means boastful), Ryu Make Me, Jokester, GodRyujin, Goddess Ryujin, Girl Crush, Smartie, etc.

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