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ITZY Yuna Profile, Facts, and TMI

ITZY Yuna Profile

Yuna Profile

  • Birth Name: 신유나 (Shin Yuna)
  • Stage Name: Yuna
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 2003.12.09
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Chinese Zodiac: Sheep
  • Height: 170 cm (5’57”)
  • Weight: 46.8 kg (103.1 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Personal Social Media: N/A

Yuna Facts & TMI

  • Yuna is the maknae, sub vocalist, and lead rapper of ITZY.
  • She was born in Wonju, and grew up in Suwon
  • Her family consists of mother (born 1971), father Shin Yeong Sub (born 1971), and an elder sister (born 1999).
  • Her family is raising a cat called Sarang.
  • She is currently attending Hanlim Arts School (Contemporary Dance Department).
  • Her elder sister who is a fan of BTOB took Yuna to KBS Gayo Dachukje 2015 to watch BTOB. At the festival hall, a high-ranking JYP official saw Yuna and invited her for an audition at JYP.
  • She was accompanied by her mom for her audition at JYP, she was accepted at the agency after passing the second round of audition.
  • She was active as a floorball athlete between 5th grade of elementary school to 2nd grade of middle school.
  • Yuna appeared in BTS LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel as Jungkok’s partner.
  • She confessed that she was surprised when she heard that she will be joining ITZY. At that time, Yuna felt that her skills were still insufficient compared to the other members, so she thought, “Can I already join the debut group?”.
  • She doesn’t like honey.
  • Her favorite food is pizza.
  • She’s not a picky eater.
  • Her favorite color is pink.
  • Her favorite emoticon 💝.
  • Yuna loves exercising, especially pilates.
  • She tends to eat sour things well.
  • She loves getting nail art.
  • According to people around Yuna, she is a righteous and affectionate person who cannot stand injustice.
  • She is an ENFP.
  • Yuna is considered the visual in the group alongside Ryujin.
  • She has good body proportions.
  • She is said to resemble actress Jo Bo Ah, Nayeon and Jihyo of TWICE, actress Kim So Hyun, Kwon Na Ra, Kyulkyung, Lee Da Hee, Lee Se Young, Bae Suzy, Park Shin Hye, etc.
  • Despite being the youngest member in the ITZY, Yuna is the tallest member in the group.
  • She has a small scar on her forehead because of an accident when she was a child.
  • She can’t swim.
  • She comes from the same clan as teammate Ryujin, the two aer often nicknamed Shin Sisters.
  • Yuna shares a room with Lia.
  • She confessed that she is a big eater.
  • She often eats out alone.
  • Her hobbies are eating dried plums in the morning and window shopping.
  • Thanks to her iconic red hair during ‘ICY’ promotion, she gets a new nickname Ariel.
  • When she was three years old, her family raised a dog called Noru.
  • She can play the recorder very well.
  • According to her roommate Lia, she frequently talks in her sleep.
  • She likes outdoor activities such as exercising, shopping, and exploring restaurants.
  • Her childhood dream was to be an announcer, not a singer.
  • She calls her parents often.
  • She has habits of touching her ears and sticking out her tongue.
  • As an idol singer, his role model is Yubin of Wonder Girls.
  • I was born on December 9th and have the same birthday as STAYC’s J.
  • She is often referred hersel as ‘Yuna~’ in the third person form.
  • She’s good at playing PUBG mobile.
  • She said that if she were to be born again as an animal, she would like to be born as a cat.
  • She is using an iPhone 12 Pro Graphite.
  • It is said that she was born at 8 a.m.
  • She is friend with An Yujin of IZ*ONE and IVE.
  • Her shoe size is 240 mm.
  • Her motto is “Let’s distinguish between facts and thoughts”.
  • Among her nicknames are Shin Nayu, Ariel, Hussey, SuShin, Energizer, Human Vitamin, Queen Yuna, God Yuna, Human Ariel, Youngest, Barbie, etc.

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