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Oh My Girl Hyojung Profile, Facts, and TMI

Hyojung Profile

  • Birth Name: 최효정 (Choi Hyojung)
  • Stage Name: Hyojung
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1994.07.28
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Chinese Zodiac: Dog
  • Height: 158 cm (5’18”)
  • Weight: N/A
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Personal Social Media: Youtube, Instagram

Hyojung Facts & TMI

  • Hyojung was born in Anyang City, Gyeonggi-do.
  • Her family consists of mother and an older sister (Choi Heejung, born 1993, non-celebrity).
  • She lost her father in 2001 when she was 7 years old.
  • She belongs to the Gyeongju Choi clan (same with Arin).
  • Hyojung is the leader and lead vocalist of Oh My Girl.
  • Hyojung is also a member of Oh My Girl’s sub-unit Oh My Girl Banhana.
  • She graduated from K-POP Department at Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Art (DIMA) in 2019.
  • She is an atheist.
  • She is raising a poodle called KeungKeung-ie.
  • Hyojung is the eldest member of Oh My Girl.
  • She had lived in Thailand until she was 6 years old.
  • Ever since she was young, she likes performing on the stage. She also participated in a lot of singing contests.
  • She loves listening to ballads, especially Baek Jiyoung’s song.
  • She sang Baek Jiyoung’s ‘I Won’t Love’ for a school talent show when she was in middle school.
  • She lost her father when she was young and her mother raised her and her older sister by herself, making her work part-time at daycare centers, being a dance trainer, or waitress to help her mother.
  • She auditioned at many agencies before finally passing the audition at WM Entertainment.
  • 7 months after joining WM Entertainment, she made her official debut as Oh My Girl’s leader and member in April 2015.
  • As the eldest in the group, the other members lean on her a lot.
  • She has enormous love for fans.
  • She received positive reviews for her singing skills through her appearance in the variety show ‘The King of Mask Singer’.
  • She sang several OSTs for dramas such as ‘Sarr’ for drama ‘Queen of Mystery 2’; ‘Sweet Heart’ for drama ‘Clean with Passion for Now’; ‘Mr. Wonder’ for drama ‘Legal High’; ‘Today Like Yesterday’ for the drama ‘Hyena’.
  • She hosted an online radio broadcast in Naver Now called ‘Avengirls’ from January 2020 to January 2021 every Monday at 10 PM.
  • From February 2021 she also hosted an audio show in Naver Now called ‘Agit’ every Monday at 8 PM.
  • Her nicknames are Candy Leader, Jjung, Hyo, Smile Candy (because she always smiles), Choi Leader, Ttirori, Jjung-i Unnie, Funny Person, Queen of Eotteoke Song, Hyonifer, Choi Hyocheol, etc.
  • Her hobbies are bowling, cycling, cooking, and hiking.
  • She has a lot of aegyo.
  • She is the originator of the aegyo song ‘Be Mine Song’ (내꺼해송).
  • Her MBTI personality type is ESFJ.
  • Her favorite colors are light green and yellow.
  • Her favorite season is autumn.
  • Her shoe size is 230 mm.
  • Although she is emotional and cries rather easily, she always hides her tears from the other members.
  • She is very bright and positive.
  • She really loves eating bread.
  • She is really good at speaking.
  • She said in an interview that she wants to guest on the variety show ‘Running Man’ with Arin, in May 17th, 2020, she finally got invited to the show as a guest.
  • She likes to make string bracelets. She also made bracelets for each member.
  • She can play the piano.
  • Her role models are Baek Jiyoung and Lynn.
  • She is said to resemble Go Ara, Son Yejin, Lee Youngah, Hwang Wooseulhye, Red Velvet’s Joy, ZE:A’s Kim Dongjun, and fellow member Jiho.
  • Hyojung along with Mimi are the best cooks in the team.
  • She said that she wants to join the variety show ‘Real Man’.
  • Hyojung, Yooa, and Seunghee went to cheer on Jiho who took her SAT test in 2016.
  • She has a driving license.
  • She is friends with PRISTIN’s Eunwoo, TWICE members especially Nayeon and Jeongyeon, Red Velvet’s Seulgi, WJSN’s Bona, LOVELYZ Mijoo, Dreamcatcher’s Jiu, MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul, APRIL’s Naeun.
  • One of her favorite songs is Yoon Jongshin’s ‘Like It’.
  • She once went to TWICE concerts.
  • She attends the same college department as Wanna One’s Ha Sungwoon.
  • She shared in a radio show that she is working hard on learning Japanese.
  • She really loves talking and sharing stories during Oh My Girl’s variety or radio show guestings.
  • Among Oh My Girl members, she is the first member who made an Instagram account.
  • She loves exercising.
  • She looks almost the same with or without makeup.
  • According to her groupmate, she is rarely seen angry.
  • She is the very first member that moved out from the dorm to love independently.
  • She is using a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra mystic black.

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