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Special Cargo

Special Cargo: Park So Dam, Song Sae Byeok, Kim Eui Sung

special cargo movie cast and synopsis
Source: Next Entertainment World

General Information

  • International Title: Special Cargo
  • Original Title: 특송 (romanization: Teuksong)
  • Genre: Action, Crime
  • Runtime: 108 minutes
  • Released Date: 2022.01.12
  • Production: M Pictures Co., Ltd
  • Distributor: Next Entertainment World
  • Starring: Park So Dam, Song Sae Byeok, Kim Eui Sung
  • Producer: Kim Bong Seo
  • Director: Park Dae Min
  • Writer: Park Dae Min
  • Rating: TBA
  • Awards: N/A


Special Cargo is an action-crime movie following the female delivery driver with 100% success rate. Eun Ha works as special delivery driver who receives any delivery task from her clients as long as it is worth the money. Unfortunately, one day she involves in an unexpected circumstance as she finds a child in her car.

Main Cast

special cargo movie park so dam
Source: Next Entertainment World

Character name: Eun Ha
Actress name: Park So Dam
Park So Dam’s notable works: Phantom, Fukuoka, Parasite, The Priests, The Throne, Record of Youth, Cinderella and the Four Knights, Beautiful Mind, etc

song sae byeok movie 2022

Source: Next Entertainment World

Character name: Kyung Pil
Actor name: Song Sae Byeok
Song Sae Byeok’s notable works: Cyrano Agency, The Servant, Mother, Possessed, My Mister, etc

special cargo movie kim eui sung
Source: Next Entertainment World

Character name: President Baek
Actor name: Kim Eui Sung
Kim Eui Sung’s notable works: Alien, Extreme Job, Rampant, 1987: When The Day Comes, Train To Busan, The Priests, Assassination, Taxi Driver, Arthdal Chronicles, Memories of the Alhambra, Mr. Sunshine, W: Two Worlds Apart, etc

Extended Cast

Yeom Hye Ran
Yeon Woo Jin as Doo Shik
Jung Hyun Joon as Seo Won
Oh Ryoong
Heo Dong Won
Baek Do Gyeom as Jung Gil
Han Hyun Min
Shin Soo Oh as Detective Kang
Han Kyu Won as hostage
Kim Seung Hyun as gangster
Yoo Yi Joon

Character Relationship Chart


Music & Original Soundtrack


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Awards & Nominations



  • Special Cargo movie filming began on May 29, 2019 then finished on October 26, 2019
  • It is directed by Park Dae Min who previously directed and wrote the script for historical movie Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River in 2016
  • Special Cargo reunites Park So Dam and child actor Jung Hyun Joon after phenomenal movie Parasite in 2019
  • Special Cargo movie was initially released in 2020 but it was postponed due to pandemic
  • This movie is scheduled to release in cinemas

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