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TWICE Chaeyoung Profile, Facts, and TMI

Chaeyoung Profile

  • Birth Name: 손채영 (Son Chaeyoung)
  • Stage Name: Chaeyoung
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1999.04.23
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit
  • Height: 159 cm (5’2”)
  • Weight: 46 kg (101.4 lbs)
  • Blood Type: B (Rh-)
  • Personal Social Media: N/A

Chaeyoung Facts & TMI

  • Chaeyoung was born and grew up in Seoul (she lived in Gwangju until she was in the first grade of elementary school).
  • Her family consists of mother, father, a younger brother (Son Doyi, born 2000).
  • Chaeyoung is part of Miryang Son’s clan.
  • She is a Catholic.
  • Her baptismal name is Catharina.
  • Her family is raising puppies named Logan and Narally.
  • Her position in the group is main rapper and sub vocalist.
  • Chayoung’s official color is red (#e62722).
  • When she was in the sixth grade of elementary school in 2011, she learned to dance at a dance academy and got an audition offer from JYP in 2012.
  • She passed JYP audition and began her trainee life on June 6, 2012.
  • After three years of training, she participated in the reality program ‘SIXTEEN’.
  • She nicknamed herself TWICE’s Little Rapper.
  • She has a mole below her lower lips.
  • She came from the same neighborhood as Nayeon.
  • She is roommates with TWICE maknae line Dahyun and Tzuyu.
  • She made several variety show appearances such as in ‘Sugarman’, ‘Idol Star Athletic Championship’, ‘Vocal War: God’s Voice’, ‘Kings of Masked Singer’, ‘Hit The Stage’, ‘Oppa Thinking’, ‘Battle Trip’, 
  • Chaeyoung became a special MC for ‘MCountdown’ for several episodes.
  • She hosted ‘Suwon K-Pop Super Concert 2016’ with Momo.
  • She had a collaboration stage in ‘2018 SBS Gayo Daejun’ with groupmate Momo and Tzuyu, and Irene, Seulgi, Joy of Red Velvet.
  • She is good at drawing.
  • Her hobbies are reading poems and books, listening to songs, drawing, writing lyrics, shopping, watching movies and dramas, writing poems, nail art, learning to play the piano, and composing songs.
  • Her special skill is drawing and running.
  • Her nicknames are Chaeng, Strawberry Princess, ChaengCasso, No Fun Sister, Simba, Chaeng Jungmin, Pikachu, Leo, Chaeyoo, etc.
  • She’s a fan of Justin Bieber.
  • Her favorite song is Taeyeon’s ‘If’.
  • She likes playing basketball.
  • She has the shortest height among TWICE members (alongside Dahyun).
  • When asked, “Who do you want to live as if you had to live as a member for just one day?” She chose Jeongyeon because she wants to have a tall height and try short cuts.
  • The food she hates is beans.
  • Her life’s motto is ‘Let’s enjoy!!!’
  • She is an INFP.
  • Her shoe size is 235 mm.
  • She has been friends with Cosmic Girls’ Yeoreum since elementary school, and quite close to BLACKPINK’s Rose who has the same name as her.
  • She mentioned that she wants to learn to play the piano and guitar.
  • She is a fan of actor Gong Yoo.
  • She started wearing braces and removed her snaggletooth.
  • She said that she’s good at swimming.
  • Her favorite food is sushi, especially baked salmon and anago sushi.
  • She’s currently into camera film recently, she’s been using Leica Minilux.
  • She thinks that TT is the best TWICE’s title track.
  • She likes rainy weather.
  • She has the same birthday as actors Jo Byungkyu, Song Kang, and NCT Jeno.
  • She is using Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia.
  • She was a fan of the drama ‘The Suspicious Partner’.
  • Chayeoung always does abs exercise before going to bed.
  • When she was a trainee, she was scared of Jeongyeon.
  • Chaeyoung thinks that Jeongyeon was the prettiest among the trainees.
  • When she puts on makeup, she doesn’t put on lip gloss.
  • She chose dimples as her attractive point.
  • She likes melon bread a lot.
  • She mentioned ‘Breezy’ by Wouter Hamel as her favorite song.
  • She said she relieves stress by drawing.
  • Her motto is “Kind, But not Soft”.
  • She is a fan of the band Hyukoh.
  • Her favorite song of TWICE is ‘Look At Me’.
  • According to the members, Chaeyoung is the most laid-back member in TWICE.
  • Tzuyu picked Chaeyoung as the most confident member among TWICE.
  • She was asked if she were to do unit activities, she wants to form a unit with Nayeon and Dahyun because they would make a good rap unit.
  • Nayeon chose Chaeyoung as the member who will likely get married the fastest among TWICE members.
  • She uses ‘Mystery of Love’ the OST for ”Call Me By Your Name’ for her morning alarm tone.
  • She chose ‘Strawberry Princess’ as her favorite nickname.

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