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HOONY (Lee Seunghoon)

WINNER HOONY (Lee Seunghoon) Profile, Facts, and TMI

HOONY (Lee Seunghoon) Profile

  • Birth Name: 이승훈 (Lee Seunghoon)
  • Stage Name: HOONY
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1992.01.11
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Chinese Zodiac: Sheep
  • Height: 185 cm (6’00”)
  • Weight: 67 kg (147.7 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Personal Social Media: Twitter, Instagram, Weibo

HOONY (Lee Seunghoon) Facts & TMI

  • Hoony was born and grew up in Busan.
  • His family consists of mother, father, and two older sisters.
  • Hoony is raising two puppies named Otto and Ihi.
  • Hoony is the main dancer, lead rapper, and sub vocalist in WINNER.
  • He graduated from Keumjeong High School, Busan.
  • Prior to his debut as a WINNER member, he competed in ‘SBS K-Pop Star’.
  • When he was still residing in Busan, he joined a dance crew and won many prizes in local competitions.
  • He later appeared in ‘SBS K-Pop Star’ and made it to the top four thanks to his creative choreography. 
  • After competing in ‘SBS K-Pop Star’, he joined YG Entertainment.
  • YG is a place he has always wanted to come to since he was a high school student.
  • He had to participate in another survival program ‘WIN: Who is Next’ and was placed in Team A.
  • Entering the company for his dance, Seunghoon learned rapping for the first time after joining YG Entertainment.
  • Aside from rapping, Hoony has been in charge of WINNER’s performance since ‘WIN: Who is Next’, he also produced choreography for songs such as ‘Empty’, ‘Don’t Flirt’, ‘Different’, and ‘FOOL’.
  • He also wrote his own rap lyrics in WINNER songs.
  • Hoony composed the songs ‘SPECIAL NIGHT’ and ‘RAINING’ from WINNER’s second full-length studio album ‘EVERYD4Y’. As of January 2021, he composed a total of 4 songs for WINNER and a song for Sechskies titled ‘Back Hug’.
  • He guest-starred in variety shows such as ‘Strong Heart’, ‘Baek Jong-won’s Top 3 Chef King’, ‘Fantastic Duo Season 2’, ‘King of Masked Singer’ (as a panelist with Jinu), ‘Law of The Jungle’, ‘Radio Star’, ‘Idol Room’, ‘Problematic Men’, ‘Running Man’, ‘Dogs are Incredible’, etc.
  • Fans nicknamed Hoony as WINNER’s Deputy General Manager because he often came up with many ideas and participated in the group’s album planning.
  • Hoony’s other nicknames are Seri, Ppusani, Hip-hop Baby Lion, Survival Expert, Aru (a nickname given by his name), Ditto (a Pokemon character), Deputy Manager Lee, Human Burberry, etc.
  • Seunghoon is the tallest member in WINNER.
  • Hoony and  Mino are known as the mood makers within the group.
  • Many fans think that Hoony is the best when it comes to fan service.
  • He is a straightforward person, he also has a witty personality and has a good sense of entertainment.
  • He has the best fashion sense among WINNER members.
  • According to Song Minho, Seunghoon saved him and Seungyoon from being harassed by gang members in LA.
  • He is very sociable.
  • Hoony is very good at doing acrostic poems.
  • Golden Child members are known to be big fans of WINNER.
  • Hoony is a close friend of rapper EK.
  • On April 16, 2020, Hoony joined Nonsan Training Center and will serve as a social service worker for his military duty and will be discharged on January 14, 2022.

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