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Hyun Bin

Actor Hyun Bin Profile, Facts, and TMI

Hyun Bin Profile

  • Birth Name: 김태평 (Kim Taepyung)
  • Stage Name: 현빈 (Hyun Bin)
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1982.09.25
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Chinese Zodiac: Dog
  • Height: 185 cm (6’06”)
  • Weight: 74 kg
  • Blood Type: B
  • Agency: Vast Entertainment
  • Personal Social Media: Weibo

Hyun Bin Facts & TMI

  • Hyun Bin was born in Seoul as Kim Taepyung.
  • His family consists of mother, father, and an older brother.
  • Hyun Bin debuted in 2003 through the KBS drama ‘Bodyguard’.
  • He first getting public’s attention after getting the main role in MBC sitcom ‘Nonstop 4’.
  • He became a household name after portraying Hyun Jinheon in the 2005 hit drama ‘My Lovely Samsoon’, the drama achieved the highest viewership rating of 50.2% and creating the Samshik Syndrom all over the nation (Samshik is his character’s nickname in the drama).
  • Five years later, in 2010, he starred in another popular drama ‘Secret Garden’ alongside Ha Jiwon.
  • Right after completing the shooting for ‘Secret Garden’, he began his military duty in the navy forces from March 7th, 2011 to December 6, 2012.
  • In 2019~2020 he recorded another success with tvN’s ‘Crash Landing on You’, portraying a North Korean soldier Ri Junghyuk.
  • He graduated from the Acting Department, Chung Ang University in 2009.
  • He is currently taking a master’s degree in Video and Performance at Chung Ang University.
  • He was in public relationship with actor Song Hyekyo from 2009 to 2011.
  • In 2016, it was confirmed that Hyun Bin and Kang Sora are dating. The two ended their relationship in 2017.
  • After starring in two different projects together —movie ‘Negotiation’ and drama ‘Crash Landing on You’, Hyun Bin was rumored to be in a romantic relationship with actress Son Yejin. In 2020, the two officially confirmed that they are indeed dating.
  • Before becoming a successful actor, he almost became the vocalist for the band Buzz.
  • He loves exercising.
  • Ever since his school days, he was famous for being a good-looking student.
  • He is often paired with older actresses in most of his dramas.
  • In 2011, ‘Secret Garden’ OST titled ‘That Man’ sung by Hyun Bin became a hit in South Korea, even entering the number one spot nomination in KBS ‘Music Bank’.
  • In 2016 he joined VAST Entertainment, an agency founded by his long-time acting mentor Kang Geontaek.
  • He learned piano when he was a child.
  • He learned swimming for 10 years when he was 6, with a goal to join the police academy.
  • He is a close acquaintance to actor Jang Donggun.
  • Hyun Bin was a member of a celebrity baseball team called ‘Playboys’ alongside Jang Donggun, Jung Woosung, Hwang Jungmin, Ji Jinhee, Park Seojoon, etc.
  • As revealed by actress Ha Jiwon, the two became close friends after their appearance in ‘Secret Garden’.
  • His hobbies are swimming, golf, basketball, baseball, snowboarding, and photography.
  • He solidified his Hallyu actor status after ‘Crash Landing on You’ became a hit all over Asia, especially in China and Japan.
  • In February 2022, Hyun Bin announced that he will tie the knot with actress Son Ye Jin in March 2022 in a private ceremony with close friends and family.


‘Spin Kick’ as Lee Mingyu (2004)
‘Daddy Long Legs’ as Hyungjoon (2005)
‘A Millionaire’s First Love’ as Kang Jaekyung (2006)
‘I Am Happy’ as Jo Mansoo (2009)
‘Late Autumn’ as Hoon (2009)
‘Come Rain, Come Shine’ as Hwang Jiseok (2011)
‘The Fatal Encounter’ as King Jeongjo (2014)
‘Confidential Assignment’ as Im Cheolryung (2017)
‘The Swindlers’ as Hwang Jisung (2017)
‘The Negotiation’ as Min Taegu (2018)
‘Rampant’ as Lee Chung (2018)
‘The Point Men’ as Daesik (2021)
‘Confidential Assignment 2’ as Im Cheolryung (TBA)

Television Series

‘Bodyguard’ as Stalker (KBS2/ 2003)
‘Nonstop 4’ as Himself (MBC/ 2004)
‘Ireland’ as Kang Gook (MBC/ 2004)
‘My Lovely Sam Soon’ as Hyun Jinheon (MBC/ 2005)
‘Nonstop 5’ as Himself (MBC/ 2005/ Cameo)
‘The Snow Queen’ as Han Taewoong/ Han Deukgu (KBS2/ 2006-2007)
‘Worlds Within’ as Jung Jioh (KBS2/ 2009)
‘Friend, Our Legend’ as Han Dongsoo (MBC/ 2009)
‘Secret Garden’ as Kim Joowon (SBS/ 2010-2011)
‘Tears of Africa’ as Narrator (2011/ Documentary Film)
‘Tears of the Earth – from the North Pole to the South Pole’ (2012/ Documentary Film)
‘Hyde Jekyll, Me’ as Gu Seojin/ Robin (SBS/ 2015)
‘Memories of the Alhambra’ as Yoo Jinwoo (tvN/ 2018-2019)
‘Crash Landing on You’ as Ri Junghyuk (tvN/ 2019-2020)


‘My Fault’ by Herb (2003)
‘Memory’ by Kim Bumsoo (2005)
‘Hey U’ by Lemon Tree (2005)
‘Reply’ by Kim Dongryul (2018)


‘Dream in My Heart’ (2010)
‘Can’t Have You’ – Friend, Our Legend OST (2011)
‘That Man’ – Secret Garden OST (2011)

Variety Show

‘Live Talk Show Taxi’ (tvN/ 2011/ as Guest)

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