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Ji Changwook (Ji Chang Wook)

Actor Ji Changwook Profile, Facts, and TMI

Ji Changwook Profile

  • Birth Name: 지창욱 (Ji Changwook)
  • Stage Name: Ji Chang Wook
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1987.07.05
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit
  • Height: 178 cm (5’8”)
  • Weight: 65 kg (143.3 lbs)
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Agency: Glorious Entertainment
  • Personal Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Fancafe

Ji Changwook Facts & TMI

  • Ji Changwook was born in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do.
  • He was raised as an only son by a single mother.
  • His father passed away when he was very young.
  • He is a Buddhist.
  • He belongs to Chungju Ji clan.
  • He officially debuted in 2008 through the independent movie ‘Sleeping Beauty’.
  • He got his first lead role as Donghae/ Carl Laker in 2010 KBS daily drama ‘Smile Again’.
  • He has been receiving good reviews for his acting ever since his debut.
  • He became a Hallyu star after starring in internationally popular dramas such as ‘Healer’, ‘The K2’, and ‘Suspicious Partner’.
  • The character Yoo Inha in the drama ‘Five Fingers’ is the only antagonist character he ever portrays throughout his career.
  • Ji Changwook made his military enlistment on August 14, 2017 and was discharged on April 27, 2019. He enlisted as an active-duty soldier.
  • Because he is also active as a musical actor since 2010, Ji Changwook is also good at singing. He sang several OSTs in the dramas he starred in.
  • He holds a bachelor’s degree in Film and Performing Art Department from Dankook University.
  • Ji Changwook is close with actor Ryu Deokhwan since they were in middle school. One day, Ryu Deokhwan said, “If you’re preparing for an acting career, you should go to an acting academy” which made Ji Changwook realized and started learning acting seriously.
  • He decided to take an acting career in grade 3 of high school.
  • At first, his mother strongly opposed his decision to be an actor. Because of this, Ji Changwook and his mother fought a lot.
  • He shared that until the 2nd year of high school, he was a very “obedient” son, but since the senior year, he started turning into a rebellious student because his mother didn’t agree with the career path he chose.
  • According to Ji Changwook himself, he first dated during the 3rd grade of high school.
  • He was also considered a professional football player career, but his mom was also against this idea.
  • Although he claims that he is not a picky eater, he doesn’t eat carrots.
  • He shared that he gets scared easily that his friends at school called him “Scaredy-cat Wookie” (겁욱이).
  • He revealed that because of his bright skin tone, he had to do tanning for The K2.
  • Drama ‘Suspicious Partner’ became his last project before military enlistment.
  • He thinks that starring in the musical ‘The Days’ became his life’s turning point.
  • He is very close to senior actor Lee Deokhwa whom he met for the first time during ‘Suspicious Partner’ shooting. According to Ji Changwook himself, Lee Deokhwa always takes care of him very well, even went to see him in the army.
  • He is raising a Bedlington Terrier called Kkoma.
  • He is known as one of a few actors who shows enormous love towards fans.
  • He once returned a bag along with a handwritten letter to a fan who lost it.
  • He is a musical enthusiast, as he is frequently spotted at musical venues.
  • Ji Changwook revealed that he has become a fan of Cho Seungwoo since he was young.
  • During the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, he donated 100 million won to the Daegu Branch of Korean Red Cross.
  • In 2021, he suffered from coronavirus during the filming of the drama ‘The Sound of Magic’.


‘Days…’ (2006)
‘Sleeping Beauty’ as Jinseo (2008)
‘The Weird Missing Case of Mr. J’ as Sun Gunman (2009)
‘Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp’ as Sooil (2010)
‘Confession’ (2011/ Short film)
‘How to Use Guys with Secret Tips’ as Hongjun’s brother (2013/ Cameo)
‘The Long Way Home’ as Nation’s armed forces conscription military police (2015/ Cameo)
‘Fabricated City’ as Kwon Yoo (2017)
‘Your Name’ as Taki Tachibana (2017/ Korean dubbing)
‘The Bros’ as Young Choonbae (2017/ Cameo)
‘Restricted Call’ as Jinwoo (2021)

Television Series

‘You Stole My Heart’ as Lee Phillip (KBS2/ 2008)
‘My Too Perfect Sons’ as Song Mipoong (KBS2/ 2009)
‘Hero’ as Park Junhyeong (MBC/ 2019-2010)
‘Smile Again’ as Carl Laker/ Donghae (KBS1/ 2010-2011)
‘Warrior Baek Dongsoo’ as Baek Dongsoo (SBS/ 2011)
‘Bachelor’s Vegetable Store’ as Han Taeyang (Channel A/ 2011-2012)
‘Five Fingers’ as Yoo Inha (SBS/ 2012)
‘Empress Ki’ as Toghon Temür/ Ta Hwan (MBC/ 2013-2014)
‘Healer’ as Seo Jung-hoo/ Park Bongsoo/ Healer (KBS2/ 2014-2015)
‘The Whirlwind Girl 2’ as Chang An (Hunan TV/ 2016/ Chinese drama)
‘The K2’ as Kim Jeha/ K2 (tvN/ 2016)
‘Suspicious Partner’ as Noh Jiwook (SBS/ 2017)
‘Melting Me Softly’ as Ma Dongchan (tvN/ 2019)
Backstreet Rookie‘ as Choi Daehyun (SBS/ 2020)
Lovestruck in the City‘ as Park Jaewon (KakaoTV/ Netflix/ 2020-2021)
The Sound of Magic‘ as Lee Eul (Netflix/ TBA)
‘Mr Right’ as Wang Weian (HBS/ TBA/ Chinese drama)

Web Series

‘Kara: Secret Love’ as Angel No. 2013, Chun Sa Nam (Ep. 9–10: “Have You Ever Had Coffee with an Angel?)
‘First Seven Kisses’ as Himself (NaverTV/ 2016)

Musical Stages

‘Fire and Ice’ (2007)
‘Thrill Me’ as Richard Loeb (2011)
‘The Days’ as Muyoung (2013)
‘Jack the Ripper’ as Daniel (2013)
‘Brothers Were Brave’ as Lee Joobong (2013)
‘The Days’ as Muyoung (2014 & 2016)
‘Shinheung Military Academy Musical’ as Donggyu (2018)


‘Are You Ready’ by Lena Park feat. Dynamic Duo (2007)
‘We Broke Up Today’ by Younha (2009)
‘I Have to Let You Go’ by Young Gun (2010)
‘Cry Cry’ by T-Ara (2011)
‘Lovey-Dovey’ by T-Ara (2012)
‘I Need You’ by K.Will (2012)
‘That’s My Fault’ by Speed (2013)
‘It’s Over’ by Speed (2013)
‘Runaway’ by Kara (2013)


‘Meet-Again Meet Again’ from Warrior Baek Dongsoo OST
‘Oh-Sing-Sing-Men Oh Sing Sing Men’ from Bachelor’s Vegetable Store OST
‘Your Warmth’ from from Bachelor’s Vegetable Store OST
‘Fill Up’ from Five Fingers OST
‘To the Butterfly’ from Empress Ki OST
‘I Will Protect You’ from Healer OST
‘Kissing You’ from First Seven Kisses OST
‘101 Reasons Why I Like You’ from Suspicious Partner OST
‘When Love Passes By’ from Melting Me Softly OST

Variety Show (As Guest)

‘Radio Star’ (MBC/ 2013)
‘Running Man’ (SBS/ 2014)
‘Live Talk Show Taxi’ (tvN/ 2016)
‘We Got Married’ (MBC/ 2016)
‘Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook’ (KBS2/ 2017)
‘The Fishermen and the City’ (Channel A/ 2019)
‘Laborhood on Hire’ (tvN/ 2019)
‘Running Man’ (SBS/ 2020)
‘Knowing Bros’ (JTBC/ 2020)

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