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Kwon Yul (Kwon Yool)

Actor Kwon Yul (Kwon Yool) Profile, Drama, Facts, and TMI

Kwon Yul aka Kwon Yul Drama and Profile

Kwon Yul Profile

  • Birth Name: 권세인 (Kwon Se In)
  • Stage Name: Kwon Yul
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1982.06.29
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Chinese Zodiac: Dog
  • Height: 181 cm (5’93)
  • Weight: N/A
  • Blood Type: B
  • Agency: Saram Entertainment
  • Personal Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Weibo

Kwon Yul Facts & TMI

  • Kwon Yul is an actor under Saram Entertainment.
  • He debuted in 2007 as the second lead male in the drama ‘Mackarel Run’ alongside Lee Min Ho and Moon Chae Won.
  • His family consists of mother, father, and an older brother (born 1979).
  • His aunt Choi Myung Gil is an actress while his uncle Kim Han Gil is an assemblyman.
  • Kwon Yul is a Christian.
  • He began his career in the entertainment industry after graduating from Acting Department, Chung Ang University.
  • He debuted with his birth name Kwon Se In until 2012 when he joined his current agency Saram Entertainment. The agency suggested he use the new stage name “Kwon Yul”.
  • He is often getting roles as second lead male.
  • Kwon Yul started challenging antagonist roles starting from ‘Whisper’ in 2017 and ‘Voice’ series in 2018.
  • He received a Top Excellence Award from Korea Drama Awards 2017 for his role as Kang Jung Il in ‘Whisper’.
  • Before making an official debut, he was active as a theater actor from 2001 to 2002.
  • Kwon Yul is a soccer mania, he is a passionate fan of Liverpool FC.
  • He is best friend with g.o.d member and actor Yoon Kye Sang.
  • He was a schoolmate with g.o.d member Son Ho Young.
  • He is said to resemble Chinese actor Zhang Xincheng.


‘Beastie Boys’ as Ji Hoon (2008)
‘My Dear Desperado’ as Jae Young (2010)
‘Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time’ as Sobangcha impersonator 3 (2012)
‘Pietà’ as Man with guitar (2012)
‘Ingtoogi: The Battle of Internet Trolls’ as Hee Joon (2013)
‘Tabloid Truth’ as Han Jung Soo (2014/ cameo)
‘Godsend’ as So Young’s boyfriend (2014)
‘The Admiral: Roaring Currents’ as Yi Hoe (2014)
‘Miss the Train’ as Yeon Woo (2014)
‘Phantoms of the Archive’ (2014/ Short film/ Segment “Old Film”)
‘Twinkle-Twinkle Pitter-Patter’ (2014/ Short film/ Commentary)
‘Roaring Currents: The Road of the Admiral’ as Narrator (2015/ Documentary film)
‘Elephant in the Room’ as Ji Sub (2016/ Segment “Lucid Dream”)
‘The Hunt’ as Maeng Jun Ho (2016)
‘Moonlight Palace’ as Won (2016/ Voice)
‘Worst Woman’ as Hyun Oh (2016)
‘Anarchist from Colony’ as Lee Seok (2017)
‘A Special Lady Gong Myeong’ (2017/ Cameo)
‘Champion’ as Jin Gi (2018)

TV Series

‘Mackerel Run’ as Baek Heon (SBS/ 2007)
‘Working Mom’ as Park In Seong (SBS/ 2008)
‘King Sejong the Great’ as Shin Suk Ju (KBS1/ 2008)
‘My Fair Lady’ as Jung Sik (KBS2/ 2009)
‘Glad to Love You’ as Dong Hoon (KBS2/ 2010)
‘Lie to Me’ as Park Hoon (SBS/ 2011)
‘Brain’ as Yeo Bong Gu (KBS2/ 2011)
‘What’s Up’ as Director Oh (MBN/ 2012)
‘Just an Ordinary Love Story’ as Han Jae Min (KBS2/ 2012)
‘Monster’ as Cha Eun Oh (JTBC/ 2012)
‘My Daughter Seo Young’ as Man Se, Ho Jung’s blind date (KBS2/ 2012/ Cameo, episode 20)
‘She Is Wow’ as Ji Seong Ki (tvN/ 2013)
‘Angel’s Revenge’ as (KBS2/ 2014) Seo Ji Seok
‘Let’s Eat 2’ as Lee Sang Woo (tvN/ 2015)
‘One More Happy Ending’ as Goo Hae Joon (MBC/ 2016)
‘Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight’ as Joo Hye Seong (tvN/ 2016)
‘Whisper’ as Kang Jung Il (SBS/ 2017)
‘Voice’ as Bang Je Soo (OCN/ 2018–2021/ Supporting role in season 2, cameos in season 3 and 4)
‘Haechi’ as Park Moon Soo (SBS/ 2019)
‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ King Lee Ho (SBS/ 2020/ Cameo, episode 1,4,14)
‘My Unfamiliar Family’ as Yoo Min Woo (tvN/ 2020/ Cameo, episode 13-16)
Dali and Cocky Prince‘ as Jang Tae Jin (KBS2/ 2021)

TV Movies

‘I’m After You’ as Yeom Ki Ho (SBS/ 2015)

Web Series

‘No, Thank You’ as Moon Goo Young (KakaoTV/ SBS Mobidic/ 2020)


‘Camen’ (2001)
‘Our Town’ (2002)
‘A Little Monk’ (2002)
‘West Side Story’ (2002)

Variety Show

‘Yoon Kye Sang’s One Table’ (O’live/ 2012/ Co-host with Yoon Kye Sang)
‘Real Mate in Australia: Kye Sang and Se In in Sydney’ (QTV/ 2012)
‘Movie Star Social Club’ (Olleh TV/ 2013–2014)
‘SNL Korea’ (tvN/ 2015)
‘Do as Talk’ (MBC/ 2016)
‘Running Man’ (SBS/ 2016 & 2019)
‘Radio Star’ (MBC/ 2019/ Special MC)

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