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Park Bo Young (Park Boyoung)

Actress Park Bo Young Profile, Drama, Facts, and TMI

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Park Bo Young Profile

  • Birth Name: 박보영 (Park Bo Young)
  • Stage Name: Park Bo Young
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1990.02.12
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Chinese Zodiac: Horse
  • Height: 158 cm (5’13”)
  • Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs)
  • Blood Type: O
  • Agency: BH Entertainment
  • Personal Social Media: VLive, Instagram, Fancafe

Park Bo Young Facts & TMI

  • Park Bo Young was born in Gwesan, Chungcheongbuk-do.
  • She belongs to Miryang Park clan.
  • She is the second of three. Her older sister was born in 1988 while her younger sister was born in 1995.
  • She graduated in 2015 from Dankook University with a bachelor’s degree in Theater and Film.
  • Park Bo Young got admitted to the university through regular SAT admission with an admission rate of 40:1.
  • She is a Christian.
  • She was brought up strictly because her father was a special military reserve forces sergeant.
  • Park Bo Young spent his childhood in a rural area of Jeungpyeong-gun. Her friends were mostly sons and daughters of military households.
  • She debuted through EBS drama ‘Secret Campus’ in 2006.
  • She rose to popularity after starring in ‘Speedy Scandal’ alongside Cha Tae Hyun in 2008.
  • From her debut in 2006 until now she had portrayed seven high schooler roles.
  • She is coined as one of the rom-com queens in South Korea.
  • She shared that during her school days, she was a very ordinary student who did not stand out.
  • She has been preparing for an acting career since high school.
  • She was the class president during her school days.
  • Currently, she lives in Seoul with her younger sister. Because of her popularity since she was young, her older sister and younger sister also experienced popularity.
  • She participates as a singer by singing OSTs in several dramas or films she starred in.
  • She has a good image and is popular among the general public, Park Bo Young was included as one of South Korea’s favorite actor’s survey conducted by Gallup Korea in 2019.
  • The Korea Film Council included Park Bo Young in Korean Actors 200 Campaign which was selected by comprehensively considering actors’ contributions to the South Korean film industry over the past 10 years. Korean Actors 200 Campaign is a global promotion campaign by the Korea Film Council to introduce 200 actors representing the present and future of Korean films to the global film industry and expand actors’ overseas expansion.
  • Park Bo Young is an actress famous for her good pronunciation.
  • When the movie she starred in is released, she has a particular habit of hiding in the bathroom at the end of the movie screening to listen to the audience’s vivid reactions.
  • Whenever her movie is released, she would visit a movie theater close to my house to look at the audience’s reactions.
  • She has no intention to shoot too revealing scene or bed scene because she is not confident to expose too much skin.
  • On her way to shoot SBS historical drama ‘King and I,’ she suffered a collision and was hospitalized for three days.
  • She filmed her first kiss scene in the drama ‘Oh My Ghost’ 10 years after my debut.
  • She suffered a torn ligament in his right ankle while practicing the action scene before filming ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’.
  • She is a huge fan of Won Bin, singer Park Hyo Shin, singer Ailee, rapper Zion.T, and Tablo of Epik High.
  • The actor whom she respects the most is Kim Hae Sook.
  • She is a supporter of the KBO team Hanwha Eagles.
  • She is friends with Cha Tae Hyun and Jo In Sung.
  • She has two nephews from her older sister.
  • Sometimes she goes farming on a family-owned farm located in the rural area where her parents are staying.
  • She prefers jjajangmyeon over jjampong.
  • Before she became an actress, she wanted to be a literary teacher.
  • She is allergic to eggs.
  • She joined BH Entertainment in 2021.
  • She used a mini homepage and Twitter account until around 2012. She did not use any SNS for a while, but she opened an Instagram account on April 26, 2021.
  • It was revealed that she was steadily donating and volunteering at Seoul Children’s Hospital.
  • She joined numerous donation clubs.
  • She is very tiny, therefore her feet are also tiny (215 mm). She said that because of her small feet, it’s hard for her to get shoe endorsements.
  • She can play the piano. She also learned to play guitar for her appearance in ‘Werewolf Boy’.
  • She has been nicknamed “CJ’s daughter” because she appears in many CJ E&M works such as the movie Werewolf Boy’ and tvN drama ‘Oh My Ghost’.
  • It is said that she once fought with his mother and ran away from home.
  • Her MBTI is ESFP.


‘Equal’ as Kim Da Mi (2005/ Short film)
‘Our School’s E.T.’ as Han Song Yi (2008)
‘The ESP Couple’ as Hyun Jin (2008)
‘Scandal Makers’ as Hwang Jung Nam/ Hwang Jae In (2009)
‘If You Were Me 4’ as Kim Hee Soo (2009/ Segment: Relay)
‘Rio’ as Jewel (2011/ Voice only, Korean dub)
‘Don’t Click’ as Se Hee (2012)
‘A Werewolf Boy’ as Sun Yi/ Eun Joo (2012)
‘Snow Queen’ as Gerda (2013/ Voice only, Korean dub)
‘Hot Young Bloods’ as Park Young Sook (2014)
‘The Silenced’ as Cha Ju Ran/ Shizuko (2015)
‘Collective Invention’ as Ju Jin (2015)
‘You Call It Passion’ as Do Ra Hee (2015)
‘On Your Wedding Day’ as Hwan Seung Hee (2018)
‘Concrete Utopia’ as Myung Hwa (TBA)

TV Series

‘Secret Campus’ as Cha Ah Rang (EBS/ 2006)
‘Witch Yoo Hee’ as young Ma Yoo Hee (SBS/ 2007)
‘Mackerel Run’ as Shim Chung Ah (SBS/ 2007)
‘The King and I’ as young Yoon So Hwa (SBS/ 2007)
‘Jungle Fish’ as Lee Eun Soo (KBS2/ 2008)
‘Strongest Chil Woo’ as Choi Woo Young (KBS2/ 2008/ Cameo)
‘Star’s Lover’ as young Lee Ma Ri (SBS/ 2008/ Cameo)
‘Oh My Ghost’ as Na Bong Sun (tvN/ 2015)
‘Strong Girl Bong Soon’ as Do Bong Soon (JTBC/ 2017)
‘Abyss’ as Go Se Yeon/ Lee Mi Do’ (tvN/ 2019)
‘Doom at Your Service’ as Tak Dong Kyung (tvN/ 2021)
‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’ as Jung Da Eun (Netflix/ TBA)


‘Couldn’t Help It’ by Goo Jung Hyun (2007)
‘Still Pretty Today’ by Fly to the Sky (2007)
‘가슴아 제발’ by Yuri (2008)
‘Between Love and Friendship’ by Park Hye Kyung (2008)
‘Only I Didn’t Know’ by IU (2011)
‘Fiction’ by Beast (2011)
‘That’s My Fault’ by Speed feat. Kang Min Kyung (2013)
‘It’s Over’ by Speed (2013)


‘자유시대’ (Scandal Makers OST/ 2008)
‘My Prince’ (A Werewolf Boy OST/ 2012)
‘Hot Young Bloods’ (Hot Young Bloods OST/ 2014)
‘It’s Over’ by SPEED ft. Park Bo Young (2013)
‘Leave’ (Oh My Ghost OST/ 2015)
‘Listen to Me’ (On Your Wedding Day OST Part 1/ 2018)

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