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Song Joongki (Song Joong Ki)

Actor Song Joongki (Song Joong Ki) Profile, Facts, and TMI

Song Joongki Profile

  • Birth Name: 송중기 (Song Joongki)
  • Stage Name: Song Joongki
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1985.09.19
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Chinese Zodiac: Ox
  • Height: 178 cm (5’83″)
  • Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Agency: History DNC
  • Debut: 2008
  • Personal Social Media: Fancafe, Instagram (managed by agency)

Song Joongki Facts & TMI

  • Song Joongki was born in Daejeon.
  • His family is consists of mother (born 1955), father Song Yonggak (born 1955), an older brother Song Seungki (born 1983), and a younger sister Song Seulki (born 1992).
  • He married high-profile actress Song Hyekyo in 2017 but the two separated 2 years later in 2019.
  • Song Joongki is part of Eunjin Song clan.
  • He debuted in the entertainment industry through the movie ‘A Frozen Flower’ in 2008 as supporting character No Tak.
  • He started getting public’s attention after starring in popular dramas like ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ and ‘Deep Rooted Tree’.
  • He became a fixed member in SBS variety show ‘Running Man’ from 2010 to 2011.
  • In 2012 Song Joongki became a household name after achieving great success in both drama ‘Nice Guy’ and ‘Werewolf Boy’.
  • Song Joongki enlisted in the military as an active-duty soldier from August 8, 2013, to May 26, 2015.
  • As much as his flower boy visual, he is famous for his kind personality and smart image.
  • When he was a child, he was a short-track skater. He even advanced to the national competition representing Daejeon.
  • He quitted skating because of an injury and worries that becoming an athlete can’t support him financially.
  • After quitting skating, he focused on his study. As a result, he was successfully admitted to the prestigious Sungkyunkwan University, majoring in Business Management.
  • He was the vice president of the student body in his high school.
  • He scored 380 out of 400 points for his SAT test.
  • Ever since his college days, he was very famous for his good looks.
  • Before his official debut, he created a buzz on the internet for his appearance as a contestant in KBS quiz program ‘Quiz Korea’ in 2016.
  • Joongki shared that after his appearance in ‘Quiz Korea’, he received many offers including a modelling gig from famous designer Andre Kim as well as casting for an idol group.
  • He revealed that he had actually been interested in becoming an actor since he was in the second grade of high school.
  • He started to focus on preparing for a career in the entertainment industry during the third year of university.
  • He also thought of becoming an anchorman or TV production team before finally entered an acting academy.
  • He began his acting career by joining the actor agency SidusHQ in 2008.
  • He became ‘Music Bank’ MC with Seo Hyorim from August 7, 2020 to November 19, 2010.
  • Song Joongki’s MBTI personality type is ENFJ.
  • He is also very famous for his flawless fair skin.
  • He even published a beauty book titled ‘Handsome Skin Project’.
  • He shared that secret to his flawless skin is by consuming apples and yogurt, as well as applying basic skincare and face packs every day.
  • Since 2011, he regularly donating to various charities and foundations.
  • Song Joongki and Yoo Ahin won the best couple award at KBS Drama Awards 2010 for their performance in ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, the first male-male couple award in KBS history.
  • When he was a member of ‘Running Man’, Song Joongki and Song Jihyo were famous as an on-screen siblings with the nickname Song-Song Couple.
  • He became a real Song-Song couple after marrying actress Song Hyekyo.
  • Before the announcement of their marriage, the two were spotted enjoying holidays in New York and Bali.
  • He never own a personal social media, in 2021 his agency History DNC finally launched an Instagram account for Song Joongki.
  • He said that he is bad at handling gadgets, that’s why he never make any social media.
  • It is speculated that Song Joongki is a Buddhist. In an interview with GQ Korea in 2021 he said that he regularly comes to temples when he needs a peace of mind.
  • He is friends to rapper Reddy, they were friends from the same high school.
  • Song Joongki is a cousin to Hwang Sangho or Samozang, a gamer, Youtuber, and Twitch streamer.
  • He is best friends to Lee Kwangsoo.
  • Song Joongki is also part of “actor gang” with members Jo Insung, Bae Seongwoo, Lim Joohwan, Lee Kwangsoo, Kim Kibang, Kim Woobin, and maknae Do Kyungsoo (EXO’s D.O).
  • He also has close friendship with Cha Taehyun and Park Bogum who were lablemates in Blossom Entertainment; Son Hyeonjoo, Kim Sunah, BoA, and SHINee’s Minho.
  • He is a supporter of baseball club Hanwha Eagles.
  • Although he is nearly perfect, Song Joongki is surprisingly bad at singing and dancing.
  • He loves spicy foods.
  • He was spotted using an iPhone 12 Pro Pacific Blue.
  • His nicknames are Captain Song, Werewolf Boy, Joongkki, etc.
  • He becomes one of the most prominent figures in Hallyu after starring in ‘Descendants of the Sun’ as the drama successfully reached 40% viewership rating. Other Song Joongki’s notable dramas are ‘Nice Guy’ and the most recent one ‘Vincenzo’.
  • After the success of ‘Descendants of the Sun’, a ‘Descendants of the Sun’ theme park was built in Taebaek.
  • He is also a good friend with actor Kim Sungcheol.


‘A Frozen Flower’ as No Tak (2008)
‘Five Senses of Eros’ as Yoo Jaehyuk (2009)
‘The Case of Itaewon Homicide’ as Jo Jongpil (2009)
‘Hearty Paws 2’ as Dongwook (2010)
‘Penny Pinchers’ as Chun Jiwoong (2011)
‘Rio’ as Blu (2011, Korean dubbing)
‘Pengi and Sommi’ as Narrator (2012)
‘The Grand Heist’ as older Junggoon (2012, Cameo)
‘A Werewolf Boy’ as Chulsoo (2012)
‘The Battleship Island’ as Park Mooyoung
‘Space Sweepers’ as Kim Taeho (2021/ Netflix)
‘Bogota’ as Gukhee (TBA)

TV Series

‘Get Karl! Oh Soojung’ as Reporter 2 (SBS/ 2007)
‘Love Racing’ as Younger male (YTN/ 2008)
‘My Precious You’ as Jang Jinho (KBS2/ 2008)
‘Triple’ as Ji Poongho (MBC/ 2009)
‘My Fair Lady’ as Head butler (KBS2/ 2009/ Cameo, episode 1)
‘Will It Snow for Christmas?’ as Han Jiyong (SBS/ 2009)
‘OB & GY’ as Ahn Kyungwoo (SBS/ 2010)
‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ as Gu Yongha (KBS2/ 2010)
‘Deep Rooted Tree’ as Teenage Yi Do (SBS/ 2011/ Episodes 1-4, 6, 8)
‘The Innocent Man’ or ‘Nice Guy’ as Kang Maru (KBS2/ 2012)
‘Descendants of the Sun’ as Yoo Sijin (KBS2/ 2016)
‘The Sound of Your Heart’ as Webtoonist (KBS2/ 2016/ Cameo, episode 1)
‘Man to Man’ as Bank teller (JTBC/ 2017/ Cameo, episode 9)
‘Arthdal Chronicles’ as Eun Seom/ Saya (tvN/ 2019)
‘Vincenzo’ as Vincenzo Cassano/ Park Joohyung (tvN/ 2021)
‘The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate’ as Yoon Hyeonwoo (JTBC/ 2022)


‘Wicked Tongue’ by Tei (2009)
‘Men Are All Like That’ by Kim Jongkook (2012)
‘Happen’ by Heize (2021)


‘Enjoy A Rummy’ – Penny Pinchers OST (2011)
‘The Water is Wide with Gyepi’ – Penny Pinchers OST (2011)
‘Really’ – Nice Guy OST (2012)

Variety Shows

‘Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2’ (KBS2/ 2009~2010/ Cast member, episodes 1, 10-13)
‘Running Man’ (SBS/ 2010~2011/ Fixed cast in episodes 1-41; Guest and cameo in episode 66, 71, 97, 251, 283)
‘I’m Real: Song Joongki’ (QTV/ 2011)
‘Tears of the Antarctic’ (MBC/ 2011~2012/ Documentary narrator)
‘Happy Camp’ (HBS China/ 2016)
‘Running Man China Season 4’ (ZRTG China/ 2016)
‘Chuljang Shib-o Ya Vincenzo Special’ (Youtube/ 2021)


‘Music Bank’ (KBS2/ 2009~2010/ Co-host with Seo Hyorim)
‘2nd Melon Music Awards’ (KBS2/ 2010)
’24th KBS Drama Awards’ (KBS2/ 2010/ Co-host with Choi Soojong and Lee Dahee)
‘Mnet 20’s Choice Awards’ (Mnet/ 2011/ Co-host with Bae Suzy)
‘Dream Concert’ (KBS2/ 2011/ Co-host with Kim Heechul and Goo Hara)
‘Made in U’ (JTBC/ 2012)
’14th Mnet Asian Music Awards’ (Mnet/ 2012)
’19th Mnet Asian Music Awards’ (Mnet/ 2017)
’20th Mnet Asian Music Awards’ (Mnet/ 2018)
’22nd Mnet Asian Music Awards’ (Mnet/ 2020)

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