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Kim Hee Sun (Kim Hee Seon)

Actress Kim Hee Sun (Kim Hee Seon) Profile, Drama, Facts, and TMI

actress kim hee sun profile drama facts tmi

Kim Hee Sun Profile

  • Birth Name: 김희선 (Kim Hee Sun)
  • Stage Name: Kim Hee Sun
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1977.06.11
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Chinese Zodiac: Snake
  • Height: 168 cm (5’51”)
  • Weight: 45 kg (99.2 lbs)
  • Blood Type: O
  • Agency: Hinge Entertainment
  • Personal Social Media: Instagram, Facebook

Kim Hee Sun Facts & TMI

  • Kim Hee Sun was born and grew up in Daegu.
  • She married businessman Park Joo Young in 2007 and gave birth to a daughter Park Yeonah in 2009.
  • She is an atheist.
  • Park Hee Sun was raised as the only daughter in her family.
  • She debuted in 1993’s TV ads for a snack.
  • Her fandom is called Heeseon Fragrance.
  • She was an icon of popular culture in the 1990s and one of the epitomes of a beautiful actress.
  • With more than 25 years of experience under her belt, no actress has enjoyed as much popularity and as long as Kim Hee Sun.
  • She was, at that time, the youngest actress who has won a Grand Prize at SBS drama awards.
  • Kim Hee Sun published a photobook in collaboration with Paulo Roversi, one of the world’s top five fashion photographers.
  • Kim Hee Sun was the muse of Korean legendary designer André Kim.
  • She created various trends in South Korea, such as growing tomatoes at home and yo-yo diet.


‘Repechage’ as Eun Hye (1997)
‘Ghost in Love’ as Jin Chae Byul (1999)
‘Calla’ as Kang Ji Hee (1999)
‘Bichunmoo’ as Sullie (2000)
‘Wanee & Junah’ as Wa Ni (2001)
‘A Man Who Went to Mars’ as So Hee (2003)
‘The Myth’ as Princess Ok Soo (2005)
‘The Warring States’ as Pang Fei (2011)
‘Paper Flower’ (2019)

TV Series

‘Dinosaur Teacher’ as Kim Hee Sun (SBS/ 1993)
‘The Story of Chunhyang’ as Seong Chunhyang (KBS1/ 1994)
‘Agatha Christie’ as Lee Joon Hee (SBS/ 1995)
‘Sons of the Wind’ as Lee Yeon Hwa (KBS2/ 1995)
‘Men of the Bath House’ as Kim Soo Kyung (KBS2/ 1995)
‘Colors: White Side’ as Kim Hye Jin/ Song Eun Young KBS2/ 1996)
‘A Faraway Country’ as Seo Woon Ha (KBS2/ 1996)
‘Propose’ as Kim Yoo Ra (KBS2/ 1997)
‘New York Story’ as Jae In (SBS/ 1997)
‘Wedding Dress’ as Kim Doo Na (KBS2/ 1997)
‘Forever Yours’ as Han Seo Hee (MBC/ 1998)
‘Mister Q’ as Han Hye Won (SBS/ 1998)
‘Sunflower’ as Han Soo Yeon (MBC/ 1998)
‘Tomato’ as Lee Han Yi (SBS/ 1999)
‘Goodbye My Love’ as Seo Yeon Joo (MBC/ 1999)
‘My Fair Lady’ as Ha Min Kyung (SBS/ 2003)
‘Sad Love Story’ as Park Hye In (MBC/ 2005)
‘Smile Again’ as Oh Dan Hee (SBS/ 2006)
‘Faith’ as Yoo Eun Soo (SBS/ 2012)
‘Wonderful Days’ as Cha Hae Won (KBS2/ 2014)
‘Angry Mom’ as Jo Kang Ja/ Jo Bang Wool (MBC/ 2015)
‘Ice Fantasy’ as Lian Ji (Hunan TV/ 2016/ Chinese drama)
‘The Lady in Dignity’ as Woo Ah Jin (JTBC/ 2017)
‘Room No. 9’ as Eulji Hae Yi (tvN/ 2018)
‘Alice’ as Yoon Tae Yi/ Park Sun Young (SBS/ 2020)
‘Tomorrow’ as grim reaper Goo Ryeon (MBC/ 2022)
‘Remarriage & Desires’ as Seo Hye Sung (Netflix/ TBA)


‘Endless Love’ by Kim Hee Sun & Jackie Chan (2005/ The Myth OST)
‘No Matter How Many Times We Part’ by Kim Hee Sun with Yoon Gun (2005/ Sad Love Story OST)
‘Love Is’ by Mighty Mouth ft. Kim Hee Sun (2011)

Variety Show

‘Inkigayo’ (SBS/ 1993 & 1996~1998/ Host)
‘TV Time Travel’ (MBC/ 1995/ Host)
‘There Is Something Special with Kim Hee Sun’ (SBS/ 1999/ Host)
‘A Very Special Gift with Kim Hee Sun’ (SBS/ 2001/ Host)
‘Human Documentary Love: I Want to Be Thumbelina’s Mom III’ (MBC/ 2009/ Narrator)
‘Hwasin: Controller of the Heart’ (SBS/ 2013/ Host)
‘My Little Old Boys’ (SBS/ 2017/ Special host, episode 48~50)
‘Island Trio’ (O’live & tvN/ 2017/ Cast member)
‘Talkmon’ (O’live & tvN/ 2018/ Cast member)
‘Honeymoon Tavern’ (tvN/ 2021/ Cast member)

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