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Korean Drama Tomorrow: Cast, Synopsis, Trivia

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General Information

  • International Title: Tomorrow
  • Original Title: 내일 (romanization: naeil)
  • Genre: Human drama, Fantasy, Office
  • No. of Episode: 16
  • Airing Date: 2022.04.01 ~ 2022.05.21
  • Airing Slot: Friday – Saturday, 21:50
  • Broadcasting Channel: MBC
  • International Distributor: Netflix
  • Starring: Kim Hee Sun, Rowoon, Lee Soo Hyuk, Yoon Ji On
  • Director: Kim Tae Yoon & Sung Chi Wook
  • Screenwriter: Park Ran, Park Ja Kyung, Kim Yoo Jin (based on Webtoon by Llama)
  • Highest Rating: TBA
  • Awards: TBA


Choi Joon Woong (Rowoon) is unemployed, he has been looking for a job, but it was hard for him to get one. One day, Joon Woong is recruited to temporarily join the crisis management team in Grim Reaper “company” called Flashback.

Joon Woong works together with Goo Ryeon (Kim Hee Sun), Park Joong Gil (Lee Soo Hyuk), and Lim Ryung Goo (Yoon Ji On) to save people who attempt suicide.

Tomorrow Cast

kdrama tomorrow cast kim hee sun

Character: Goo Ryeon
Portrayed by: Kim Hee Sun
Kim Hee Sun’s notable works: Angry Mom (MBC/ 2015), The Lady in Dignity (jtbc/ 2017)

Character: Choi Joon Woong
Portrayed by: Rowoon
Rowoon’s notable works: Where Stars Land (SBS/ 2018), Extraordinary You (MBC/ 2019), The King’s Affection (KBS/ 2021)

mbc drama tomorrow lee soo hyuk

Character: Park Joong Gil
Portrayed by: Lee Soo Hyuk
Lee Soo Hyuk‘s notable works: Scholar who Walks the Night (MBC/ 2015), Lucky Romance (MBC/ 2016), Doom at Your Service (tvN/ 2021)

mbc tomorrow cast yoon ji on

Character: Lim Ryung Goo
Portrayed by: Yoon Ji On
Yoon Ji On‘s notable works: Be Melodramatic (jtbc/ 2019), Sweet Home (Netflix/ 2020), Monthly Magazine Home (jtbc/ 2021).

Extended Cast

Kim Hae Sook as Ok Hwang (Flashback CEO)
Jeon Moo Song (undisclosed role)
Yoon Yoo Sun (undisclosed role)
Min Ji Ah (undisclosed role)
Kim Si Eun (undisclosed role)
Kim Chae Eun as Kim Hye Won (A full-of-twist Webtoon creator)
Moon Seo Yoon as Jeon Soo In (Trainer team at Flashback)
Kim Nu Ri as Jung Jae Hee (Trainer team at Flashback)

Cameo & Special Appearance

Kang Seung Yoon/ Yoon of WINNER (undisclosed role)

Character Relationship Chart

mbc drama tomorrow cast character relationship chart


Original Soundtrack


Trailer Videos

Awards & Nominations



  • ‘Tomorrow’ webtoon writer Llama is a fan of the three main cast Kim Hee Sun, Rowoon, and Lee Soo Hyuk. She always posts the casting confirmation through her Instagram account.
  • Actress Kim Hee Sun was confirmed to star in the drama in July 2021, while the casting of Rowoon, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Yoon Ji On was finalized in November 2021.
  • Both Rowoon and Lee Soo Hyuk received Rookie Actor Awards at MBC Drama Awards. Rowoon received the award through the drama ‘Extraordinary You’ in 2019 while Lee Soo Hyuk received the award through ‘The Scholar Who Walks In The Night’ in 2015.

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