K-Drama Quiz: Reveal Your Alter Ego from Our Beloved Summer Characters!

our beloved summer characters quiz by kepoper
Credit: SBS

Our Beloved Summer just ended but the characters remain. If you can’t still get enough of their sweetness, let’s take this fun quiz! This quiz might reveal your personality which is similar to Our Beloved Summer characters. However, don’t take it seriously. It’s all about fun here ^^

our beloved summer characters quiz by kepoper
Credit: SBS

  • Question of

    What’s your MBTI (or closest to your actual result)?

    our beloved summer roh jeong eui
    • ISTJ
    • INFP
    • INFJ
    • ISFP
  • Question of

    What describe your personality best?

    our beloved summer kim sung cheol
    • Smart and independent person
    • Happy-go-lucky one
    • Calm and quiet
    • The charming one
  • Question of

    What you usually do during spare time or holiday?

    our beloved summer cast
    • Reading books or doing something useful
    • Sleeping all day long
    • Meet up with friends
    • Pampering myself with body treatment
  • Question of

    Define your love story!

    our beloved summer kdrama
    • Trying to move on from my ex but I just can’t
    • I’m a fool of love
    • I just can watch my crush from afar
    • It’s an unrequited love but it’s okay, we can be friends
  • Question of

    What do you expect for your future career?

    our beloved summer cameo
    • Working at corporate/ start-up company and elevating my career path there
    • I prefer self-employment exploring my talent
    • Working in entertainment industry sounds fun
    • Celebrity, social media influencer, or public figure
  • Question of

    Pick your ideal dating style

    • Quality time with bae at home
    • Museum date or going to unique places
    • Cycling in the countryside
    • Dinner at café/ restaurant


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