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SEVENTEEN Dino Profile, Facts, and TMI

seventeen member dino profile facts tmi

Dino Profile

  • Birth Name: 이찬 (Lee Chan)
  • Stage Name: Dino
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1999.02.11
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
  • Height: 172 cm (5’6”)
  • Weight: 56 kg (123.4 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Personal Social Media: N/A

Dino Facts & TMI

  • Dino was born and grew up in Iksan City, North Jeollabuk-do.
  • His family consists of mother, father, and a younger brother Lee Geon (born 2001).
  • Dino is SEVENTEEN’s main dancer, sub rapper, sub vocalist, as well as a member of SEVENTEEN’s performance team.
  • Dino is the maknae of SEVENTEEN.
  • The Chinese character of his birth name means “to be a bright/ shining person”, his father chose this name in the hope that his son will be a famous singer someday.
  • He learned various dance genres from his father who is a dance instructor, his father has been running a dance academy since Chan was in elementary school.
  • Dino, who vaguely thought that he wants to be a singer, happened to be impressed by Michael Jackson’s video when he was in sixth grade, and soon began to develop his dream of becoming a singer with Michael Jackson as his role model.
  • Dino got his family’s full support to be a singer because his father dreamt to be a singer when he was young, so he thought that it would be nice if his son becomes a singer.
  • He participated in the Jeonju Youth Dance Competition while traveling around the country with his father’s dance crew. Chan won first place and was cast by Pledis staff who were present at the dance competition.
  • He danced to Michael Jackson during his audition at Pledis Entertainment.
  • He joined Pledis Entertainment in 2012.
  • His stage name Dino was given by his father.
  • During SEVENTEEN’s early debut days, he used the catchphrase ‘Little Giant’ when introducing himself.
  • He participated in rap making, lyrics writing, composing, and creating and directing choreography for SEVENTEEN.
  • Dino is one of the all-rounders in the group, with balanced dancing, singing, and rap ability.
  • Because he has learned dancing since he was very young, he has a natural groove and the cleanest dance move among performance team members.
  • Ever since his trainee days, Chan has helped Hoshi in creating choreography for SEVENTEEN.
  • Dino participated in creating choreographies for ‘JAM JAM’, ‘Chuck’, ‘Lucky’, and ‘Getting Closer’.
  • He made the whole choreography for SEVENTEEN unit song  ‘Flower’.
  • Dino showcased his self-made choreographies through ‘Dino’s Danceology’ that were uploaded to SEVENTEEN’s Youtube channel.
  • He often received praise for being stable in live performance despite powerful dance moves.
  • As he is the oldest son in his family, his personality is not like the typical image of maknae who is cute and always needs to be taken care of, instead, he is quite mature and takes care of himself well.
  • Because of his mature personality, Dino is often nicknamed ‘Maknae for Job’.
  • In fact, he said that he is more comfortable being the eldest than being the maknae, and that he feels more comfortable leading others.
  • Dino is the only member with no same-age friend in the group.
  • Dino said that although he is the youngest with 12 older brothers, he doesn’t feel burdened because the older members are always getting along with each other just like friends and doesn’t really care about the hierarchical age system.
  • In his early debut days, he was always teased by Jeonghan. [Jeonghan: “Whose baby Dino is?” | Dino: “Jeonghan-hyung’s baby.”]
  • He is nicknamed maknae-on-top.
  • His bickering mate(?) in the group is Seungkwan.
  • Wonwoo and Hoshi especially adore Dino very much.
  • He got the nickname Bangchan (Bangsongyong Chan/ 방송용 찬) it refers to Dino when he is on broadcast mode.
  • He is acknowledged by the members as the most hard-working and passionate member in the group. According to the members, he always goes to the practice room even during the day off.
  • He is rarely seen crying on camera or during concerts.
  • His MBTI personality type was ENFJ, but in March 2022 he took another MBTI test and got INFJ.
  • He has the smallest palm among SEVENTEEN members.
  • As he often participated in TV audition programs, his old audition videos can be found easily.
  • When he was a child, he appeared in SBS ‘Today Live’ (2006), SBS ‘Truth Game’ (2006), and MBC’s ‘Star Audition: The Great Birth 2’ (2011).
  • Prior to his debut, he appeared for a brief time in Orange Caramel’s ‘My Copycat’ MV.
  • He made several appearances in variety shows such as KBS2’s ‘Idol Singing Festival’, Mnet’s ‘Visiting Tutor’, MBC’s ‘Idol Star Athletic Championship’ 2019 & 2020 edition, and KBS2’s ‘Idol on Quiz’.
  • His role model is Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko and Michael Jackson, he shared that he started dreaming to be a singer after watching Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ performance.
  • He shared that he created almost the whole choreography for SEVENTEEN’s song ‘JAM JAM’.
  • Prior to his debut, Pledis’ CEO offered the leader position of Pledis’ new boy group if he doesn’t want to join SEVENTEEN.
  • He has a lot of worries, before his debut he often asked the other members if he could make it.
  • He has the strongest thighs (after S.Coups).
  • He is not a tech-savvy person.
  • Since he has broad shoulders, he said that he couldn’t even wear L size.
  • Dino particularly has many pair-rap parts with Vernon.
  • He got a driver’s license as soon as he became an adult, he shared that Mingyu helped him practice driving.
  • He is one of the best Japanese speakers in SEVENTEEN.
  • Although he is 1999 born, he entered school with ‘98 born students.
  • Among his nicknames are Chani, Lee Chan Oppa, BangChan, Michael Chanson, MinorChan, Lee Jungchan, Lee Chan Pink, K-Pop’s Future, Otter, Baby Otter, Guy with 12 Older Bros, Mr. Gillette, etc.
  • The members gave him the nickname Lee Jungchan, Woozi and Vernon particularly like to call Dino by this nickname.
  • His family used to run a Chinese food restaurant.
  • Dino’s parents are the youngest among SEVENTEEN members’ parents, they are said to be mood makers when they have parent meetings.
  • His younger brother Geon often comes and sleeps over in SEVENTEEN’s dorm, he also goes to the same gym as SEVENTEEN members.
  • Dino’s younger brother’s bias is Vernon. Geon and Vernon even went to watch a movie together without Dino.
  • Dino graduated from Seoul Broadcasting High School (Broadcasting Content Major), he was a year junior to Mingyu and Seungkwan who attended the same school.
  • He said that he is most comfortable with Seungkwan, who has the least age difference with him.
  • Sometimes he would call the ‘98 born members (Seungkwan & Vernon) by their names instead of calling them “hyung”.
  • According to his homeroom teacher, Dino was an obedient student at school.
  • Dino was good at P.E during his school days.
  • Almost all of the SEVENTEEN members went to his graduation ceremony.
  • The members threw a party and drank together when he officially reached legal age.
  • He entered the agency at the same time as Seungkwan.
  • He chose his trainee days as the hardest moment in his life.
  • His happiest moment is when he listened to SEVENTEEN’s debut song on music sites.
  • He candidly loves to promote himself.
  • He is a perfectionist.
  • He loves teasing the older members especially Mingyu, DK, and Seungkwan.
  • Recently Dino is the main target of Woozi’s teasings.
  • Sometimes he says that having 12 older brothers by his side is both a blessing and burden.
  • He mostly shares his concerns with Jeonghan, Hoshi, and Vernon.
  • He likes going for a walk in the parks or somewhere with a lot of trees during the days, sometimes he would do a walking VLive.
  • Jeonghan and Dino are the best Japanese speakers in the group.
  • He is a fan of Apink.
  • Although he is bad at ball games, he is the best at sports among performance team members.
  • He is afraid of animals.
  • He loves reading children books such as ‘The Little Prince’.
  • He is said to grow flowers in the dorm.
  • He prefers meat over seafood.
  • His favorite foods are soft-tofu stew, kal-guksu, marinated crab, jjajangmyun, takoyaki, truffle dumpling, macaron, and Nagasaki seafood ramen. 
  • He can’t eat carrot, cucumber, broccoli, and eggplant.
  • His favorite cafe beverage is latte.
  • He has quite a strong drinker, he loves to have a drink alone.
  • He talks about the same things over and over again when he’s drunk.
  • Dino wears specs off-camera.
  • He was voted as a fashion terrorist by SEVENTEEN members.
  • He is often seen wearing Nike Air Force 1, because he said that it’s comfortable to wear that sneaker during dance practice.
  • He wears a diamond ring he bought for himself for his 20th birthday.
  • He also wore SEVENTEEN The Tag bracelet and beads bracelet made by Joshua.
  • His wrist circumference is 16 cm.
  • Dino’s shoe size is 260 mm.
  • Dino taught Joshua dancing when the latter entered the agency for the first time. 
  • He is learning acting, although the members often teased Dino for his awkward acting.
  • All SEVENTEEN members gathered for his 22nd birthday, they also gifted him a flower bouquet (a yellow rose surrounded by 12 orange roses, that symbolize Dino and his 12 older brothers).
  • He underwent LASIK surgery.
  • Dino said that he treated Seungkwan as “mentor” during his trainee days.

(Special credit: Everything is Alright @ Naver Blog)

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