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YOON (Kang Seungyoon)

WINNER YOON (Kang Seungyoon) Profile, Facts, and TMI

YOON (Kang Seungyoon) Profile

  • Birth Name: 강승윤 (Kang Seungyoon)
  • Stage Name: YOON
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1994.01.21
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Chinese Zodiac: Rooster
  • Height: 180 cm (5’9”)
  • Weight: 56~58 kg
  • Blood Type: B
  • Personal Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Weibo, Second Instagram Account

YOON (Kang Seungyoon) Facts & TMI

  • Seungyoon was born and grew up in Busan.
  • He majored in Music and Classic Guitar Department of Busan Art High School.
  • He is a Catholic. 
  • His baptismal name is Don Bosco.
  • Seungyoon is the leader, main vocalist, and main producer of WINNER.
  • He said that he liked to sing since he was young.
  • After enrolling in high school, he attended a music academy where he learned singing and acoustic guitar.
  • Three months after joining the music academy, he auditioned for ‘Superstar K2’.
  • During his appearance he performed the legendary cover of Yoon Jongshin’s ‘Instinctively’, the song swept the whole nation in ‘Instinctively’ craze.
  • Seungyoon’s version of ‘Instinctively’ was the first song from an audition program to ever top the music charts.
  • After competing in Superstar K2, he rejected scout offers from several agencies and chose YG Entertainment.
  • He learned dancing for the first time after joining YG Entertainment as a trainee.
  • He replaced Mino as TEAM A and later WINNER’s leader.
  • Seungyoon expressed his strong desire to be a superstar for his introduction in ‘Superstar K2’.
  • His favorite music genres are rock, R&B, soul, and classic.
  • His special skills are playing guitar, playing billiards, composing songs, skateboarding and photography.
  • He won his first music trophy in just 5 days after debuting as a member of WINNER through their song ‘Empty’ on ‘MCountdown’.
  • After Nam Taehyun’s withdrawal from WINNER, Seungyoon became maknae of WINNER.
  • He is the first and only maknae that became a group leader among K-Pop idol groups.
  • Because of his ‘plain’ personality, he is often called the not-fun member of the group.
  • He is usually very attentive and friendly, so fans gave him the nickname Kang Sweet.
  • Seungyoon won 6 times consecutively on his appearance in ‘Kings of Masked Singer’, the best record for idol group members.
  • His vocal ability is widely acknowledged by the public.
  • When he was participating in ‘Superstar K’, he was diagnosed with vocal cords that were impossible to sing.
  • Despite being a vocalist, Seungyoon is also good at rap.
  • He got noticed by several artists such as John Legend and Lauv for covering their songs.
  • There was a moment where he talked in his sleep, saying ‘Please let WINNER get a good result’.
  • When asked, which member makes him feel like he is the youngest, he answered Lee Seunghoon.
  • Seungyoon is cute in daily life, he even nicknamed himself with cute names such as Jjeungyunie or Tteungyunie (a cute way to pronounce his name ‘Seungyoon’).
  • He tends to hide his tears on camera.
  • He is easily moved and is always thankful for every little thing he received.
  • Just like his teammate Mino, Seungyoon is also good at drawing.
  • He is a workaholic.
  • According to the members, Seungyoon is the last member to wake up.
  • His Busan accent would come out when he is excited.
  • He has a great ability at memorizing lyrics or scripts.
  • He likes sweets and dislikes bitter foods.
  • His favorite beverage is yogurt.
  • He said that he can’t fall asleep at night when he drinks more than one cup per day.
  • He has a lot of allergies such as perfume allergy, pollen allergy, apple allergy, peach allergy, plum allergy, and cherry allergy.
  • His favorite fruit is strawberry.
  • Seungyoon is a big fan of Bigbang’s Taeyang.
  • He can’t drink alcohol.
  • He likes collecting watches.
  • He dreamt to be a priest when he was in elementary school.
  • Seungyoon’s IQ is 144.
  • He is the only member of WINNER who doesn’t play computer games.
  • He has a thin body frame with very long arms and legs.
  • He has two piercings on his left ear and one piercing on his right ear.
  • He has bad eyesight and astigmatism (both eyes are 0.4).
  • He has fair white skin, and he was tested for skin age in 2017, and the result is 17 years old.
  • Although he is slim, he said that he always has abs.
  • He doesn’t like being called cute.
  • He likes wearing fan gifts and showed them through photos on his social media.
  • He is raising a black poodle puppy named Thor.
  • Seungyoon is also a fan of Super Junior, his favorite member is Yesung.
  • He treats WINNER members for meals the most.
  • He has the most income from copyright fee and even voted by WINNER members as the member who pays for food the most. He also called himself the person in charge of payment.
  • He often sings congratulatory wedding songs at the weddings of his acquaintances.
  • He was also a fan of FT. Island.
  • He has a dimple on his chin.
  • Seungyoon has two moles on his neck.
  • He got a driving license in 2020 for his role in the drama ‘Kairos’.
  • His MBTI personality is INFJ.
  • He released several songs prior to his debut such as digital singles ‘It Rains’, ‘Wild and Young’, ‘Stealer’, Drama ‘MIdas’ OST ‘You Are Heaven’, etc.
  • Aside from activities as a musician, Seungyoon acted in several dramas such as ‘High Kick 3: Revenge of the Short Legged ‘, ‘Prison Playbook’, ‘Kairos’, ‘The Producers’ (as a cameo), and ‘We Broke Up’ (web drama).
  • He won 2010 Rookie of the Year Awards from Gain Chart Awards with his version of ‘Instinctively’.
  • He sang many OSTs for dramas and movies such as ‘Door ft. Mino’ for drama ‘Prison Playbook’, ‘Golden Slumber’ for movie ‘Golden Slumber’, and ‘Can You Hear Me’ for drama ‘Kairos’.
  • He has tons of nicknames such as God Seungyoon, Kang Puppy, Kang Tan, Seunyun, Yoonie, Nyunie, Y8N, Kang Byeongari (‘byeongari’ means chick), Kang Leader, Captain Kang, Kang Pocari, Jjeungyooni, Tteungyooni, Maknae Leader, Baby Leader, Emergency Rapper, Chow Y8N Fat, KangMione (Kang Seungyoon + Hermione), etc.

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