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Ahn Hee Yeon (EXID’s Hani)

EXID’s Member and Actor Ahn Hee Yeon Profile, Drama, Facts, and TMI

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Ahn Hee Yeon Profile

  • Birth Name: 안희연 (Ahn Hee Yeon)
  • Stage Name: Hani (as member of EXID), Ahn Hee Yeon (as actress)
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1992.05.01
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Chinese Zodiac: Monkey
  • Height: 168.8 cm (5’53)
  • Weight: 55 kg (121.2 lbs)
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Agency: Sublime Artist Agency
  • Personal Social Media: Instagram

Ahn Hee Yeon Facts & TMI

  • Ahn Hee Yeon aka Hani was born in Gangnam, Seoul.
  • Her family consists of mother, father, and a younger brother Ahn Tae Hwan (born 1993).
  • Hani grew up in Gangnam and attended Gyeonggi Girls’ High School. She transferred to Jirisan High School in Sancheong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, and graduated from the school.
  • She graduated from Jirisan High School, then continued her study at Global Cuber University majoring in Entertainment and Broadcasting.
  • Hani is currently taking a master’s degree at the National Institute for Lifelong Education majoring in Psychology.
  • She debuted in 2012 as a member of the girl group EXID.
  • Hani is the lead vocalist, lead dancer, and center of the group.
  • In 2014, her popularity skyrocketed thanks to a video performance of her dancing to EXID’s ‘Up and Down’ went viral all over the country.
  • During the mid-2010’s Hani was crowned as one of the entertainment industry’s blue-chip by appearing in tons of TV programs including music festivals, year-end concerts, and variety shows.
  • She became one of the most popular girl group members in South Korea alongside Seolhyun of A.O.A and Irene of Red Velvet.
  • Her parents are graduates of prestigious universities in South Korea. Her father graduated from Sungkyunkwan University while her mother graduated from Yonsei University.
  • Hani is said to have an IQ of 145 when she was young.
  • Her younger brother Ahn Tae Hwan is currently working as an actor.
  • As shown in the variety show ‘Let’s Go Dream Team’, she is very good at swimming.
  • When she was in the third grade of middle school, she passed the audition at JYP Entertainment.
  • She met Hyorin of SISTAR, Hoya (former Infinite member), and Choa (former A.O.A member) at the JYP audition.
  • She began her trainee life at JYP when she was in the first grade of high school.
  • When she was under JYP, Hani almost debut in a vocal group alongside Hyorin (of SISTAR), Song Ji Eun (of SECRET), and Yuji (former EXID member). But the debut plan was canceled and she left JYP.
  • Hyorin, her good friend, recommended Hani to join Starship and debut with SISTAR, but Hani rejected the offer.
  • After failing to debut under JYP, she moved to China, where his younger brother was studying at the time. She stayed in the country for six months, and then decided to become a trainee again and returned home.
  • Hani began to learn Chinese little by little, even after returning home, she took Chinese classes.
  • Hani shared that when she was young, she asked her mom to get her plastic surgery, but her mom was against the idea of her getting procedures done.
  • On cam, she is easy-going, cheerful, and honest.
  • Hani was the visual member of EXID.
  • She seemed to have a complex because she has a wide forehead.
  • Hani has captivated fans with her beauty and sexy facial expressions when she is dancing.
  • She has really big eyes.
  • She has a mole under her left eye.
  • After the disbandment of EXID, she change her career path to be an actress and started using her birth name Ahn Hee Yeon as her new stage name.
  • She appeared in several drama and movie projects as cameo. In 2020, Ahn Hee Yeon got her first lead role in MBC web drama XX alongside Bae In Hyuk.
  • When she was in the 4th grade of elementary school, Hani and her brother Tae Hwan appeared in a kid’s TV program.
  • When she was still in JYP, Hani is a pupil of famous vocal trainer Kim Jo Han.
  • She is said to resemble Victoria of f(x) and Super Junior’s Heechul.
  • She said that she has an allergy to animals with fur.
  • Hani was Christian, but she turned atheist.
  • She learned DJing.
  • Hani is known to be a hardworking person.
  • She loves reading comic books.
  • She is also in charge of being “the smartie member” of EXID.
  • It was revealed on January 1st, 2016, that she was in a relationship with Xia Junsu, but due to busy schedule, the two broke up in September 2016.
  • She is a member of Oh My Girl‘s fan club Miracle. Her bias is Arin.
  • She participated in the project single HONEY BEE with Luna of f(x) and Solar of MAMAMOO.
  • She loves giving fan service.


‘Run Off’ as Lee Bo Mi (2016/ Special appearance)
‘White Seagull’ (2020)
‘Young Adult Matters’ (2021/ Independent movie)

TV Series

’12 Signs of Love’ as Aeri (tvN/ 2012/ Special appearance)
‘Producer’ as Herself (KBS2/ 2015/ Special appearance)
‘XX’ as Yoon Na Na (MBC/ 2020)
‘The Spies Who Loved Me’ (MBC/ 2020/ Special appearance)
‘Not Yet Thirty’ as Lee Ran Joo (KakaoTV/ 2021)
‘You Raise Me Up’ as Lee Roo Da (Wavve/ 2021)
Idol: The Coup‘ as Kim Je Na (JTBC/ 2021)

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