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Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class: Park Seojun, Kim Dami, Kwon Nara, Ahn Bohyun, Yoo Jaemyung

itaewon class korean drama profile
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General Information

  • International Title: Itaewon Class
  • Original Title: 이태원 클라쓰 (romanization: Itaewon Kkeulasseu)
  • Genre: Business, Drama, Romance
  • No. of Episode: 16
  • Airing Date: 2020.01.31 ~ 2020.03.21
  • Airing Slot: Friday & Saturday 23:00 KST
  • Broadcasting Channel: JTBC
  • International Distributor: Netflix
  • Starring: Park Seojun, Kim Dami, Kwon Nara, Ahn Bohyun, Yoo Jaemyung
  • Director: Kim Sungyoon
  • Writer: Jo Gwangjin (webtoon & screenplay)
  • Highest Rating: 16.548% (Nationwide)
  • Awards: Best New Actress (Kim Da-Mi) in 2020 (56th) BaekSang Arts Awards


Park Saeroyi was expelled from high school after punched the school bully Jang Geunwon. Jang Geunwon is son of Jang Daehee, Jengga Group CEO. Saeroyi’s father who worked as manager in Jengga Group was fired. Later, Saeroyi found his father dead caused by Jang Geunwon. Unfortunatelly, Park Saeroyi was arrested for murder attempt toward Jang Geunwon. After released from jail, he built DanBam pub restaurant with sociopath influencer Jo Yiseo, Jang Geunseo, Toni Kim, Choi Seungkwon, and Ma Hyunyi. They expanded the business scale to beat Jengga Group.

Main Cast

park seojun in itaewon class korean drama
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Character name: Park Saeroyi
Actor name: Park Seojun
Park Seojun’s notable works: What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, Fight for My Way, Hwarang, She Was Pretty, Kill Me, Heal Me

kim dami itaewon class korean drama

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Character name: Jo Yiseo
Actress name: Kim Dami
Kim Dami’s notable works: The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion

Source: imdb

Character name: Jang Daehee
Actor name: Yoo Jaemyung
Yoo Jaemyung’s notable works: Vincenzo, Life, Prison Playbook, Stranger, Reply 1988

kwon nara
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Character name: Oh Sooa
Actress name: Kwon Nara
Kwon Nara’s notable works: Royal Secret Agent, Doctor Prisoner, My Mister, Suspicious Partner

ahn bohyun
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Character name: Jang Geunwon
Actor name: Ahn Bohyun
Ahn Bohyun’s notable works: Yumi’s Cells, Kairos, Her Private Life, Descendants of the Sun

Extended Cast

Kim Donghee as Jang Geunsoo
Ryu Kyungsoo as Choi Seungkwon
Lee Juyoung as Ma Hyunyi
Chris Lyon as Tony Kim
Kim Hyeeun as Kang Minjung
Son Hyunjoo as Park Sungyeol
Hong Seojun as Mr. Kim
David Lee as Lee Hojin
Yoon Kyungho as Oh Byungheon
Choi Hyewon as Oh Hyewon
Won Hyunjoon as Kim Heehoon
Kim Yeojin as Jo Jungmin
Kim Mikyeong as Kim Soonrye

Cameo & Special Appearance

Hong Seokcheon as himself (Ep. 2,4,9,16)
Yoon Park as Kim Sunghyun (Ep. 3)
Kim Taehyung as himself (Ep. 16)
Seo Eunsoo as part-time job applicant (Ep. 6)
Kim Iljung as himself (Ep. 11,13)
Jeon Nomin as Do Jungmyung (Ep. 11,12)
Lee Junhyeok as Park Joonki (Ep. 11-13)
Park Bogum as handsome chef (Ep. 16)

Itaewon Class Character Relationship Chart

itaewon class relationship chart
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Park Saeroyi is DanBam owner. Jo Yiseo helps to elevate DanBam business scale and she falls in love with Park Saeroyi. Later, they are in a relationship. Choi Seungkwon, Ma Hyunyi, and Toni Kim are DanBam team. Oh Sooa is Park Saeroyi’s old friend and first love. She works for Jengga Group. Jang Geunwon is son of Jengga Group CEO, Jang Daehee. Jengga Group is DanBam’s rival. Jang Geunwon falls in love with Oh Sooa. Jang Geunsoo is Jang Geunwon’s step brother but works for DanBam. He is Yiseo’s friend and likes her that much.

Original Soundtrack

“You Make Me Back” by Woosung (The Rose)
“Start Over (시작)” by Gaho
“Still Fighting It” by Lee Chansol
“Maybe” by Sondia
“Our Souls at Night (우리의 밤)” by Sondia
“No Break (직진)” by The Vane
“Someday, The Boy (그때 그 아인)” by Kim Feel
“Diamond (돌덩이)” by Ha Hyunwoo (Guckkasten)
“Sweet Night” by V BTS
“Say” by Yoon Mirae
“Are We Just Friends? (우린 친구뿐일까)” by Sondia
“No Words (어떤 말도)” by Crush
“With Us” by Verivery
“Brand New Way” by Damon

Itaewon Class Trailer Videos


Awards & Nominations

2020 (56th) BaekSang Arts Awards – Best New Actress (Kim Da-Mi)

Itaewon Class Trivia

  • Itaewon Class is based on webtoon story with the same title by Jo Gwangjin (publisher: Daum Webtoon Company
  • Jo Gwangjin himself becomes this drama screenwriter also
  • This is Park Seojun’s comeback drama after What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim in 2018
  • Itaewon Class becomes Park Seojun’s 12nd drama
  • Itaewon Class becomes Kim Dami’s debut in drama
  • This is the first drama series of Showbox. Showbox is one of the biggest Korean movie distributors. It has produced several great movies such as Gangnam Blues, Ong Bak, Taegukgi, Taxi Driver, Memoir of Murderer, and many more
  • Itaewon Class unveils the social issues like mental issue, bullying, racism, LGBT, and feminism
  • It reunites Park Seojun and Yoo Jaemyung after the period drama “Hwarang”
  • Kim Dami wins Best New Actress awards in 2020 (56th) BaekSang Arts Awards

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