K-Drama Quiz: Find Your Girl Crush from All of Us Are Dead Female Characters!

all of us are dead female characters quiz
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It has been a while since we finished binge-watching All of Us Are Dead on Netflix. However, we hardly move on from the characters especially the female characters. Inarguably, All of Us Are Dead features the unique but engaging female characters. Starting from the lead characters like On Jo and Nam Ra to the supporting characters like Mi Jin and Ha Ri simply captivates us. So, take this fun quiz to reveal your girl crush from All of Us Are Dead female characters!

  • Question of

    What’s your MBTI or closest to your actual result?

    all of us are dead mbti type
    • INTJ
    • INFP
    • ESTP
    • ISTJ
  • Question of

    Choose one word which describe your character most!

    all of us are dead cast
    • Smart
    • Loyal
    • Daring
    • Strong
  • Question of

    What’s the most essential point in survival?

    all of us are dead full cast
    • Strategy
    • Cooperation
    • Courage
    • Self-defense
  • Question of

    If you have a chance to save only one person, who will be your priority?

    all of us are dead Jeon Bae soo
    • I’ll try to protect everyone no matter what!
    • Best friend
    • Myself
    • Family
  • Question of

    Pick a weapon to save you from zombie attack!

    all of us are dead actors
    • My brain will be my weapon since strategy is the key
    • I don’t need any weapon as long as I’m with reliable friends
    • I’ll use random stuff remained to protect us
    • Bows, arrows, spear, or javelin
  • Question of

    Your best friends are about to turn zombie, how do you react?

    netflix all of us are dead
    • Stay alert without avoiding them
    • A bit denial first and still try to console them as a friend
    • Attack them without hesitation since they are no longer human
    • Raise your weapon carefully while reading the situation
  • Question of

    What kind of student are/were you at school?

    all of us are dead behind the scene
    • Smart student
    • Just an average student
    • The rebel
    • School’s athlete


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