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True Beauty

True Beauty: Starring Cha Eunwoo, Moon Gayoung, Hwang Inyeop

General Information

  • International Title: True Beauty
  • Original Title: 여신 강림 (romanization: yeoshin gangrim)
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • No. of Episode: 16
  • Airing Date: 2020.12.09 ~ 2021.02.04
  • Airing Slot: Wednesday – Thursday 22:00 KST
  • Broadcasting Channel: tvN
  • International Distributor: Viu, Rakuten Viki
  • Starring: Cha Eunwoo, Moon Gayoung, Hwang Inyeop
  • Director: Kim Sanghyeop
  • Screenwriter: Lee Sieun (based on Naver Webtoon ‘True Beauty’)
  • Highest Rating: 4.579% (Nationwide)
  • Awards: N/A


A romantic comedy about a high schooler Lim Jukyung, who had a complex about her appearance but became a “goddess” through makeup, and Lee Sooho, Jukyung’s handsome classmate who unexpectedly falls for Jukyung’s charm.


Character name: Lim Jukyung
Actress name: Moon Gayoung
Moon Gayoung‘s notable works: Link: Eat, Love, Kill, EXO Next Door, Welcome to Waikiki 2

Character name: Lee Sooho
Actor name: Cha Eunwoo
Cha Eunwoo‘s notable works: My ID is Gangnam Beauty, Rookie Historian Goo Hyeryung

Character name: Han Seojoon
Actor name: Hwang Inyeop
Hwang Inyeop‘s notable works: Why Oh Soo Jae?, The Sound of Magic, 18 Again, The Tale of Nokdu

Character name: Kang Sujin
Actress name: Park Yoona
Park Yoona‘s notable works: Rookie Cops, My ID is Gangnam Beauty, SKY Castle, Hotel Del Luna

Extended Cast

Jang Hyejin as Hong Hyunsook
Park Hosan as Lim Jaepil
Im Semi as Lim Heekyung
Kim Mingi as Lim Juyoung
Jung Joonho as Lee Jooheon
Yeo Jooha as Han Gowoon
Park Hyunjung as Lee Mihyang
Seo Sangwon as Kang Junhyuk
Yoo Damyeon as Kim Jiyeon
Oh Euishik as Han Joonwoo
Kang Minah as Choi Sooah
Lee Iljun as Yoo Taehoon
Lee Sangjin as Ahn Hyungyu
Han Yiyoung as Ha Jiyoung
Lee Wooje as Kim Chorong
Kim Hyunji as Kim Sihyun
Kim Myungji as Jin Heejeong
Kim Byungchun as the vice-principal of Saebom High School
Shin Jaehwi as Lee Sungyong
Jeon Hyewon as Park Saem
Oh Yoojin as Joo Hyemin
Seo Hyewon as Park Jihee
Im Hyunsung as Wang Ja
Park Youngsoo as Columbus Park

Cameo & Special Appearances

Kang Chanhee as Jung Seyeon (Cameo Ep. 1, 4–5, 11–12, 16)
Go Woori as Selena
Lee Taeri as Wang Hyunbin (Cameo Ep. 1)
Ok Joori as a neighborhood woman (Cameo Ep. 1)
Cha Youngok as a neighborhood woman (Cameo Ep. 1–2)
Lee Jaeeun as Suho’s housekeeper (Cameo Ep. 3)
Song Hoon as a history teacher (Cameo Ep. 3)
Uhm Taeyoon as a customer (Cameo Ep. 3)
Kim Jeonghak as Jooheon’s associate (Cameo Ep. 3)
Jang Younghyun as a guy at the convenience store (Cameo Ep. 3)
Moon Hakjin as a guy at the convenience store (Cameo Ep. 3)
Ham Taegyun as a guy at the convenience store (Cameo Ep. 3)
Kim Hyeyoon as Eun Danoh (Cameo Ep. 4)
Lee Jaewook as Baek Kyung (Cameo Ep. 4)
Jung Gunjoo as Ryu Hyungjin (Cameo Ep. 7)
Woo Hyun as the camping site manager (Cameo Ep. 8)
Kim Jaewook as MC Jaerong, recreation MC (Cameo Ep. 8)
Jung Yenok as the head of imaginary bullies (Cameo Ep. 9)
Lee Hanwi as Min Jaejoon (Cameo Ep. 13)
Kim Youngdae as Oh Namjoo (Cameo Ep. 15)
Lim Dayoung as Chaeni (Cameo Ep. 15–16)

Character Relationship Chart

The main characters Lim Jukyung and Lee Sooho are mutual love interests. Han Seojun and Lee Sooho were longtime friends. While Kang Sujin has a one-sided crush on Lee Sooho, her friendship with Jukyung falls apart. Han Seojun has feelings towards Lim Jukyung.

Original Soundtrack

“Call Me Maybe” by SAya
“I’m In the Mood for Dancing” by Yuju (GFriend)
“Happy Ending” by Car, the Garden
“I’m Missing You” by Sunjae
“Starlight” by Chani (SF9)
“Fall in You” by Ha Sungwoon (Hotshot)
“Before Today Is Over” by Hyojin (ONF)
“Love so Fine” by Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO)
“How Do You Do” by Chani (SF9)
“It Starts Today” by Hwang Inyeop

Trailer Videos


Awards & Nominations



  • The drama adaptation has a completely different storyline from the original webtoon.
  • This is Cha Eunwoo and Park Youna’s second drama together after ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty’, in fact, they were schoolmates in Hanlim Arts School.
  • This is Kang Minah and Park Youna’s second drama together after ‘Modu Love’.

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