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Kim Hye Yoon (Kim Hyeyoon)

Actress Kim Hye Yoon (Kim Hyeyoon) Profile, Drama, Facts, and TMI

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Kim Hye Yoon Profile

  • Birth Name: 김혜윤 (Kim Hye Yoon)
  • Stage Name: Kim Hye Yoon
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1996.11.10
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Chinese Zodiac: Rat
  • Height: 160 cm (5’24”)
  • Weight: N/A
  • Blood Type: B
  • Agency: SidusHQ
  • Personal Social Media: Instagram, Fancafe

Kim Hye Yoon Facts & TMI

  • Kim Hye Yoon was born in Seongnam.
  • Her family consists of mother, father, and an older sister.
  • She is a Christian.
  • Kim Hye Yoon is a student in Class 2015 of Konkuk University’s Film Department.
  • She graduated from the Film Department, Konkuk University in 2019.
  • She aspired to be an actress ever since middle school.
  • She started attending an acting academy in high school.
  • While attending the academy, Kim Hye Yoon acted as extras in many projects.
  • She made an official acting debut through KBS “TV Novel: Samsaengi” in 2013.
  • She first received public’s attention after starring in OCN drama ‘Bad Guys’.
  • She shared that she chose to appear in many projects as extras because she wanted to focus more on her study.
  • During her college days, she received several scholarships.
  • She also appeared in many Konkuk University student projects.
  • Kim Hye Yoon was known as a very diligent student in university.
  • She revealed that she was in a slump before her casting in ‘SKY Castle’ because she failed many auditions.
  • Kim Hye Yoon finally received the spotlight after appearing in ‘SKY Castle’ in 2018 as Kang Ye Suh and ‘Extraordinary You’ the female lead Eun Dan Oh in 2019.
  • Following the popularity of ‘Extraordinary You’ especially among younger viewers, Kim Hye Yoon also achieved huge popularity and tons of advertisements deals.
  • Her life motto is “Don’t take things for granted because we are used to it”.
  • She appeared as an extra in many popular dramas such as ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’ (episode 1),  ‘My Love from the Star’, ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ (episode 3), ‘Goblin’ (episode 15) and ‘Tunnel’ (episode 3).
  • She also auditioned for Kim Hye Na role in ‘SKY Castle’.
  • Instead of taking audition like her previous projects, Kim Hye Yoon was offered a role as Eun Dan Oh in ‘Extraordinary You’.
  • Her co-actor Kim Dong Hee is said to be surprised by Kim Hye Yoon’s acting skills.
  • Many fans think that she somehow resembles a Sanrio Character My Melody.
  • She subsequently acted with 2 different SF9 members: with Chani in ‘SKY Castle’ and Rowoon in ‘Extraordinary You’.
  • She revealed that ‘SKY Castle’ bonus trip to Phuket was her first holiday abroad.
  • She said that she loves and is quite good at swimming.
  • Kim Hye Yoon was scouted by the actor agency for the first time after her appearance in ‘SKY Castle’. She joined SidusHQ in 2019.
  • Since she began attending university, she moved out of her parents’ house and share a room in a boarding house near Konkuk University. She shared room with her friend Jung Ji Hyun who also made an appearance in ‘Extraordinary You‘ as Han Su Da.
  • Her maximum alcohol tolerance is a bottle of soju.
  • It is said that she was famous for her excellent acting skills during college days.
  • She loves singing in karaoke.
  • She doesn’t have pets, the last time she raise one was when she raised a fish when she was a child.
  • She loves that “particular smell” of a movie theater.
  • She plays League of Legend.
  • Her shoe size is 230 mm.


‘Hide and Seek’ as Middle school girl (2013/ Extra)
‘Helios’ as Park Woo Cheol’s sister (2015/ Extra)
‘The Bacchus Lady’ as Nurse (2016/ Extra)
‘Memoir of a Murderer’ as young Maria (2017)
‘Another Child’ as Jung Hyun Joo (2019/ Extra)
‘The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos’ as Oh Ji Yeon (2019/ Cameo)
Midnight‘ as So Jung (2021)
‘The Girl Riding a Bulldozer’ as Goo Hye Young (TBA)

TV Series

‘TV Novel: Samsaengi’ as teenage Jung Yoon Hee (KBS2/ 2013)
‘King of Ambition’ as Girl at the bus stop (SBS/ 2013/ Extra, episode 22)
‘I Can Hear Your Voice’ as Kim Yeon Jin (SBS/ 2013/ Extra, episode 1)
‘The Suspicious Housekeeper’ as Bang Soo Yeon (SBS/ 2013/ Extra, episode 6)
‘My Love from the Star’ as young Yoo Se Mi (SBS/ 2013/ Extra)
‘Wang’s Family’ as young Wang Ho Bak (KBS2/ 2014/ Extra, episode 40)
‘Bad Guys’ as Oh Ji Yeon (OCN/ 2014)
‘Pride and Prejudice’ as Kang Han Na (MBC/ 2014/ Extra, episode 15)
‘Punch’ as Cho Kang Jae’s daughter (SBS/ 2015/ Extra, episode 11)
‘A Daughter Just Like You’ as young Ma Ji Sung (MBC/ 2015/ Extra, episode 1)
‘The Return of Hwang Geum Bok’ as young Hwang Eun Sil (SBS/ 2015/ Extra, episode 7)
‘Hidden Identity’ as young Jang Min Joo (tvN/ 2015/ Extra, episode 14)
‘Mrs. Cop’ as Runaway girl (SBS/ 2015/ Extra, episode 5)
‘Mystery Freshman’ as University student (SBS/ 2016/ Extra, episode 1)
‘The Doctors’ as High school girl (SBS/ 2016/ Extra, episode 2)
‘Cinderella with Four Knights’ as Convenience store cashier (tvN/ 2016/ Extra, episode 2)
‘Shopping King Louie’ as Song Yeon Ah (MBC/ 2016/ Extra, episode 2, 6 & 13)
‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ as Jang Jin Ok’s daughter (SBS/ 2016/ Extra, episode 3)
‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God’ as The young version of a widowed old lady (tvN/ 2017/ Extra, episode 15)
‘Three Color Fantasy – Queen of the Ring’ as Sitting woman (MBC/ 2017/ Extra, episode 3)
‘Tunnel ‘ as young Kim Young Ja (OCN/ 2017/ Extra, episode 3 & 13)
‘Radiant Office ‘ as Bad girl (MBC/ 2017/ Extra, episode 8)
‘Man in the Kitchen’ as Jung Soo Ji (MBC/ 2017–18)
‘Oh, the Mysterious’ as young Kook Soo Ran (SBS/ 2018/ Extra, episode 26)
‘Come and Hug Me’ as Yeon Sil (MBC/ 2018/ Extra, episode 6 & 7)
‘Let’s Eat 3’ as Car accident patient’s daughter (tvN/ 2018/ Extra, episode 1)
‘Sky Castle’ as Kang Ye Seo (JTBC/ 2018–19)
Extraordinary You’ as Eun Dan Oh (MBC/ 2019)
Record of Youth’ as Lee Bo Ra (tvN/ 2020/ Cameo, episode 1)
‘Live On’ as Seo Hyun Ah (JTBC/ 2020/ Cameo, episode 1)
Inspector Joy’ as Kim Jo Yi (tvN/ 2021)
Snowdrop’ as Kye Boon Ok (JTBC/ 2021–22)

Web Series

‘Secret Crushes Season 1’ as Actress (KOK TV YouTube Channel/ 2016)
‘Secret Crushes Season 2’ as Kim Hye Yoon (KOK TV YouTube Channel/ 2016)
‘Drunkard’ as Shin Ho Jung (KOK TV YouTube Channel/ 2016)
‘Secret Crushes Season 3’ as Kim Hye Yoon (KOK TV YouTube Channel/ 2017/ Cameo)
‘Supernatural?’ as Shin Ho Jung (KOK TV YouTube Channel/ 2017)
‘Social Story – Tears of Job Seeker’ as Kim Hye Yoon (JTBC News YouTube Channel/ 2018)
‘Secret Crushes Special Edition’ as Kim Hye Yoon (KOK TV YouTube Channel/ 2019/ Promotional web series produced for KB Kookmin Card)

Variety Show

‘Happy Together 4’ (KBS/ 2019/ Guest, episode 17-18)
‘Knowing Bros’ (JTBC/ 2019/ Special guest, episode 166)
‘Running Man’ (SBS/ 2019/ Special guest, episode 448)
‘Knowing Bros’ (JTBC/ 2020/ Special guest, episode 212)
‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’ (JTBC/ 2020/ Guest, episode 164)
‘Wassup ManGO!’ (JTBC/ 2020/ Guest, episode 1)
‘Those Who Cross the Line’ (MBC/ 2020/ Guest, episode 43-45)
‘Busted Season 3’ (Netflix/ 2021/ Guest, episode 4 & 8)
‘Hangout with Yoo’ (MBC/ 2021/ Cast member, episode 80–82)
‘Beauty and the Beast’ (SBS/ 2021/ Cast member)
‘Law of the Jungle – Spring Special in Jeju’ (SBS/ 2021/ Cast member, episode 446–448)


‘Water Dept.’ by 9 and the Numbers
‘DAY BY DAY’ by Bigman
‘Not Anyone Else’ by Kim Na Young’
‘Afternoon’ by Jay Park, Golden, pH-1

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