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Lee Se Young (Lee Seyoung)

Actress Lee Se Young (Lee Seyoung) Profile, Drama, Facts, and TMI

Lee Se Young Profile and Drama

Lee Se Young Profile

  • Birth Name: 이세영 (Lee Se Young)
  • Stage Name: Lee Se Young
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: 1992.12.20
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Chinese Zodiac: Monkey
  • Height: 163 cm (5’34)
  • Weight: N/A
  • Blood Type: O
  • Agency: Prain TPC
  • Personal Social Media: Instagram, Fancafe

Lee Se Young Facts & TMI

  • Lee Se Young was bon and grew up in Seoul.
  • Her family consists of mother, father, and an elder sister.
  • Her religion is Christian.
  • She debuted as a child actress in 1997 through an SBS drama ‘The Brothers’ River’.
  • She belongs to Jeonju Lee clan.
  • Her name “Seyoung” has the meaning of “to be a glorious person”.
  • Lee Se Young mostly acted as the younger version of the lead character until 2011.
  • Later, her name resurfaced thanks to the KBS2 weekend drama ‘The Gentlemen Of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop’ in 2016.
  • In 2011 she enrolled in Sungshin Women’s University alongside the late Goo Hara. She majored in Video and Media.
  • Lee Se Young and Goo Hara were known as Sungshin Women’s University’s “queens” for their beauty.
  • She’s been appearing in a lot of variety shows since her debut, including ‘Infinite Challenge’ and ‘Running Man’.
  • Her lovely chemistry with actor Hyunwoo in drama ‘The Gentlemen Of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop earned them the nickname Ah-Choo Couple as well as winning the Best Couple Award at KBS Drama Awards 2016.
  • Ever since appearing in the well-acclaimed drama ‘The Crowned Clown’ in 2019, Lee Se Young has always been cast as the lead female.
  • Her official fan cafe is called Jin Leeseyoung, while her fandom is called Wonnim.
  • She appears in a lot of school textbooks.
  • Lee Se Young is known as a softhearted person who cries easily.
  • She confessed that during her school days she put a lot of effort to mingle by throwing jokes and doing silly things with her friends.
  • In addition to having a pretty face, she also has a very pretty-looking nose.
  • She has a cat named Ari.
  • Lee Se Young has a niece-uncle-like relationship with senior actor and labelmate Ryu Seung Ryong.
  • She is a supporter of Manchester United.
  • She won an Excellence Award in Miniseries in SBS Drama Awards 2019 for her performance in the drama ‘Doctor John’.
  • Because of her cute but silly antics, he got nicknames such as Pretty Weirdo, Lovely Weirdo, Cute Weirdo, etc.
  • It is said that she loves putting her male co-actors’ funny photos as her phone wallpaper.


‘Dance with Solitude’ as Young Hee (2004)
‘When I Turned Nine’ as Jang Woo Rim (2004)
‘Lovely Rivals’ as Go Mi Nam (2004)
‘All for Love’ as Jasmine, an aspiring actress (2005/ Cameo)
‘The Wonder Years’ as Soo Ah (2007)
‘All About My Wife’ as Jang Sung Ki’s stalker (2012/ Cameo)
‘Grape Candy’ as Female bank customer (2012/ Cameo)
‘Horror Stories 2’ as Se Young (2013/ Segment: “444”)
‘Hot Young Bloods’ as So Hee (2014)
‘Duck Town’ as Hee Jung (2018)
‘Hotel Lake’ as Yoo Mi (2020)

TV Series

‘The Brothers’ River’ (SBS/ 1997)
‘The Path of the Great Dynasty’ as Princess Cheongseon (MBC/ 1998)
‘My Mother’s Daughters’ (SBS/ 1998)
‘Did We Really Love?’ as Young Kang Jae Young (MBC/ 1999)
‘Promise’ (SBS/ 1999)
‘Sunday Best: Dangerous Lullaby’ as Im Ja Min (KBS2/ 1999)
‘MBC Best Theater: Let’s Plat, Song Yi’ as Kang Song Yi (MBC/ 2000)
‘MBC Best Theater: That Girl was Deserted’ (MBC/ 2000)
‘Foolish Princes’ as Yeo Sat Byul (MBC/ 2000)
‘I Want to See Your Face’ as Lee So Dam (MBC/ 2001)
‘Present’ as Kim Da Hee (MBC/ 2002)
‘Robinson Crusoe in the Classroom’ as Lee Hye Jung (EBS/ 2002)
‘My Love Patzzi’ as young Yang Song Yi (MBC/ 2002)
‘Kitchen Maid’ (MBC/ 2002)
‘Country Princess’ as Young Lee Eun Hee (MBC/ 2003)
‘Land of Wine’ as Young Lee Sun Hee (SBS/ 2003)
‘Drama City: Queen of Disco’ as Kang Soo Ji (KBS2/ 2003)
‘Merry Go Round’ as Young Sung Eun Kyo (MBC/ 2003)
‘Dae Jang Geum’ as Young Choi Geum Young (MBC/ 2003)
‘Beijing My Love’ as Jang Na Ra (KBS2/ 2004)
‘HDTV Literature: Sonaki’ as Girl (KBS2/ 2004)
‘Single Again’ as Lee Soo Jin (SBS/ 2005)
‘Sisters of the Sea’ as Young Song Choon Hee (MBC/ 2005)
‘Unstoppable High Kick!’ as Lee Se Young (MBC/ 2005/ Guest, episode 143)
‘Kokkiri (Elephant)’ as Gook Se Young (MBC/ 2008)
‘Drama Special: Yeongdeok Women’s Wrestling Team’ as Cha Bong Hee (KBS2/ 2011)
‘Bachelor’s Vegetable Store’ as Han Tae In (Channel A/ 2011)
‘Dream of the Emperor’ as Chun Gwan Nyeo (KBS1/ 2012)
‘Missing You’ as Han Ah Reum (MBC/ 2012)
‘Goddess of Marriage’ as Noh Min Jung (SBS/ 2013)
‘Adolescence Medley’ as Yang Ah Young (KBS2/ 2013)
‘Drama Festival: Haneuljae’s Murder’ as Mi Soo (MBC/ 2013)
‘Trot Lovers’ as Park Soo In (KBS2/ 2014)
‘The Vampire Detective’ as Han Gyeo Wool (OCN/ 2016)
‘The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop’ as Min Hyo Won (KBS2/ 2016)
‘Hit the Top’ as Choi Woo Seung (KBS2/ 2017)
‘A Korean Odyssey’ as Jin Bu Ja/ Jung Se Ra/ Ah Sa Nyeo (tvN/ 2017)
‘The Crowned Clown’ as Yoo So Woon (tvN/ 2019)
‘Doctor John’ as Kang Shi Young (SBS/ 2019)
‘Memorist’ as Han Sun Mi (tvN/ 2020)
Kairos‘ as Han Ae Ri (MBC/ 2020)
The Red Sleeve‘ as Sung Deok Im (MBC/ 2021)
The Law Cafe‘ as Kim Yu Ri (KBS2/ 2022)

Web Series

‘How Are U Bread’ as Noh Mi Rae (Naver TV Cast/ 2020)


‘S.II.S (Soul to Soul) by S.E.S (2002)
‘가슴아 그만’ by Black (2008)
‘My Mother’s Daughters’ (SBS/ 1998)
‘Don’t Touch My Girl’ by Boyfriend (2011)
‘If I’ by Chung Dong Ha (2014)
‘I Feel on You’ as Lee Seung Hwan feat. Lee So Eun (2014)

Variety Show

‘PoPoPo’ (MBC/ 1997)
‘Doing Alright Alone’ (KBS2/ 1999)
‘Talkshow with Lim Sung Hoon’ (MBC/ 2003)
‘Exclamation Mark’ (MBC/ 2003)
‘Infinite Challenge’ (MBC/ 2008)
‘Soulmate’ (MBC/ 2008)
‘Yeoyumanman’ (MBC/ 2011)
‘Come to Play’ (MBC/ 2012)
‘Radio Star’ (MBC/ 2012)
‘Emergency Escape Number 1’ (KBS/ 2013)
‘Running Man’ (SBS/ 2014 & 2017)
‘Get It Beauty’ (OnStyle/ 2016)
‘Happy Together Season 3’ (KBS2/ 2017)
‘Get It Beauty 2017’ (OnStyle/ 2017)
‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’ (JTBC/ 2017)
‘We Got Married’ (MBC/ 2015/ Guest)
‘King of Mask Singer’ (MBC/ 2017/ Contestant, episode 109)
‘The Ultimate Watchlist’ (XtvN/ 2018/ Main host)
‘Weekend Playlist’ (tvN/ 2018–2019/ Cast member)
‘DoReMi Market’ (tvN/ 2019)
‘Battle Trip’ (KBS2/ 2019)
‘Where is My Home’ (MBC/ 2020)
‘Where is My Home’ (MBC/ 2021)

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