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D.P. (Netflix Original Drama)

D.P: Starring Jung Haein, Koo Kyohwan, Kim Sungkyun

General Information

  • International Title: D.P. (aka Deserter Pursuit)
  • Original Title: D.P. 디피 (romanization: D.P. 디피)
  • Genre: Drama, Military
  • No. of Episode: 6
  • Airing Date: 2021.08.23
  • Airing Slot: –
  • Broadcasting Channel: Netflix
  • International Distributor: Netflix
  • Starring: Jung Haein, Koo Kyohwan, Kim Sungkyun
  • Director: Han Junhee
  • Screenwriter: Han Junhee & Kim Botong (based on Webtoon D.P: Dog Days)
  • Highest Rating: –
  • Awards: –


D.P. is a Korean drama produced by Netflix and airs exclusively on the platform. It follows the story of Private Ahn Joonho who joined a group of army officers assigned to capture military deserters. However, while completing their missions, the D.P. team members discover hardships that each of the deserters must endure during their mandatory military service. Eventually, those circumstances leave those deserters no choice but to run from the military base. D.P. is based on a popular webtoon series by Kim Botong, who also serves as the screenwriter.



Character name: Ahn Joonho
Actor name: Jung Haein
Jung Haein‘s notable works: Something in the Rain, Prison Playbook, Start-Up (movie), One Spring Night


Character name: Han Hoyul
Actor name: Koo Kyohwan
Koo Kyohwan‘s notable works: Peninsula, Mogadishu, Kingdom: Ashin of the North,


Character name: Park Bumgoo
Actor name: Kim Sungkyun
Kim Sungkyun‘s notable works: Sinkhole (movie), Grid, Reply 1994, Reply 1988, The Fiery Priest, Hwayi: A Monster Boy, Sinkhole


Character name: Lim Jisub
Actor name: Son Seokkoo
Son Seokkoo‘s notable works: Nothing Serious (movie), Designated Survivor 60 Days, Hit-and-Run Squad, Mother

Extended Cast

Lee Junyoung (UKISS’ Jun) as Jung Hyunmin
Hong Kyung as Ryu Yikang
Cho Hyunchul as Jo Seokbong
Kim Bumsoo as Kim Ilseok
Shin Seungho as Hwang Jangsoo
Hyun Bongsik as Cheon Yongdeok
Song Deokho (undisclosed role)
Bae Yooram as D.P member
Tae Seong Gon as D.P member

Cameo & Special Appearances

Go Kyungpyo as Park Sungwoo
Lee Seol as Shin Haeeyon
Kwon Haehyo as Joonho’s father
Lee Joongwook as Sauna boss

Character Relationship Chart


Original Soundtrack

‘Crazy’ by Kevin Oh, Primary
‘Good Bye’ by Meego, Renee, Primary
‘Higher (Acoustic Ver.)’ by Kevin Oh, Primary
‘Tell a Lie’ by Meego, Primary
‘Numbers by Han, Primary
‘Shine Your Blue’ by Kriz, Primary
‘Chaser’ by Kriz, Monovated, Primary
‘2020’ by Oh Hyuk, Primary
‘Free’ by Kevin Oh, Primary
‘Numbers (Acoustic Ver.)’ by Han, Primary
‘Higher (Synth Ver.)’ by Kevin Oh, Primary

Trailer Videos

Teaser 1
Teaser 2

Awards & Nominations




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